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16AF015-FT2016Forum of Mozambique Disability AssociationsPromotion of the CRPD in the Framework of the 2030 Development Agenda goals in Cairo, EgyptMozambiqueMaputo2 415
16AA025-FT2016Youth with Disabilities Club at Da nangCapacity Building for Club of Youth with Disabilities in Da nangVietnamDa nang2 455
16AA009-FT2016Indigenous Women with disability groupHand Embroidery Training Project: Indigenous styleThailandPua District2 094
15AA144-FT2016Our Children- Association of parents of Children with Down SyndromeSupporting social integration trough inclusive drama workshopGeorgiaTbilisi2 176
15AA115-FT2016Thungphee Disability ClubFloor Mat TrainingThailandMaewang District1 470
15AM0202016Civil non profit Association Education, Dignity, and ProgressDisabled woman from rural areas, get to know your rightsPeruLoreto6 379
15AF1852016Association for the perseverance and the development of blind and vissually impaired from BoulgouTraining of trainees on handcraft and brailleBurkina FasoTenkodogo9 369
15AF1392016Action for Children Associated with Disabilities, ACADCampaign for inclusive social services for children with disabilities in Bombali district, northern Sierra LeoneSierra LeoneMakeni8 257
15AF1242016African Youth with Disabilities Network - Sierra LeoneEnhancing the development and self relience of disabled youths in the Clinetown community through vocational skills training in shoe making and hand bags designing and productionSierra LeoneFreetown8 194
15AF1142016Campaign for Handicap Advancement CafHALivestock for sustainable livelihoods for persons with disabilitiesSierra LeoneWaterloo8 691
16AF0132016Association of Youth with Disabilities of Mozambique MaputoInstitutional Capacity BuildingMozambiqueMaputo14 095
16AA0242016Women of Central Asia for Peace and StabilityEstablishment of the sewing workshop for young WWDS and selling products onlineKyrgyz RepublicIsfana7 719
16AA0232016Association of Persons with Disabilities ALOVYurt camp for the summer camp of CWDS and PWDSKyrgyzstanCity of Karakol9 514
16AA0222016Public association of girls with disabilities Nazik-KyzTraining and employment for young women with Disabilities in sewing workshop Eko Bashtyk from BishkekKyrgyzstanBishkek6 000
16AA0192016DPO of Ravonbahsh district Mir Sajda Ali HamadoniImprovement of socio-economic situation of PWDs through establishment of GreenhouseTajikistanFaisabad Village9 808
16AA0182016OO Maiouboni Tavono (Skilled Persons)Vocational Training for Persons with Disabilities in Faisabadskij District of TajikistanTajikistanFaizobod6 724
16AA0172016Branch of Disabled Womens Leaque Ishtirok in Dangarinskij RegionImproving the standards of living of WWDs in Dangara area through animal husbandryTajikistanDangara District9 891
16AA0152016Branch of National Association of the Blind in HudzandAwareness raising of Persons with Visual DisabilityTajikistanKhudzand9 103
16AA0132016Organisation of the parents of Disabled MajruhonPromoting Capacity and Human Rights of PWDs in Rushanskij District of GBAOTajikistanKhorog, GBAO7 958
15AA0892016Entire Power in Social Action NepalEmpowering women with disability through skill development training and employment opportunityNepalKathmandu9 058
15AA0412016Cricket Association of the Blind, NepalEnsuring safety and gender equality of blind and disabled women from cricket ground to the work placesNepalKathmandu7 453
15AA0402016National Disabled Child Relief Association (NDCRA)Empowerment programme for persons with disabilities (EPPD)NepalKathmandu6 204
16AA001-FT2016Union of Chernobyl Invalids of Gissar RegionRoof for the Greenhouse for the protection of the harvest of Abilis funded farmTajikistanGissar Region2 496
15AA152-FT2016OF Kosh AraketOrganization of Sign Language Courses and Training People to become Sign Language InterpretersKyrgyz RepublicOsh2 500
15AA149-FT2016Public Association Moving ForwardCreating conditions for aktive and independent style of life for 12 under 8 years old CWDs of the city of BishkekKyrgyz RepublicBishkek2 421
15AA127-FT2016Solar ValleyDried Fruits ChuchkheliGeorgiaKakheti Region2 427
15AA117-FT2016Settlement of internally displaced people VerkhebiBreeding beesGeorgiaGori2 313
15AM0082016Association Vision to the Future LoretoEmpowering women with disabiltiies in rural areas in the Emilio San Martin districtPeruLoreto5000
15AF1152016Leone Association of Polio Persons, LAPPAdvocacy and lobbying for the inclusion of people with disabilities into both government and private sector workforce in the Kono DistrictSierra LeoneFreetown6831
15AF1112016Social Action for the Eradication of PovertyTraining project and sewing machines support to women and girls with disabilities on difficult situations in the 5th district of Porto-Novo, BeninBeninPorto-Novo5244
15AA1282016Humaritarian Association GuriaRepair of the wheelchairsGeorgiaOzyrgeti9660
15AA1242016I am a womenVocational education and employment perspectives for women with disabilitiesGeorgiaGori9643
15AA0982016Mobility Impaired and mentally disabled association MotckhalebaWe need to have access to lifeGeorgiaKutaisi8244
16AF0102016CHAWATA KorogweBricks Making ProjectTanzaniaMombo9167
16AF0092016Group of women with Albinism KondoaGrinding and milling machinesTanzaniaKondoa9812
16AF0072016Tanzania Union of Liberal Persons OrganizationCapacity building and awareness raising on Human Rights, leadership, administrative skills and entrepreneurshipTanzaniaZanzibar7865
16AF0062016Group of disabled women entrepreneurs working hardEstablishment of commercial poultry feed milling in Zongowale village-coast regionTanzaniaZongowale village,Coast Region9999
16AF0062016Group of disabled women entrepreneurs working hardEstablishment of commercial poultry feed milling in Zongowale village-coast regionTanzaniaZongowale village,Coast Region9999
16AF0052016Voice of Able and People with Special NeedsLobbying and advocacy to disabilities development stakeholders on inclusive education in KisaraweTanzaniaKisarawe9889
16AF0042016We Can GroupLocal chicken farmingTanzaniaKorogwe9983
16AA0042016Association of Parents with Children with DisabilityCooking classes for Children with DisabilitiesTajikistanDushanbe8153
16AA0032016Union of Disabled People of Issykkul Region RAVENSTVOExchange of experience between DPOs of Central Asia and Kenya on reproductive health of Intellectually disabledKyrgyzstanBishkek18999
15AF1632016Association of Youth with Disabilities of Mozambique DondoBreeding and selling of chickenMozambiqueDondo9404
15AF1622016Associacao dos deficientes militares de Mocambiqur Delegacao de Gaza, ADEMIMOPigs breedingMozambiqueMozambique8202
15AF1612016Network for assitance to mine victimsRAVIM with pigsMozambiqueMaputo8635
15AF1602016Hulegeb Blind & Disabled People Training and Rehabilitation AssociationMushroom Production Centre to be Run by PWDsEthiopiaAddis Ababa9483
15AF1412016Kenubish Birke & Friends Handicraft Cooperative Shareholder AssociationExpansion of Handicraft Works and Create Skillful and Abled GroupEthiopiaDebreberhan8964
15AF1402016Support and Care for People with Disabilities AssociationEmpowering 2 Groups of PWDs through IGAEthiopiaAddis Ababa9442
15AF0022016Arua District Blind Women Association, ADBWASelf-Help ProjectUgandaArua3141
15AA1222016Public Foundation of PWDs IntegratsiyaLeadership Training for Young Persons with Disabilities of Osh regionKyrgyzstanCity of Osh9989
15AA1212016NGO DaanakerEmployment of Young Women with Disabilities to Hairdressing salonKyrgyzstanCiy of Jalalabad9874
15AA1122016Women with Disabilities Development Foundation (WDDF)Protecting the rights of women with disabilities in justice through advocacyBangladeshShekhertek10000
15AA1102016Koh Kong Disabled Peoples OrganisationImprovement of Livelihood of Persons with Disabilities in CommunitiesCambodiaPhnom Penh9998
15AA1012016Public Foundation UlybkaTraining of Young PWDs for creating their own small businessKyrgyzstanOsh7640
15AA139-FT2015Makers of hope women with disabilities AssociationEmpowerment of women with disabilities on handicraft and life skillsGazaWest Bank & Gaza Strip2 488
15AA136-FT2015Nepal Five Disabled Self-Employment GroupSelf-employment for Persons with Disabilities victimized by earthquakeNepalKathmandu1 204
15AA135-FT2015National Alliance of Disabled Peoples OrganizationsStrengthening Disabled Peoples OrganizationsBangladeshDhaka 12152 499
15AA132-FT2015Public Organization Nuri ChashmCreating conditions for PWDs in public organization Nuri ChasmTajikistanVahdat2 267
15AA127-FT2015Solar ValeyDried Fruits - ChuchkheliGeorgiaKakheti Region, Villahe Velistsikhe2 427
15AA114-FT2015The network of persons with disability living along Thailand-Cambodian borderUnderstanding to rights and access to government services for persons with disability living along Thailand-Cambodian borderThailandKanthraralak District2 500
15AA113-FT2015Hmawbi Township Disabled GroupDisability awareness raising program and next 3 years planning workshop for organizational DevelopmentMyanmarHmawbi township1 924
15AA111-FT2015Yae Kyi Disabled GroupPigs live stocking breading for People with DisabilitiesMyanmarYae Kyi Township2 048
15EU020-FT2015Croatian Association of the Deaf and Hard of HearingBalkan meeting on disabilityAlbaniaZagreb920
15EU019-FT2015Albania Blind AssociationBalkan meeting on disabilityAlbaniaTirana277
15EU018-FT2015Kosovo Association of the Blind KABBalkan meeting on disabilityKosovoBregu1 088
15EU017-FT2015Para and Tetraplegic Association Branch DurresDevelopment Aid for People with DisabilitiesAlbaniaTirana606
15EU016-FT2015Croatian Union of Persons with Disabilities (DPI Croatia Office) SOIHFrom past to present - transition from centralized disability service provision to current mechanisms for implementing disability servicesAlbaniaZagreb860
15EU015-FT2015HandiKOSFrom past to present - transition from centralized disability service provisions to current mechanisms for implementing disability servicesKosovoTirana1 300
15EU014-FT2015Handicap KosovaBalkan meeting on disabilityKosovoPrishtina308
15EU013-FT2015Humanitarian Organization PARTNERBalkan meeting on disabilityBosnia-HerzegovinaTirana718
15EU012-FT2015Association of the Parents of People with DisabilitiesBalkan meeting on disabilityMacedonia, FYRTetovo585
15EU011-FT2015Kosovar Association of the Deaf KADBalkan Meeting on DisabilityKosovoPrishtina1 246
15EU010-FT2015Association of Youth with Disabilities of Montenegro AYDMFrom past to present - transition from centralized disability service provision to current mechanisms for implementing disability servicesMontenegroPodgorica, Montenegro502
15EU009-FT2015Information Center for People with Disabilities Lotos, TuzlaParticipation at the Conference From past to present - transition from centralized disability service provision to current mechanisms for implementing disability servicesBosnia-HerzegovinaTuzla776
15EU008-FT2015Centre for Independent Living SerbiaBalkan seminarSerbiaTirana1 338
15AF168-FT2015Albino Society - Kisarawe branchCapacity building to people with Albino and other disabled people to participate fully in Constitution process review and Election process which is going to take place Oct 2015TanzaniaPwani2 424
15AF165-FT2015Somali Union of and for the Blind, Al-Bashir School for the Blind and Deaf-Blind6th Africa Forum and the 8th AFUB General AssemblySomaliaMogadishu2 500
15AF143-FT2015Abdechisa Cobble Stone Carving Business EnterpriseCobble Stone Carving Business to be Run by PWDsEthiopiaJimma2 500
15AF142-FT2015Adissu, Sewbesew and Friends Garment PartnershipGarment Making to be Run by PWDsEthiopiaAddis Ababa2 500
15AA133-FT2015Voice & ViewsPromoting Inclusive Education for the children and adult women with disabilities at the community of Baghata union of Narsingdi DistrictBangladeshFerdous Jannatul2 500
15AA130-FT2015Kratie Disabled Association for Development (KDAD)Revolving fundCambodiaKratie Province2 497
15AA129-FT2015Rattanakiri Disabled Peoples Organization (RDPO)Improvement of livelihood for Persons with Disabilities through Pig raisingCambodiaRattanakiri Province2500
15AA087-FT2015NGO We canGetting education is my fundamental rightArmeniaParagar, Armavir region1 017
15AF120-FT2015Aynalem, Elias and Friends Handcraft WorkpartnershipIGA - Fine Woodworks Shop by PWDsEthiopiaAddis Ababa, Woreda 72 257
15AF112-FT2015Association of black smiths with disabilitiesBlack smith skillsMozambiqueMarracuenen piirikunta2 471
15AF110-FT2015Company of Theatre NlhuvukaSpreading Rights of PwDsMozambiqueMaputo, Matola2 447
15AF109-FT2015Guinean Network of DPOsSupport for the participation in the World meeting of DPIGuineaConakry2 236
15AF108-FT2015East Africa Federation of the Disabled (EAFOD)Empowerment Training Seminar for International Leaders with Disabilities in BangladeshKenyaNairobi2 371
15AF107-FT2015Central Africa Federation of the Disabled (CAFOD/FACAPH)Empowerment Training Seminar for International Leaders with Disabilities in BangladeshCameroonYaounde2 500
15AF106-FT2015Federation of Disability Organizations Malawi (FEDOMA)Empowerment Training Seminar for International Leaders with Disabilities in BangladeshMalawiLILONGWE2 475
15AF104-FT2015Gorey Ben Association of Physically Disabled GAOProject of simple and modern sewing in the town of GAOMaliGAO2 498
15AF103-FT2015Fanta and Alemayehu Block Production Shareholder AssociationBlock Production to Be Run by PWDsEthiopiaKebele2 497
15AF101-FT-2015Atsede, Senayt and Friends Internet Cafe Shareholder AssociationExpansion of Public Internet Service Provision Run by Persons with Hearing ImpairmentEthiopiaAddis Ababa2 477
15AF100-FT2015Tipindule community youth organisation (TICOYO)Living without fearMalawiZomba2 312
15AF062-FT2015Youth in Focus FoundationEqual rights and opportunities YIFFKenyaNairobi1 596
15AA107-FT2015Disabled Peoples Development Organization (DPDO)Towards Equal Society through Awareness RaisingMyanmarYangon Region2 498
15AA106-FT2015Banan Light of Person with Disability Federation (BLPDF)Income Generation Activities for Persons with Disabilities through pig raising and Small Business at homeCambodiaPhnom Penh2 500
15AA105-FT2015Dong Anh Association of people with disabilitiesConsolidate and develop a music group of Dong Anh association of people with disabilitiesViet NamHanoi2 345
15AA102-FT2015Empowerment of PWDs clubPig raisingThailandPhatthalung province2 446
15AA083-FT2015Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Center (SIRC)Translating the Abilis Spinal Cord self-care manual into NepaliNepalKavre District1 500
15AA082-FT2015Public Association Dream of the ChildVocational training for young PWDs and ParentsKyrgyzstanChuiskaya Region, village Leninskoje2 492
15AA081-FT2015Coalition of independent LivingTranslation of Active and Independent: A Self-Care Guide to Spinal Cord Injury into GeorgianGeorgiaTbilisi2 481
15AA080-FT2015Community Service Association of the Disabled and Blind CSADBSupport of temporary sheds to victims Persons with Disabilities of Gorkha Earthquake in Dolakha DistrictNepalDolakha2 500
15AA078-FT2015National Disabled and Helpless Upliftment Association NDHUASupport of temporary sheds to victims persons with disabilities of Gorkha Earthquake in Okhaldhunga DistrictNepalJorpati2 500
15AA076-FT2015Saysettha District Disabled Peoples Association (SDDPA)Disability Survey and Technical Capacity BuildingLaosVientiane2 163
15AA073-FT2015Public Association of Parents of CWDs Ene MeerimCreating better conditions for CWDs to attend daily rehabilitation centre through creating a better heathing systemKyrgyz RepublicSuzakskij raion, Jalalabad region2 500
15AA068-FT2015Rehabilitation Centre Thank youCreating a poultry farmKyrgyz RepublicIssykkul Region, Aksuiskij District2 479
15AA067-FT2015Disability Service Center for Independent Living (DSC for all)Develop a better quality of life of indigenous persons with disabilities, hill tribe in mountain area in the North of ThailandThailandLampang 520002 486
15AA057-FT2015Association of Parents of CWDs in TchkalovskCreating a consultation point for families having CWDs in the city ChkalovskTajikistanTchkalovsk2 428
15AA048-FT2015Central Asian Disabiilty ForumExchange of International and Central Asian Experience on Disability between Kazahstan, Kyrgyzstan and TadjikistanKazakhstanAlmaty2 488
14AF215-FT2015Wadajir Disability GroupIGA - Second Hand Cloths shop - 4 PWD SHGSomalilandHargeisa2 500
14AF214-FT2015Hodon Disability GroupPromotion of Income through Business Establishment of ShopSomalilandHargeisa2 500
14AF167-FT2015Clothes Processing Business for Women with DisabilitiesEstablishment of Clothes Processing BusinessSomalilandHargeisa2 500
15EU0062015Help the Life AssociationFrom past to present - transition from centralized disability service provision to current mechanisms for implementing disability servicesAlbaniaTirana19 785
15AM0142015Askisuyawi FoundationWritten communication for the recognition, inclusion and equal opportunities for people with hearing disabilitiesBoliviaEl Alto8 833
15AF1312015Nkhotankhota Association of Visually ImpairedSustainable rice farming and animal husbandryMalawiNkhotakhota8 322
15AF1282015Somali Disabled Peoples Development Organisation, SDPDOTailoring TrainingSomaliaMogadishu9 592
15AF1162015Foundation for Integrated Development and Empowerment FIDEPomade making and training of women with physical disability in sewing of local fabric bagsGhanaTamale9 068
15AF1132015Lofa County Associatioin of the Disabled LOCADSkills development and income generating for the disabled through training on animal husbandry and farmingLiberiaVoinjama City9 198
15AF0892015Deaf Initiatives Network Kenya DINET KenyaEconomic Empowerment of Deaf Youth through capacity buildingKenyaNairobi10 954
15AF0772015Tegloma Disability Integrated Organizatioin, TEDIO-SLCassava production project in KailahunSierra LeoneKailahun7 566
15AF0692015Vision for empowerment and relief services for the needy VERSOutreach empowerment for disabilityGhanaAccra3 413
15AF0592015Malawi Union of the Blind MUBCapacity building for Malawi Union of the Blind local branchesMalawiLimbe10 733
15AF0382015Ugunja Community Resource CentreCarpentry ProjectKenyaUgunja4 772
15AA0992015Equal rights for equal opportunitiesEreostyle computer centreArmeniaVadnazor8 120
15AA097ME2015Safety Charitable AssociationVocational training project for the wounded of GazaPalestinian Administered AreasGaza9 890
15AA095ME2015Peace club for persons with disabilityEmployment of 25 girls with mobile disability trained on embroidery and sewing.Palestinian Administered AreasGaza city10 167
15AA0852015Foundation for These-Abled Persons INC FTIOutsourcing services cooperative -bringing more opportunities for employment of persons with disabilitiesPhilippinesQuezon city9 813
15AA0792015Employment Union of People with DisabilitiesTraining and employment ofr people with disabilitiesGeorgiaTbilisi9 764
15AA0712015HANGI Association of DP and development of artsSelf-realization of disabled womenGeorgiaZugdidi9 974
15AA029ME2015Cooperation Club for PWDsWorkshop manufacturing and maintenance of wheelchairs and assistive equipmentPalestinian Administered AreasNablus11 085
15AF1352015Selam Leandenet General Sanitation Team EnterpriseEstablishing Small Scale Recreational Centre for IGA for 18 Persons Affected by LeprosyEthiopiaAddis Ababa9 870
15AF1342015Tanzania League of the Blind Morogoro BranchHammer mills - grinding and pounding servicesTanzaniaMorogoro8 370
15AF1292015Association of Blind and Partially Impaired Persons of MozambiqueSensitizing of Communities about the Rights of Persons with Visual ImpairmentMozambiqueChimoio9 580
15AF1252015Association SACATUCUA MarromeuRearing and Selling ChickenMozambiqueMarromeu8 791
15AA2012015Centre for supporting family and children with mental disability SFCDVocational training for children with mental disbility cooking and house workViet NamHanoi9 866
15AA2002015Cambodian Agency Development of Disability and the Poor CADDPImprove the quality of Living Condition of Persons with disabilities through Animal Food Production and Animal Raising in SHGsCambodiaPhnom Penh9 714
15AA1032015Public Foundation FenomenCreating possibilities for employment of Persons with Visual ImpairementKyrgyz RepublicBishkek5 568
15AA1002015Public Association Osobyi RebenokOrganizing homebased training for Parents and 20 preschool aged Children with Disabilieties in the village Novopavlovsk of Sokulukskij regionKyrgyz RepublicBishkek5 843
15AA0692015Public Association Tenir Too KelechegiMilk as a source of income generating activity.Kyrgyz RepublicNaryn Region9 366
14AF2912015Bulahar Youth with Disabilities Organization, BYDOFishnet Repairing Training as IGA skills for Disabled YouthSomalilandBulahar9 936
15AF071-FT2015Tadele, Etagegnehu and Friends Photo Copy Service Partners AssociationProviding photo copy and computer service for Debre Markos University Students and other communityEthiopiaDebre Markos Town2.500
15AF068-FT2015Kashise Town Biffu Persons with DisabilitiesSheep breeding and fattening to be run by persons with disabilitiesEthiopiaKachisse Town2.486
15AF067-FT2015Saint Woreda Persons with Cross Disabilities AssociationSheep breeding, fattening and animal feed preparation to be run by persons with disabilitiesEthiopiaAjbar Town2.494
15AF066-FT2015Hidig Disabled Women Organisation, HIDWOProtection of women with disabilities from human rights abuses and resettlement of 15 WWDs families forcedly evictedSomaliaMogadishu2.490
15AF065-FT2015Bright World for Blind Women AssociationEmpowering blind and visually impaired women on handcraft and thread productsEthiopiaAddis Ababa2.482
15AF054-FT2015Facilitation teamFacilitating Abilis GrantsTanzaniaDar es Salaam2.500
15AF036-FT2015Twimye Care groupTailoring ProjectZambiaKasama2.500
15AF026-FT2015Miracle Disabled AssociationKnittingZambiaLusaka2.499
15AA062-FT2015The Differently Able Youth Organization (DAYO-Nepal)Development aid to victims of Gorkha Earthquake among persons with disabilities in SindhupalchokNepalSindhupalchok2.500
15AA061-FT2015National Rehabilitation Centre of the Disabled – Nepal (NRCD)Development Aid for Database Establishment and Counseling Service to Victimized Persons with Disabilities caused by Gorkha Earthquake 2015NepalKathmandu2.500
15AA056-FT2015Rasuwa Disabled Rehabilitation Center RDRC-NepalDevelopment Aid to Victims of Gorkha Earthquake among Persons with Disabilities in RasuwaNepalRasuwa2.500
15AA053-FT2015Disabled Welfare Association DWAEmergency Relief to Persons with Disabilities and Families Victimized by Earthquake 2015 in NepalNepalGajuri-1, Dhading2.098
15AA052-FT2015Spinal Cord Injuries Development Association Bangladesh (SCIDABProduce of Bangla version of Active and Independent Living manualBangladeshDhaka 13432.500
15AA050-FT2015Forum for Human Rights on Disability - Nuwakot FHRDEmergency support for victims of Gorkha Earthquake among persons with disabilities in NuwakotNepalNuwakot2.500
15AA047-FT2015Public Organisation Disabled Womens League ISHTIROKOrganizing a Round Table Discussion on UNCRPD in Tajikistan through getting to know practices of Central Asian CountriesTajikistanDushanbe2.500
15AA030-FT2015Pongdone Club of Persons with DisabilityChicken raisingThailandLampang2.495
15AA008-FT2015Organisation Nepal Association for Blind Upliftment NABUSocio-Economic Empowerment of Youth Persons with DisabilitiesNepalRupandehi2.500
15AA004-FT2015Organisation of Parents of children with Problems in developmentCreating a platform for discussion on the recommendations by UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights on the implementation of International Covenant on economic, social and culturals rights by Tajikistan in relation to the Rights of PWDs.TajikistanKhudzhand2.489
14AF166-FT2015Daryeel Disability Group, DDGImprovement of Income for Persons with Disabilities, Mini-ShopSomalilandHargeisa2.500
14AF164-FT2015Ugbaad Disability Tailoring GroupInvestment of Disability Tailoring Group Center, SHGSomalilandHargeisa2.500
14AA199-FT2015T & T Vietnam Media Solutions CompanyInternship program and job introduction to youth with disabilities in HanoiVietnamHanoi1.907
14AA190-FT2015Pragya Chakshu Balbatika PCBBMassage enterpreneurship training for PWDsNepalKathmandu2.500
15EU0032015The Albanian National Association of the Deaf (ANAD)Attending the XVII World Congress of the WFD in IstanbulAlbaniaTirana6.370
15AM0152015National Federation of Deaf PeopleKnowledge transfer for deaf population on Colombian sign language to streghthen advocacy and participation in spaces where public policies are built upColombiaBogota9.536
15AM0122015Nicaraguan Federation of Associations of PWDs FECONORIPromoting awareness on the rights of persons with disabilities through performing arts.NicaraguaManagua9.950
15AM0102015Provincial Assocition of the Visually Impaired of ChimborazoImplementation of Agricultural Businesses for Persons with Visual Impairment in Hoya de ChamboEcuadorChimborazo10.000
15AM0062015National Association of Deaf people of Dominican Republic-WFD ANSORDO - WFDWFD and ANSORDO community needs assessment and analysis project on legal capacity of deaf communities in Latin AmericaDominican RepublicSanto Domingo10.124
15AM0012015Little woodpeckersEducation for the LifeNicaraguaJinotega8.738
15AF0852015Malawi National Association of the Deaf MANADTo take part in the WFD International Congress in Instanbul Turkey from July 28th to August 1st of 2015MalawiBlantyre8.844
15AF0822015Albino Revolution Cultural TroupeStudio project - to strengthen and improve the art work of PWDs in educating the society and PWDs on their rightsTanzaniaDar-Es-Salaam18.141
15AF0792015Kadel Disabled Self Help GroupPoultry Farming for sustainable developmentKenyaKadienge9.258
15AF0762015WFD West and Central Africa Regional Secretariat, WCARSWestern and central Africa regional secretariat representatives to world congress of the WFD, Istanbul turkey ,25th July to 1st August 2015GambiaBanjul13.812
15AF0642015The Namibian National Association of the Deaf (NNAD)Promoting and increasing awareness on human rights of the deaf (Attendance at the WFD Congress)NamibiaWindhoek9.120
15AF0612015Vipya Disability Association VDASustainable livelihood interventions for PWDs affected by HIV & natural disastersMalawiEkwendeni8.913
15AF0502015Disability Connexions dCdC training manualSouth AfricaKwazulu Natal10.071
15AF0482015Association of women against poverty and for developmentPromote professional skills and pigs breeding for WWDs and parents of CWDs affected by the armed conflictMalawiDzaleka refugee camp5.927
15AF0452015Somali National Association of the Deaf, SONADPromoting Rights of the Deaf People in Somalia through Broadcasting and IGASomaliaMogadishu10.300
15AF0432015African Federation of the DeafBlind AFDBStrengthening Advocacy Capacity of the Deafblind DPOs in AfricaMalawiBlantyre23.620
15AF0192015Center for Reeducation and Rehabilitation of Persons with Disability CE.R.HAMaterial Request of Transformation of Agricultural Products in favour of Youngsters/Deaf Persons and Women Living with HIV/AIDSCongo Democratic Republic (Kinshasa)Cite de Tshela10.000
15AA0662015Mongolian National Association of the DeafTo improve knowledge of mongolian deaf based on the documents on the human rights in the databank of wfdMongoliaUlaanbaatar9.976
15EU0052015Charitable organization Charity Foundation INVA SOS EASTCentre for social, psykological rehabilitation and employment support for PWDs PerspektivaUkrainaKharkov10.868
15AA0462015Corporate Fund Erekshe Tandau-Shelek, A Association of resielent disabled peopleTrainings of disabled people n rural areasKazakstanShelek, Zarkent, Kegen villages9.977
15AA0352015Sain Tus Center NGOGreenhouse DevelopmentMongoliaKhovd City7.078
15AA0202015Agate Centre for women with special needsTrough training to employmentArmeniaShirak Region9.971
14EU0112015Association of the Parents of PWDsPromoting the inclusion of PWDsMacedonia, Former Yugoslav Republic ofTetovo8.962
14AF2962015SUB Somali Union for the Blind PeopleHandcraft Training for 20 Females with Visual ImpairementSomaliaMogadishu9.180
14AF2442015Disabled Women in Africa DIWABaseline survey on access to sexual and reproductive health by disabled women and girlsZimbabweBulawayo11.229
14AF1822015Foundation for Advocacy and Literacy Development, FFALDSign Language Advocacy for Public InstitutionsSierra LeoneFreetown12.444
15AF0972015United GroupBee farming projectTanzaniaMpwapwa8.356
15AF0962015SHIVYAWATA NationalEmpower projectTanzaniaDar es Salaam10.063
15AF0952015Shivyawata MpwapwaSmall hand tractor (power tiller)TanzaniaMpwapwa, Dodoma8.682
15AF0942015Chawata Tanga BranchMaking Batik products to People with physical DisabilitiesTanzaniaTanga5.156
15AF0932015The Association of PWDs, Mvumimakulu branchGrading and milling machine projectTanzaniaMvumi Makula9.404
15AF0912015Association of Albino Tanzania KorogweFish farmingTanzaniaKorogwe9.364
15AF0902015Daryeel Handicap AssociationAdvocacy for Accessibility of Building through WorkshopsSomalilandHargeisa9.975
15AF0882015Chama cha wazazi/walezi wa watoto wenye ulemavu Tanzania CWWWUTMradi wa kukodisha maturubai, meza na viti Renting out of canvas, tables and chairsTanzaniaTanga9.826
15AF0872015Youth Physical Disability Development Forum YPDDFMainstreaming youth Disabilities in Local Government ProgramsUgandaWakiso District10.188
15AF0842015Uganda National Association of Cerebral Palsy UNACHuman Rights Promotion for People with Cerebral Palsy in UgandaUgandaMukono and Buikwe Districts9.988
15AF0812015Kyenjojo District Disabled Peoples Union KYEDDIPURaising human rights awareness to persons with disabilitiesUgandaKyejojo town9.063
15AF0512015Female with Disability Advocacy Association, FEDAMinimization of Violence against Women with Disabilities through Advocacy ProgramSomalilandHargisa10.058
15AF0422015Ethiopian National Disability Action Network ENDANBuilding the Capcity of Member OrganisationsEthiopiaAddis Ababa20.953
15AA0642015Organisation of Disabled People in Gafyrovsky raion Sogdisky Oblast NOITAktivization and Awareness Raising for PWDS and and the whole societyTajikistanGorod Gafyrov9.309
15AA0632015Public Organization of Parents of CWDs Tchamani orzyPromoting the idea of inklusive education in B.Gafurov RegionTajikistanSogdiiskaya oblast, Gafurov6.374
15AA0602015Beypil Rehabilitation centr of Disabled childreEmployment of PWDS and Parents of CWDs trough establishment of BakeryKyrgyz RepublicIssykkulskaia oblast8.879
15AA0582015Public Fund KeminSupport for the families with CWDs through Animal Husbandry with employment possibilities for Parents of CWDS and PWDsKyrgyz RepublicChui region, Keminsky district9.850
15AA0552015Senmonorom Disabled Peoples Federation Organisation SDPOEmpowerment of economic rights to persons to persons with disabilities through pig and duck raisingCambodiaMondulkiri Province9.939
15AA0542015Human Rights Disability and Development Foundation HDDFCreating employment for people with Disabilities through televisions assembling and servicing centerBangladeshDhaka - 12099.806
15AA0332015Association of Parents of CWDs Umut ShamyImprovement of the conditions of social adaptation of CWDs and providing early professional orientationKyrgyz RepublicCity of Batken9.444
15AF035-FT2015Woldeeyesus and Tsedale Leather Work Share Holders AssociationLeather works IGA run by PWDsEthiopiaJimma Town2 500
15AF033-FT2015Ifa Boru Persons with Disability AssociationLeather Production to Be Run by PWDsEthiopiaHuruta Town2 500
15AF025-FT2015Tanzania Albino Society Mwanza Region TASCommunity action against Albinos violence in Kirumba districtTanzaniaKirumba, Mwanza2 318
15AF024-FT2015Disacare Wheelchair Centre TrustWorkshop tools and equipment replacementZambiaLusaka2 491
15AF023-FT2015Sani FoundationThe sunshine Zambia projectZambiaLusaka2 500
15AA016-FT2015Branch of Disabled Womens Leaque Ishtirok in Dangarinskij Region)Creating a branch of Disabled Womens Leaque Ishtirok in Dangarinskij RegionTajikistanDangarinskij region2 319
15EU0012015Human Rights FoundationInternally Displaced People with Disabilities (IDPD) Monitoring MIssion Togerher We CanUkrainaKiev10 000
15AF0492015The Vocational Training Centre for the Blind KenemaSkills Training and Material Support at the Vocational Training Centre for the Blind, KenemaSierra LeoneKenema11 100
15AF0412015Odollo Group for the Physically DisabledDisabled Cyber Cafe and training centreKenyaKisumu9 730
15AF0272015The Gambia Association of the Deaf and Hard of HearingParticipation in the Wold Federation of the Deaf 17th World Congress in Istanbul, Turkey from 28th July to 1st August 2015 with the theme Stregthening Human DiversityGambiaBanjul10 194
15AA0172015Rauan Association of Young Disabled PeopleTraining courses for young people with disabilitiesKazakstanKostanai7 818
15AA0132015Unite of persons with disabilities Parents SupportPiloting pre-training of people with disabilitiesGeorgiaTbilisi9 938
15AA0112015Armenian Association for disabled people PYUNICEmpowerment and integration of persons with disabilities trough art anf craftArmeniaErevan9 966
14AF2752015Siany Disabled Womens GroupBee Keeping an economic stimulation project for disabled women in Suna-KenyaKenyaMigori9 757
14AF2542015Eritrean National Association of the Deaf EriNADDelegating in the world federation of the Deaf WFDEritreaAsmara9 507
15AF0532015Zanzibar Association of the Disabled UWZBuilding a self-reliant organization of PWDsTanzaniaZanzibar9 985
15AF0522015Tanzania League of the Blind TLB KibahaRunning sustainable TLB Branch through poultry farming in Kibaha districtTanzaniaKibaha, Pwani10 247
15AF0472015ADEMO -Association of People with Disabilities of mozambiqueSkills and professionsMozambiqueBeira9 993
15AA0282015Association of Parents of Disabled Children Tenir-KoldoCapacity Building of the Parents of CWDs and the staff of the organizationKyrgyz RepublicTalas9 489
15AA0262015National Human Right Protection Forum for the Disable Nepal NHRPFDNDigital Talking Books Production and Distribution for Persons with Print DisabilitiesNepalKathmandu9 992
15AA0252015Surkhet Disable Association SDAPoultry Livelihood Project for Young PWDsNepalSurkhet8 257
15AA0242015Disabled peoples Organisation Representative in Kampong Speu Province DPOSImprovement of quality of lives for persons with disabilities through pig feeding and saving scheme in 5 SHGs in order to empower them to take part in social developmentCambodiaPhnom Penh9 980
15AA0222015Rehabilitation Centre OberegTheater without barriers (Puppet-show with the participation of PWDs)Kyrgyz RepublicBishkek10 000
15AA0192015Union of Disabled People of Issykkul Region RAVENSTVOTraineeship of WWDs from three Central Asian Countries on reproductive and sexual rights, reproductive and sexual health and reproductive and sexual health education in FinlandKyrgyz RepublicBishkek27 792
14AF1932015Cultural Association ASCUKWADissemination of the Rights of Persons with DisabilityMozambiqueBeira9 864
15AA003-FT2015Association of Parents with Children with Disability)Lobbying for the Rights of Persons with DisabilitiesTajikistanDushanbe2 498
14AF253-FT2015Bacahgwe National Transit Center of Liberian People with DisabilitiesResearch on the psycho-social status of disabled people on the Ebola Endemic in LiberiaLiberiaMontserrado County2 428
14AF251-FT2015Adjumani District Disabled Persons AssociationCobbling and shoe makingUgandaAdjumani town Council2 500
14AF250-FT2015Mama Linda Foundation for PwDsCow rearingUgandaKapkreson village2 497
14AF209-FT2015The Association of Disabled Females International, ADFIEbola SensitizationLiberiaMonrovia1 890
14AA236ME-FT2015Mousawat OrganizationRevive the Palestinian folkloreLebanonBeiru1 462
14AA235ME-FT2015Mousawat OrganizationEstablishment of a chocolate designing and wrapping workshopLebanonEin El Hilwe refugee camp2 341
14AA203-FT2015Lampang Club of Persons with DisabilitiesCapacity building to key leaders with disabilityThailandLampang2 064
14AA202-FT2015DPO of Ravonbahsh district Mir Sajda Ali HamadoniCapacity building of the newly established DPOTajikistanFaisabad Village2 486
14AA200-FT2015Public Foundation Luch solntsa (Sunray)Improving of the situation of Parents of PWDs and young persons with DisabilitiesKyrgyz RepublicKyzyl-Kiya2 493
14AA198-FT2015Association for Poverty Alleviation of Neighbours (APAN)Program for Self-Employment of Persons with DisabilitiesBangladeshNarsingdi2 500
15AF0062015WFD West and Central Africa Regional Secretariat, WCARSStrengthening the Western and Central Africa Regional Secretariat WCARSGambiaBanjul14 145
14EU0092015New Chance in NoviAn inclusive club Garden of new chancesSerbia and MontenegroHerceg Novi9 990
14AF2942015Department Organisation Alpha Braille, Burkina FasoTraining and conference on PWDs rights for 200 leaders of DPOs in 4 regions in Burkina FasoBurkina FasoOuagadougou 0112 059
14AF2802015Kirima Disability Self help GroupKirima Disability Group Capacity Building for Dairy FarmingKenyaKerugoya9 215
14AF2382015Street level initiativeOur dream (Disability rights, empowerment, awareness & mobilisation)KenyaEldoret11 067
14AF0772015Somali Women Disability Association, SOWDAInclusive Education Awareness for Female Persons with Disabilities i Mogadishu-SomaliaSomaliaMogadishu9 270
14AA2372015Association of Dusheti Disabled PersonsEmployment of disabled peopleGeorgiaDusheti 18009 450
14AA1932015Association of Disabled Women and Mothers of Disabled Children DEAEstablishment of sewing workshopGeorgia2100 Georgia9 543
15AF0042015ADESU Association of Persons with Disabilities with Higher Education - MaputoHIV/AIDS and Disability (HAD)MozambiqueMaputo9 931
15AF0032015Iganga District Albinism Association IDAAHuman Rights AdvocacyUgandaIganga9 624
15AA0062015Social Village ManasQuality Life for PWDsKyrgyz RepublicTchuiskaya oblast11 021
15AA0052015Organisation of Parents of Disabled Children SavobIncreacing tolerance among school children and awareness raising among teachers on inklusive education in schools of Shugnanskij RegionTajikistanHorog9 956
15AA0022015Turning Point FoundationStrengthening organizational capacity and networks to support DPOsBangladeshDhaka 122927 941
15AA0012015Kratie Disabled Peoples Organization KDPOImproving Income Generation of People with Disabilities through Accessing to Financial ServicesCambodiaPhnom Penh9 839
14AF2982015Zambia Association on employment for perons with disabilitiesEmpowering Persons with Intellectual Disabilities to participate/included in job creation and sustainabilityZambiaLusaka9 729
14AF2612015Wajasiriamali Disabled Group WDGImprovement of income and food security to PWDs through poultry farmingTanzaniaMkwalia Kitumbo Village, Mkuranga Ward10 079
14AF2602015Shivyawata - Kisarawe BranchLocal poultry keepingTanzaniaKisarawe10 748
14AF2582015Tilahun, Ybaba and Guadegnochachew Sheep Fattening and Poltry Farming Stakeholder AssociatonExpansion of Sheep Fattening, Breeding and Animal Feed Manufactuing projectEthiopiaBahir Dar10 212
14AF2572015Murida, Teshome and Friends Poultry Farm Shareholder AssociationChicken Feed Processing Project Run by Mobility Challenged PersonsEthiopiaAddis Ababa11 255
14AF2172015Zambia National Association of the Deaf ZNADDeaf Awareness projectZambiaLusaka7 437
14AA2042015The National Grassroots Disability Organization (NGDO)Disabled Peoples right to employment and livelihoodsBangladeshDhaka9 994
14EU006-FT2014Association of Amputees Gradiska, UDAS"Economic strengthening of PWDs through greenhouse production - Repair of damaged by stormBosnia-HerzegovinaGradiska616
14AM0072014Special Needs for Life SNLSNL Deaf Micro Enterprise DevelopmentGuyanaCorentyne2 500
14AF223-FT2014Northern Shoa Zone blind teachers profesional development and cooperative associationBasic computer training for the blind teachers in North ShoaEthiopiaDebreberhan2 483
14AF221-FT2014Strengthening Women in Peri Urban & Rural areas Club (SWIPURA)Village chicken rearingZambiaMuhao Mabumbo2 259
14AF219-FT2014Action for self-relianceBroiler Poultry ProductionZambiaMatero, Lusaka2 497
14AF213-FT2014Liberia United Rural Association of the DisabledCommunity Anti-Ebola Virus Awareness CampaignLiberiaKolba City2 013
14AF205-FT2014Hope in God Association of the Blind, HIGABSave the Disabled through Anti-Ebola Awareness CampaignLiberiaMonrovia2 227
14AF204-FT2014Kachise Town Biftu PWDsSheep breeding and fattening to be run by PWDsEthiopiaKachise Town2 500
14AF198-FT2014Awet Gebremariam and Michael Gebreselas Lt Co-operativeEnjera and Processed Dry Food Preparation to Be Run by Persons with Hearing ImpairmentEthiopiaMekele2 500
14AF197-FT2014Disabled Persons United to Serve Humanity, D-PUSHKick Ebola Virus OutSierra LeoneFreetown, Bonth Town2 500
14AF196-FT2014The Progressive Handicapped Development Association, P.H.D.AEbola Sensitization and Provision of Preventive MaterialsSierra LeoneWaterloo2 500
14AF195-FT2014Jinja District Association of Persons with Disabilities Living Positively JIDAPEnhancing economic empowerment among JIDAP membersUgandaJinja2 054
14AF194-FT2014Interim Working Group IWG for the ADFAfrican Disability Forum Launch MeetingEthiopiaAddis Ababa2 500
14AF192-FT2014AJODEMO-ManicaPromotion of Rights of Persons with DisabilityMozambiqueChimoio2 325
14AF191-FT2014Ghana Society of the Physically Disabled GSPD - Volta Regional BranchEbola Awareness; the Cause, Infection, Prevention and Containment among PWDs in Volta RegionGhanaHo2 373
14AF190-FT2014Lofa County Association of the Disabled, LOCADCommunity Sensitization and Awareness Rising to Combat the Spread of Ebola Virus DiseaseLiberiaVoinjama City1 833
14AF189-FT2014Concern for the Development of Disabled Women and ChildrenDisabled People Say Stop the Denial Ebola isSierra LeoneFreetown2 500
14AF188-FT2014Rubanga Timkica Women Disabled GroupPiggery fattingUgandaPajule Sub-county2 000
14AF186-FT2014Disabled Victims of War Sierra LeoneAmputees say No to Ebola virusSierra LeoneFreetown2 481
14AF177-FT2014National Association of Disable Advocates, NADAEbola Prevention Campaign in Liberia for PWDsLiberiaMonrovia2 500
14AF136-FT2014Zanzibar National Association of the Blind, Chake Chake District Branch ZANAB - Chake Chake BranchTraining on policy, management and sustainability of a small businessTanzaniaChake Chake, Pemba1 710
14AA189-FT2014Nepal Empowerment Society for Disabled NESDCyber Cafe for the People with DisabilityNepalNayabazar, Kathmandu2 268
14AA183-FT2014Public Foundation of Support of Motherhood and Childhood Kol TabySupport and activization of Parents of CWDs in Southern Region through educationKyrgyzstanOsh2 461
14AA181-FT2014She Hope Society Hope Disability Centre - KashmirPost Flood Relief and Rehabilitation of PWDs affected by the floods in Jammu and KashmirIndiaKashmir 1912012 500
14AA173-FT2014Association of Persons With Disabilities Saang (APDS)Promote income generation activities for persons with disabilitiesCambodiaKandal Province2 499
14AA171-FT2014Shahrinaiskij Branch of Republican DPO NOITCreating an orchard farmTajikistanShahrinavkij District2 436
14AA152-FT2014Cambodian Spinal Cord Injury Association (CSCIA)To improve knowledge of health care management of SCI and mobility skill amongst persons living spinal cord injuriesCambodiaBattambang2 496
14AF2452014Disability Awareness Action Group DAAGAgricultural rehabilitation for socio-economic independence of abandoned mothers of children with disabilities in the Port Loko and Kambia DistrictsSierra LeoneFreetown16 124
14AF2362014Amatshe Aligugu-Precipus Stones Women with Disabilities TrustPoultry projectZimbabweBulawayo9 752
14AF2302014Network Action for Empowerment of Disabled Women (NAEDW)Empowerment and integration of disabled women and girls through vocational skills training for active participation in socio-economic development processes in the Kenema DistrictSierra LeoneKenema City Easter Province10 886
14AF2292014The Center for Differently Able Women (CDAW)Ebola prevention and safety promotion among disabled women in Makeni and Magburaka, Northern Sierra LeoneSierra LeoneMakeni, Northern Province10 886
14AF2032014Association of Disabled People for DevelopmentSupport to sensitizing, identification and analyse of special needs of PwDs for their orientationCongo Democratic Republic (Kinshasa)Kisangani8 992
14AF1842014Inclusive Development Promoters & Cons IDPC Ltd.Compilation of a bilingual disability lexicon (English-Kiswahili)TanzaniaDar es Salaam20 944
14AF1832014Akantaaba Women AssociationEbola, Diarhea and Cholera desease awareness and prevention, education and advocacy programme for PWDs in three northern regions of Ghana (IGA for Physically Disabled Women Groups in Bolgatanga)GhanaBolgatanga5 443
14AF1742014The Gambia National Paralympic CommitteeWheelchair Production/ Repaire WorkshopGambiaSerekunda5 709
14AF0402014Reintergrative Society of Physically and Mentally Challenged, RISOPAMCLivelihoods Support ProjectGhanaDrobo10 015
14AA1822014Organization of persons with disabilities ZHIGERTeaching each other the skills of healthy lifestyleKazakstanAlmaty9 663
14AA1802014Association of Young Disabled People SharapatComputer repair manufactoryKazakstanAlmaty9 729
14AA1782014International Gerorgian Disaled Women International AssociationPhoto Action on AccessibilityGeorgiaTbilisi9 986
14AA1742014Gori Disables Club Gori Disables ClubIntegrated accessible schools for disabled childrenGeorgiaGori9 990
14AA143ME2014Rahma Charity Association for RehabilitationAssociations entrance adjustment and provision of animal farmingPalestinian Administered AreasHebron10 221
14AA1052014Association AnikaIntegrated Youth ClubGeorgiaTbilisi10 000
14AA0502014Accessibility Organisation for Afghan Afghan Disabled (AOAD) NAFAD-ARLOEmployment support through nonwoven shopping bags for Women with Disability and women defender of PWD in KabulAfghanistanKabul10 440
14AF2492014Horn of Africa disability Organisation HADOCapacity Building and IGA Project for 25 Disabled GIrlsSomalilandBuhoodle10 684
14AF2432014Activists Network for Disabled Persons, ANDPPromotion of Public and Political Participation of PWDs in SomalilandSomalilandHargeisa14 448
14AF2312014Zambia Deaf Youth and WomenPursuing the rights of deaf persons in building deaf friendly Noeth-Western provinceZambiaKitwe10 124
14AF2282014Albino Foundation of Zambia AFZChawama second hand bag salesZambiaLusaka8 768
14AF2222014Mshikamano GroupHusking and milling of grainsTanzaniaLindi10 480
14AF1802014Hab-wanaag Relief & Development Organization, HARDO LNGOIGA Skills for 20 Mental Recovered PatientsSomalilandHargeisa11 063
14AF1762014Togdheer Disability Group, TDGSheeps/Goats for PWDs in Rural Areas of Togdheer RegionSomalilandBurao10 642
14AA1952014Myanmar Independent Living Initiative MILIASEAN Disability Forum in Myanmar: Disability Inclusive Sustainable Development, Peace and DemocratizationBurma (Myanmar)Yangon18 000
14AA1942014Bangladesh Protibandhi Unnayan Sangstha (BPUS)Income generating activities (IGAs) for people with disabiiltiesBangladeshBarisal10 000
14AA1872014Public Association Meder SherLets help our fellowmen - Income generating activity through creating a sheep farmKyrgyz RepublicNaryn9 947
14AA1852014OF Insan-Leilek Batkenskaya Oblast Public Foundation Insan-LeilekPromoting of the ratification of UNCRPD in Kyrgyzsnta, in Batken, Issykkul and Tchuiskaya Region.Kyrgyz RepublicIsfana, Batkenskaya Region19 904
14AA1792014Samrong Torng Disabled Peoples Development Federation SRTFEmpower Economic Rights to Persons with Disabilities and Awareness Raising about Disability Rights through Feeding Pigs and Saving Scheme in 11 SHGsCambodiaPhnom Penh9 629
13AA1162014Subhi Association for Women with Disabilities AWWDEmpowerment and capacity building of women with disabilities to voice for their rightsIndiaWest Bengal10 000
14AF171-FT2014Association of Persons with Spinal Cord InjurySpinal Cord Injury and Active and Independent LifeMozambiqueMaputo2 437
14AF163-FT2014Initiatives for Disabled Women, IDWAdvocacy for Prevention of Violations against Women with DisabilitiesSomalilandHargeisa2 447
14AF161-FT2014Warsan Disability Group Based SHGInvestment of Internet Coffee Establishment, Global Sahan NetSomalilandHargeisa2 419
14AF158-FT2014Indigenous Handicap Blacksmith Development Association IHBDAStakeholders Sensitization Workshop on Ebola Prevention in the Rokupa-Wellington CommunitySierra LeoneFreetown2 500
14AF156-FT2014People United to Save Humanity - PUSH/SLEbola Sensitisation for People with DisabilitySierra LeonePujehun2 500
14AF154-FT2014Mercy Hands Sierra LeoneEbola Virus is not a Respecter of PersonSierra LeoneFreetown2 500
14AF150-FT2014The Welfare Society for the Disabled - WESOFOD - P Kambia DistrictPromoting Inclusive Ebola Sensitization in Kambia DistrictSierra LeoneKambia2 482
14AF144-FT2014Nimcaale Community Based Organization, NICOBO-SHGFT Grant for Shop EstablishmentSomalilandHargeisa2 498
14AF143-FT2014Bilan Disability Group - SHGFT Small Grant for Beauty Soloon Establishment - Helsinki Beautification CenterSomalilandHargeisa2 500
14AF140-FT2014Mental Health Uganda Gulu BranchCapacity BuildingUgandaGula District2 428
14AF133-FT2014Rubanga Tek Disabled GroupIncome Generating (Petty Trade)UgandaAdlang LalalTrade Centre2 442
14AF132-FT2014Zanzibar National Association of the Blind, ZANABCapacity building training for improving the quality of handicraft productsTanzaniaPemba2 022
14AF129-FT2014Tehuldere Woreda Bright Hope Persons with Disabilities AssociationSheep breeding, fattening and animal feed preparation to be run by persons with disabilitiesEthiopiaHaik Town2 460
14AF127-FT2014Solomon, Mohammed & Friends Electric Material and Mobile MaintenanceElectronic materials and mobile maintenance as an income generating activity to be run by persons with disabilitiesEthiopiaGulele2 500
14AF125-FT2014Gbotima Development Disabled Right AssociationSupporting the Campaign towards the Total Elimination of EbolaSierra LeoneBo City2 500
14AF124-FT2014Epilepsy Association of Sierra Leone, EASLAwareness Rising among Persons with Epilepsy about Ebola DiseaseSierra LeoneFreetown2 500
14AF123-FT2014African Youth with Disabilities Network - Sierra LeoneUrgent Sensitization Campaign against Ebola for PWDs in Sierra LeoneSierra LeoneFreetown2 430
14AF117-FT2014Kyphoscoliosis Initiative for Therapy and Empowerment KITESensitization on Ebola Preventive Measures in Fabaina & Lungi Area and Approve School Communities in FreetownSierra LeoneFreetown2 500
14AF116-FT2014Ebert Kakua School for the DeafEbola Sensitization to PWD Residential Homes (Deaf)Sierra LeoneBo City2 450
14AF115-FT2014Sierra Leone Union of Polio Persons SLUPPPreventive Measures on Ebola amongst Physically Challenged in Western AreaSierra LeoneFreetown2 500
14AF114-FT2014Nebbi Town Council Association of Women with Disabilities NTCAWDHandicraft Making /beads, bags, pausesUgandaNebbi Town2 193
14AF113-FT2014Disability Awareness Action Group DAAGSensitization and Training of PWD Homes on Ebola prevention in Freetown, Western Area of Sierra LeoneSierra LeoneFreetown2 500
14AF112-FT2014Disability Aid Sierra Leone, DASLEbola Sensitization and Awareness Rising for PWDs in West, Central and Eastern of FreetownSierra LeoneFreetown2 500
14AF111-FT2014Mobility Sierra LeoneEbola Sensitization to Disabled People Residential HomesSierra LeoneBo City2 500
14AF110-FT2014Mungu Nen Deaf GroupEvent Management -Plastic Chairs and Utensils HireUganda2 404
14AF076-FT2014Pe An Amito Parents to Children with DisabilityFarming Animal (Traction)UgandaOyam2 360
14AA142-FT2014Association of PWDs of the city Dushanbe IMKONIYATSports as a Mean of Promoting Human Rights of PWDsTajikistanDushanbe2 483
14AA141-FT2014Self-Help Group Srok Samaki MeancheyPromote the right of people with disabilities through income generating activities for familiesCambodiaPhonom Penh2 498
14AA139-FT2014Association of people with disabilities Bac Tuliem District, Hanoi DP Bac TuliemRaising awareness about Reproductive Health Issues for PWDs in Bac Tu Liem District, HanoiVietnamHanoi2 351
14AA138-FT2014Public Association PeshraviIncreasing the capacity of Public Association PeshraviTajikistanDushanbe2 446
14AA137-FT2014National Federation of the Deaf Nepal NDFNStrengthening the capacity of local deaf association within NDFN NetworkNepalKathmandu2 283
14AA136-FT2014Creative Disabled Help Self CenterLeadership, Security, English LanguageNepalPalpa2 364
14AA135-FT2014Syangja Disabled Society SDSSocial and economic empowerment of PWDs through advocacy, awareness and livelihood income generating programsNepalSyangja2 500
14AA133-FT2014Union of Chernobyl Invalids of Gissar RegionProviding dringking water for the farmingTajikistanGissar Region2 487
14AA027-FT2014Democratic Disabled Union MahottoryIncome generation programme for disabled peopleNepalMahottori1 736
14AA025-FT2014Tanahu Association of the BlindIncreasing participation of BPS persons in income generating activities via awareness and vocational trainingNepalTanahu2 067
14AF1652014FAMOD SofalaStrengthening of FAMOD in advocacy in the district of Dondo (violence against PwDs)MozambiqueBeira9 959
14AF1602014SacatucuaSustainable agriculture by persons with disabilityMozambiqueCaian piirikunta10 854
14AF1592014Association Miracles in MozambiqueSocio-professional integration of persons with disabilityMozambiqueDondo10 321
14AF1572014Elgon Foundation for Persons with Albinism EFPACapacity Building in AdvocacyUgandaMbale4 000
14AF1532014Mbale District Association of the Blind MDABLocal Goat Rearing ProjectUgandaMbale3 548
14AF1472014Budadiri Tambila PWDHeifer ProjectUgandaBudadiri4 849
14AF1422014Lira District Disabled Women AssociationCapacity Building to female youth with disabilities for sustainable self-relianceUgandaLira6 000
14AF1312014Group of hard-working DisabledWater selling and capacity building seminar of PWDsTanzaniaDar es Salaam11 693
14AA1542014Public Foundation Information and Consultation Center StimulPromotion of employment possibilities for 20 young PWDSs in Leilekskij district of Batken regionKyrgyz RepublicIsfana, Batkenskaya region9 892
14AA1532014Mothers Society of Intellectual Disabilities MSIDProviding opportunity to the Intellectually Disabled and their parents to generate additional income for sustaining their livelihoodNepalLalitpur7 593
14AA1512014Intiative group of PWDsProviding social services for 20 disabled people in Leninsky district of the city of Bishkek.Kyrgyz RepublicBishkek9 621
14AA1492014Rehabilitation Empowerment and Development Nepal READ NepalAdvocate to the leprosy affected people and disabled about UNCRPD and capacity skill training on briquetteNepalKathamandu7 830
14AA1482014Information and Resource Centre InklusiyaCourses of Sewing and Cooking for young WWDsTajikistanCity of Khorog10 482
14AA1472014Disabled Rehabilitation and Development Center DRDCEconomic empowerment of persons with disabilities in JumlaNepalJumla9 508
14AA1232014DPO in Dzhirgitalsky region TajikistanLegal Literacy for PWDs of Dzirgital RegionTajikistanDzhirgital region9 578
13AF1982014Initiative for Disability and Development Organization, IDDODisability Political Participation Awareness Project in Sool regionSomalilandLa Anod9 887
14AM0062014Association EqualityStrengthening Workshops Addressed to Women with Disability of Rural Communities of the Disrrict of MaquiaPeruMaquia10 000
14AF1812014United Polio Brothers and Sisters Association, UPBSALivelihood Support of PWDs in Maputha by Animal HusbandrySierra LeoneFreetown10 000
14AF1702014Handicap Youths Development Association HYDAIncome Generating Activity for Disabled Youth in FreetownSierra LeoneFreetown10 000
14AF1522014Ability in Disability TADSustainable Livelihood Enhancement for Youths with Disabilities through Agricultural ProjectZimbabweDomboshava4 441
14AF1382014Organization for Social Change and Prote ction of the Rights of the UnderprilegedSocio economic empowerment of AGHEM women with disabilitiesCameroonNorth West Region9 498
14AF1222014GRAIFA Group dappui aux initiatives feminines dautopromotionBreeding cattle and handcraft soap for women with disabilitiesCongo Democratic Republic (Kinshasa)Bukavu9 966
14AF1022014Zimbabwe National League of the BlindPoultry enterprise for the blindZimbabweMataga8 333
14AF0972014Wells Community Growth InitiativeImproving the livelihoods of women parents who have children with disabilities through goat rearingKenyaGatundu9 040
14AF0812014The Southern Region Users Group SoRUGFemale PWDs access to Health Servicies in Jiama Bongor and Wunde ChiefdomsSierra LeoneBo City10 000
14AF0712014Koinadugu Disabled AssociationMicro Enterprise for Women with Disabilities in Kabala Koinadugu DistrictSierra LeoneKabala, Koinadugu District9 795
14AA1462014Shimkent Association of disabled peopleEstablishment of the sewing manufactoryKazakstanShymkent10 240
14AA1122014South Kazahstan Regional Association of PWDsSewing workshop and studio with rental for Kazahstan national costume and wedding dressesKazakstanShymkent10 817
14AA1102014Mongolian National Association for Wheelchair users (MNAWU)Wheelchair users empowerment, improvement of their emoployment possibilities and their family incomeMongoliaUlaanbaatar 1703210 048
14AA1042014Public Association for the Help of PWDS in KapshagaiPublic Association for the Help of PWDS in KapshagaiKazakstanAlmaty Oblast, City of Kapshagai10 704
14AF096-FT2014Ada Ber Disability GroupImprove Your BusinessUgandaPatong2 500
14AF093-FT2014Disabled People’s Development Aid (DIPEDEA)Constitutional Education to PWDsTanzaniaDodoma2 500
14AF084-FT2014Meskerem, Etagegn and Friends Leather WorksExpansion of Leather Works Run by PWDsEthiopiaAddis Ababa2 428
14AF075-FT2014Women with Disabilities (Bulawayo)Food caravan outlet projectZimbabweBulawayao2 070
14AF074-FT2014Oyam Town Council Disability GroupEvent managementUgandaOyam2 360
14AF072-FT2014Tanzania League of the Blind (TLB)Participation of Blind people in the constitution making process of TanzaniaTanzaniaDodoma2 500
14AF069-FT2014This Ability ConsultingIWG Women and Sports ConferenceKenya/FinlandHelsinki2 500
14AF067-FT2014Women with disabilities development Association of TigrayWomen with disabilities economic empowerment through formation of business cooperativesEthiopiaMekelle, Tigray2 472
14AA132-FT2014Associaton of people with disabilities Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi DP Thanh XuanTrainings on Vietnam laws for people with disabilities in Thanh Xuan District, HanoiViet NamHanoi City2 500
14AA120-FT2014Public Association Zany BashatActivation of young PWDs through creating pear support groups in rural areasKyrgyz RepublicAlamedinskin alue2 500
14AA073-FT2014Turning Point FoundationStrengthening Organizational Internal CapacityBangladeshDhaka 12292 480
14AA072-FT2014Public Foundation of Single Moms of CWDS Ene Emgegi)Employment of PWDs through Fast Food eateryKyrgyz RepublicBishkek2 500
14AA071-FT2014Public organization of PWds and Orphans IntizoriComputer classes for PWDs and poor familiesTajikistanHatlonskayan alue2 410
14AA069-FT2014Organisation of Parents of Disabled Children Savob)Establishing cooperation between parents organizations of CWDs and DPOs of Tadjikistan and KyrgyzstanTajikistanHorog2 354
14EU0022014Handicap KosovaPromoting employment for disabled people in KosovoKosovoPrishtina9 950
14AM0052014CONFENADIPDevelopment of Capacities in Project Writing in Southern Macro RegionPeruLima9 820
14AM0042014Association of Artisans with Disability of the Region of LambayequeHands that change the futurePeruLambayeque9 674
14AM0022014RIADIS Network of Latin American organisations of Persons with Disabilities and Their FamiliesSchool of organizational leaders without Barriers in Ecuador and BrazilEcuadorQuito & Sao Paulo9 930
14AF0992014Bright Future Integrated Development Project BFIDPAwareness creation for PWDs in Lake Victoria RegionKenyaKadongo7 378
14AF0982014Network in Disability and Community DevelopmentIncome generation through fish farming a project for disabled persons in Migori County KenyaKenyaMigori8 542
14AF0952014Hidig Disabled Women Organisation, HIDWOIGA for Women with Disabilities by charcoal Briquette productionSomaliaMogadishu12 650
14AF0702014Polio Women and Girls Development OrganisationWomen and Girls with Disabilities Empowerment by Vocational TrainingSierra LeoneFreetown9 679
14AF0662014Committee of Women Living with HIV/AIDSPrevention of the transmission of HIV/AIDS from Mother to ChildCongo Democratic Republic (Kinshasa)Tshela, Bas-Congo10 000
14AF0452014Polio Persons Development Association POPDAHealth Security for the DIsabled Camps in the Bombali District in Northern SIerra LeoneSierra LeoneNorthern Province9 862
14AF0102014Jipe Moyo Self help GroupPoultry keepingKenyaNgolia9 382
14AA115ME2014Future Society for Deaf AdultsEconomic empowerment (autonomisation) of young deaf in GazaPalestinian Administered AreasGaza City10 459
14AA1092014Union of therapy of socially disabled peoplePhotography for equal opportinitiesGeorgiaSighnaghi Region9 043
14AA108ME2014Palestinian Society for Care and Develop ment in Al-Amari Refugee CampHandicraft projectPalestinian Administered AreasRamallah5 944
14AA107ME2014Palestinian General Union of PWDs Jenin BranchMainstreaming disability in policies and employment programs in the Palestinian Ministry for LabourPalestinian Administered AreasJenin9 154
14AA1032014Public association Golos sedzhaRe-connecting people with intellectual disabilities from government institution with their relativesValko-VenäjäMinsk9 963
14AA1022014Brest Regional Youth Social Association The Disabled People and the EnvironmentAccessible recreationValko-VenäjäBrest4 456
13AF1882014Activists Network for Disabled Persons, ANDPVocational (Tie.Dye skill) Training for 25 (Deaf) Women with DisabilitiesSomalilandHargeisa10 234
13AF1832014The African Physical Handicapped Initiative Development TAPHIDKnow Your Rights. Community Advocacy ProgrammeCongo Democratic Republic (Kinshasa)Kinshasa8 410
13AA1232014NAWABSHAH DISABILITY FORUM NDF-NAWABSHAHEmpowerment of Persons with Disabilities by EnterpreneurshipPakistanNawabshah District9 985
13AA1092014Development Enhancement and Effectiveness Partners Hyderabad Pakistan (DEEP)Increasing resilience and capacity building of disables for better health and economic prosperity (pilot phase)PakistanHyderabad10 000
14AF1052014Holland Disabled Association Wikha Disabled Group - aiempi nimiPoultry farmZambiaSolwezi10 356
14AF1032014AJODEMOExpansion of Internet CafeMozambiqueMaputo9 992
14AF1012014Somaliland Blindness Organisation, SABORights of Blind through Advocacy and Awareness WorkshopsSomalilandHargeisa6 952
14AF0942014Association of the Deaf Korogwe CHAVITACapacity buikding training to empower PWDs to do small scale businessesTanzaniaKorogwe - Tanga8 773
14AF0922014Zanzibar National Association of the Bli ZANABSkills training workshop, entrepreneurship, laws & regulations for the blind :koani district of Pemba IslandTanzaniaPemba8 505
14AF0912014Tanzania Albino Unit TAUPoultry keepingTanzaniaDar-e-Salaam10 392
14AF0892014Tanzania Assiciation of the Deaf CHAVITA Tanga RegionEconomic capacity of deaf through training in entrepreneurship & soap makingTanzaniaTanga8 644
14AF0862014Albino Revolution Cultural TroupeAwareness to society on how to protect PWDs (Skin and eyes)TanzaniaDar-Es-Salaam11 122
14AF0852014Disabled Aids and General Engineerings (DAGE) Disabled Aids and General Engineerings (DAGE)Production of engine bikes fpr PWDsTanzaniaDar es Salaam10 533
14AF0682014Women with Disabilities for Change WWDCSolar Stoves for Women with Disabilities as part of IGAEthiopiaAddis Ababa9 686
14AF0092014Kasempa Disabled SocietyInternet CafeZambiaNorth - Western Province9 218
14AA1302014Gulmi Association of the Blind GABLivelihood Promotion of Persons with Visual Disability through Economic Activities in Gulmi DistrictNepalGulmi9 116
14AA1282014Tangail Disabled Peoples Organization to Development Tangail- DPODIncome generating through production of Tangail ShariBangladeshTangail-19006 941
14AA1262014Vocational Centre of Hanoi Blind Association HBVCToT training on massage and acupressureVietnamHanoi9 859
14AA1242014Public Assocation of Parents of CWDs UMEDIDILHOField team visits to remote villagesTajikistanGissar Region9 103
14AA1222014OO Dunyoi KudakonDefending Human Rights and Inclusive Education for PWDs in Kuljab RegionTajikistanCity of Kulyab9 951
14AA1212014Public Association of WWDs Safoi KonibodomCentre for Applyed Arts for WWDsTajikistanCity of Kanibadam10 074
14AA1162014Centre of social support and employment of PWDs Ak- BairakSupport for Centre of Disabled People through creating a subsistence farming unitKyrgyz Republicselo At-Bashi9 949
14AA0762014Bati Disabled Peoples Development Federation BDDFPromoting Livelihood of Persons with Disabilities Through Training Skill of Decoration and SalonCambodiaTakeo Province9 567
14AA0622014Public Organization Mir DeteiProtection of the Human Rights of CWDs and their families in the Rudaki AreaTajikistanRaion Rudaki9 797
14AA0082014New Era TrustCommunity based independent livelihood promotion and empowerment of the people with disabilityIndiaTamil Nadu9 482
14AF048-FT2014Nyenga subcounty disabled farmersPiggery, goat and poultryUgandaNyenga2 189
14AF047-FT2014Twekembe Disabled Development FoundationDetermination reaps believable resultsUgandaBudondo2 500
14AF043-FT2014Somali Union of and for the Blind Al-Basiir School for the Blind and DeafBlindAttending Regional Braille Production Workshop in NairobiSomaliaMogadishu2 220
14AF020-FT2014Alliance for People with DisabilityPiggery Goat and Cattle RearingUgandaNjeru division2 392
14AA063-FT2014Dishary Protibondhi Sangstha (DPS)Creating self-employment for the women with disabilitiesBangladeshDinajpur2 500
14AA052-FT2014Public Organization of Parents of CWDs Tchamani orzuWorking together for Inklusive educationTajikistanGafurov2 388
14AA051-FT2014OO Maiouboni Tavono (Skilled Persons)Laying the Foundation, Closer to the Goals of the OrganizationTajikistanFaizobod2 434
14AA049-FT2014National Association of Deaf People in TajikistanSecond International Conference Linquistic Rights of the DeafTajikistanDushanbe2 387
14AA048-FT2014Shanta Memorial Rehabilitation Centre SMRCVoices of Women with Disabilities at CEDAWIndiaOdisha2 497
14AA047-FT2014Myanmar Deaf Community Development Association (MDCDA)Workshop on Disability and Responsible BusinessMyanmarYangon2 499
14AA046-FT2014Disabled Development and Research Center DDRCIncome Generating Activities Training for the Persons with DisabilitiesBangladeshChittagong2 342
14AA045-FT2014Association of CWDs in the City of BalykchyCentre for Young PWDsKyrgyz RepublicBalykchy2 320
14AA044-FT2014Public Foundation of PWDs IntegratsiyaYoung PWDs for equal rights and opportunitiesKyrgyz RepublicOsh2 394
14AA043-FT2014Myanmar Autism Association MAAWorld Autism Awareness Day 2014MyanmarYangon2 384
14AA042-FT2014Cambodian Disabled People Independent Living Organization CDILOCleaning soap for PWDs for dignify lifeCambodiaPhnom Penh2 499
14AA026-FT2014SHRUTI National Association of Hard of Hearing and Deafened NepalTalk and smile togetherNepalKathmandu2 412
14AA024-FT2014Sindhupalchok Association of the Blind SABCapacity building program for blind and partially sighted and public awareness and advocacy programNepalKatunje2 000
14AA022-FT2014Swathi Self Help Group of Women with DisabilitiesAdvanced Level Vocational Training Sewing and Cutting to Women with DisabilitiesNepalNawalparasi District2 180
14AA021-FT2014Mechi Deaf AssociationNepali Sign Language TrainingNepalJhapa1 826
14AM0012014National Federation of Women with DisabilityStrengthening the Movement of Gender Equality and Disability in PeruPeruLima10 121
14AF0642014Isiolo welfare group of the disabled IWGDCapacity building and awareness creation on the rights of PWDsKenyaIsiolo9 844
14AF0632014Kamburu Disabled Persons Self Help GroupSelf reliance through livelihood improvementKenyaGithunguri9 873
14AF0572014Chimwemwe Persons with Disabilities OrganizationPromoting and advocating for the rights of persons with disabilities through raising awareness at grass rootsMalawiMzimba9 816
14AF0322014Sierra Leone Union on Disability Issues SLUDIAdvocacy for Employabiity of PWDs iin Sirrea Leone EconomySierra LeoneFreetown9 478
14AF0242014Lakeside Cross Disability Self Help Group LCDSHGStrengthening the Capacity of PWD SHGs in Krachi East and Krachi Nchumburu Dist in Volta Region GhanaGhanaDambai6 366
14AF0162014Sierra Leone National Association of the Deaf SLNADIGA for Deaf Girl mothers in Mountain Cut CommunitySierra LeoneFreetown9 154
14AF0032014Ghana National Association of the Deaf Womens Wing GNAD-WWEconomic Empowerment of Deaf Women in GhanaGhanaAccra9 000
14AA0542014Unison NGO for Support of People with Special NeedsInclusion Through CultureArmeniaYerevan9 998
14AF0262014Hargeisa Disability Centre Association HADCAHR of PWDs in Hargeisa with Special Focus on Women and ChildrenSomalilandHargeisa9 560
14AF0252014Ethiopian Women with Disabilities National Massbased AssociationLiteracy Programme for the Empowerment of Women with DisabilitiesEthiopiaAddis Ababa8 730
14AF0142014El Afwayn Disablity Development AssociationCreation of Accessible Water Dams storage and Buildings in El-Afwayn DistrictSomalilandEl Afwayn9 300
14AF0132014Sheikh Disabled Peoples Organisation SDPOTailoring Skill IGA project in SheikhSomalilandSheikh8 788
14AA0602014Disabled Welfare Society DWSIncome generating activities for persons with disabilities through training and entrepreneurshipBangladeshDhaka 12074 999
14AA0592014Organization of PWDs ChernobylOpening of the furniture workshopTajikistanDzhirgatalsky raion10 487
14AA0582014Public Organisation Disabled Womens League ISHTIROKIdentification and development of leadership skills among women with disabilitiesTajikistanDushanbe17 304
14AA0562014Public Association ArimadLaundry Service for PWDSs in the city of TokmokKyrgyz RepublicTokmak7 250
14AA0552014Public association of girls with disabilities Nazi KizTowards Equal OpportunitiesKyrgyz RepublicBishkek10 235
14AA0532014Cambodian Disabled Peoples Organisation CDPOOur Voice Our RightsCambodiaPhnom Penh9 999
13AF2092014Deaf Peoples Association in Ainabo DistrictEmpowerment Rights of People with Disabilities in Saraar RegionSomalilandAinabo8 517
13AF1672014Borena Woreda Crossed Disabled AssociationElectrical grain grinding mill run by PWDsEthiopiaMekane Selam8 920
13AF0552014Ethiopian National Association of Person Affected by Leprosy North Gonder BranchExpansion of Sheep Breeding and Fattening Project by PWDsEthiopiaGonder7 236
14AF019-FT2014SHIVYAWATAConsultative Caucus Constitutional AffairsTansaniaDar es Salaam2.285
14AF018-FT2014Source of the Nile Union of Persons with Albinism SNUPABuilding Capacity of of Persons with Albinism in Leadership and Human RightsUgandaJinja2.486
14AF001-FT2014Mansa Deaf Community SocietySmall scale enterprises Luapula peanut butterSambiaMansa1.780
14AA041-FT2014Nagarpur Disabled Peoples Organization to Development Nagarpur DPODIncome generating Activities for the persons with disabilitiesBangladeshTangail2.500
14AA039-FT2014OO Prodvizenie Alternativ Public Association Promotion of AlternativesTvorcheskaya masterskaya Creative WorkshopKyrgyzstanBishkek2.497
14AA020-FT2014Disability Empowerment and Rehabilitation CenterIncome generating for people with disabilitiesNepalTehrathum2.239
14AA019-FT2014Nepal Hemophilia SocietyLet us live together campaignNepalLalitpur2.343
14AA001-FT2014Independent Living Club Danang ILC DanangSelf confidence and Integration for People with Severe DisabilitiesViet NamDanang City2.431
14AF0342014Voluntary Aid Services Organisation VASOMeaningful participation of visually impaired people democratic processes in impact area of voluntary aid services organisation.MalawiLilongwe7.557
14AF0332014ASSOCIATION POUR LA PROMOTION DES INITIA TIVE COMMUNAUTAIREInstallaton dun poulailler et formation des femmes sourdes vivant avec VIH SIDACongo Democratic Republic KinshasaKinshasa8.820
14AF0312014Sino Disabilities Friends GroupVocational training business management for economic empowerment of PWDsKenyaRangwe7.018
14AF0212014Albino Savers Association Sierra LeoneMainstreaming Albinos into Development Activities in Sierra LeoneSierra LeoneFreetown8.602
14AA0072014Development and Ability Organization DAOProsthetic and orthetic training for persons with disabilities enabling them produce artificial limbs and assistive devidesAfghanistanAsadabad Kunar Province9.974
14AF0352014Cerebral Palsy Association of Zambia CPAZEmpowering parents of children with cerebral palsy in IGA skillsZambiaLusaka7.197
14AF0292014Somaliland National Disability ForumLaunching Disability Accessibility Act Law in three Regions and SNDF Website Creation for Fund Rising StrategySomalilandHargeisa11.685
14AF0222014Borama Disability Development Organization BDDAPWD Rights Promotion in Borama Awdal RegionSomalilandBorama8.295
14AA0372014Community council for Development Organization CCDCapacity Development of Persons with Disabilities through training on Agricultural skill of cow bank and micro business developmentCambodiaPhnom Penh9.332
14AA0362014Disabled Child Foundation DCFIncome generation by the persons with disabilities through ready made garmentsBangladeshDhaka9.715
14AA0322014National Fellowship for the Advancement of visually handicapped NFAVHPoverty Reduction among persons with disabilities through income generating activitiesBangladeshGazpur7.997
14AA0302014Union Disable of Development Prey Kabas District UDDPOPromoting Rights to Livelihood of Women with Disabilities through Silk Weaving SkillCambodiaTakeo province9.534
13AA1192014Rural Education and Development READCare and rehabilitation project for disables in OrissaIndiaDist Ganjam Orissa5.853
13AA1032014Obshestvennyi fond Okazanie uridicheskoi pomoshi invalidam Rendering of legal aid to the invalids FoundationDostup detei s ogranichennymi vozmojnostiami zdorovia k obrazovaniu Access to Education for CWDsKyrgyz RepublicBishkek9.454
14AA002-FT2014Nontaburi Independent Living Center (NCIL)Survey, find out persons with severe disability living in Nontaburi Province to develop their life qualityThailandNontabury Province1 575
13AA120-FT2014OO Informatsionno-Resursnyj Tsentr Inklusiya, Information and Resource Centre InklusiyaSozdanie Uslugi Informirovanie i perenapravlenie Creating an information and counselling service for PWDsTadjikistanKhorog2 178
14AF0082014Visual Hearing Impairment Membership Association VIHEMASocial Enhancement and Inclusive Support for deafblindness towards credible elections in 2014MalawiBlantyre9 837
14AF0072014Somali Disability Empowerment Network SODENCapacity Building for Adult Persons with DisabilitiesSomaliaMogadishu9 418
14AF0062014Centre de Reeducation et Rehabitation des Handicapes CE.R.HA Center for Reeducation and Rehabilitation of Persons with DisabilitRenforcement de la Caisse mutuelle et dassistance en faveur de personne vivant avec VIH/SIDACongo Democratic Republic (Kinshasa)Cite de Tshela10 000
14AF0042014Kibarwa Disabled Womens GroupFish farmingKenyaKisumu9 433
13EU0102014Association of Amputees Gradiska UDASEconomic strengthening of PWDs through production in greenhousesBosnia-HerzegovinaGradiska9 818
13EU0082014The Albanian Blind Association (ABA)The youth forum for people with disabilities in AlbaniaAlbaniaTirana9 961
13AF2212014Tanzania Association of the Deaf CHAVITA/NATIONALOfficial formation of the African Deaf Union and strategic planning meetingTanzaniaDar es Salaam20 904
13AF2192014Larche ZimbabwePoultry Chicken rearingZimbabweHarare10 173
13AF1812014Somalia and Somaliland Disability Network SOSODINNetwork Capacity Building ProjectSomaliaMogadishu15 424
13AF1762014Forum for Somali Disabled UnionIntegrated Economic Empowerment Program for PWDsSomaliaMogadishu10 000
13AA1242014Adaptive Technology for Rehabilitation, Integration and Empowerment of the Visua lly Impaired Inc (ATRIEV) ATRIEVTouch to See: Tablet-aided education for the blind and visually impairedPhilippinesQuezon City 11119 486
13AA1132014The club of women with disabilities of Ba Dinh Districts PWDs organization Hanoi VietnamGeneral income and capacity building for women with disabilities of Ba Dinh Districts people with disabilities organization Hanoi VietnamVietnamHanoi10 000
14AA0162014OO Karek Plus Public Organization Karek PlusObuchenie LSOV po zreniyu sotsialnobytovoi orentirovki Education of Daily Skills for Visually Impaired PeopleKyrgyz RepublicKarakol7 734
14AA0132014Obshestvennoe obedinenie Luch Dobra (Associatsiaya roditelei detei s sindromom Dauna) Public Association of parents of Children with Down Syndrome Luch DobraKomplektnoe razvitie detei s sindromom Dauna v tsentre razvitiya i inkluzivnykh gruppakh Development of Children with Syndrome Down in the Rehabilitation Centre and Inclusive GroupsKyrgyz RepublicBishkek5 517
14AA0112014Obshestvo invalidov Baldzuvanskogo raiona, Filial Natsionalnoe obedinenie invalidov Tajikistana Accosiation of PWDs in Baldzuvanskij districtProizvodstvo produksii pchelovodstva ludmi s ogranishenoi vozmojnosti v Baljuvanskom raione Beekeeping projectin Baljuvan districtTajikistanBaldzuvan district9 934
13AF2222014Tuyandane Umbrella for the Disabled Club TUDCPoultry production ProjectZambiaChoma7 338
13AF2052014Appropriate Paper Technology, APTERSIGA for parents of Children with DisabilitiesZambiaLusaka9 061
13AF2022014Togdheer Women Disability NetworkCapacity Building for Togdheer Women Disability NetworkSomaliaBurao8 140
13AA1152014Muscular Dystrophy Foundation India MDF IndiaSustainable actions for economic empowerment of muscular dystrophy families and PWDsIndiaTamil Nadu9 313
13AA1142014Malabar Social Service Society MASSSSocial and economic empowerment of persons with disabilities through viable vocational livelihood programmesIndiaKerala6 933
13AA0892014The Deaf Association Rapti DARVocational Training for Deaf and Hearing Impaired Young PeopleNepalTulispur Municipality - 5 Dang5 757
13AA0882014Society for People with Helpless and Disable Relief SPHDRMainstreaming children with PWDs in education (MCPE)NepalLalitpur5 586
13AA0462014Mukuteshwor Apang Sewa Samiti, Dolpa MASSImprovement of livelihood by self-employment and independent living by young people with disabilities in remote districts of NepalNepalDolpa6 353
14AF0212013Albino Savers Association Sierra LeoneMainstreaming Albinos into Development Activities in Sierra LeoneSierra LeoneFreetown8.602
13AA104-FT2013Disabled Empowerment and Communication Center- Nepal (DECN)Campaign for Political Participation of Persons with Disabilities in Constitutional AssemblyNepalBanke2 500
13AA096-FT2013"Initsiativnaya grouppa zenzin s invalidnostiou Safo Initiative Group of WWDs Safo""Sozdanie obshestvennoi organizatsii zenzin s invalidnostiou Safo Creating an organization of Women with Disabilities SafoTadžikistanKanibadam2 312
13AA094-FT2013Damak Disable Helping Committee DDHCCapacity building and formation of self help group for the right of persons with disabilityNepalJhapa2 054
13AA093-FT2013Disabled Society Welfare Center DangComputer training programme for disabled peopleNepalTulsipur, Dang2 000
13EU0072013Help the Life AssociationDevelopment of a contemporary model of CBR-service for PWDs in AlbaniaAlbaniaTirana10 059
13AM0102013CBR Port Mourant CentreSpecial Needs for Life - Women against DisabilityGuyanaCorentyne3 750
13AF1152013Association Delwende des Parents des Enfants en Situation de Handicap ADPEH Association Delwende of Parents of Children with DisabilitiesPromotion dactivites generatrices de revenus pour le soutien des enfants handicapesBurkina FasoOuagafougou8 249
13AF1122013Sierra Leone Action for the Disadvantaged, SLADCapacity Building of DPOs in addressing UN PWD Convention with Sierra Leone National Disability ActSierra LeoneFreetown8 919
13AF1012013Mobility Sierra LeoneIntegration of Persons with Physical Disability to community by Improving Acess to MobilitySierra LeoneBo City10 048
13AF0272013Surwet Persons with Disabilities Self Development GroupEconomic Empowerment for PWDsKenyaOyugis10 712
13AA0622013Obshestvennoye obedineniye Yuzhno- Kazakhstanskoe obshestvo invalidov ASAR Public Association South-Kazahstan Association of PWDs ASAROrganizaciya shveynogo proizvodstva Sewing workshopKazakstanTurkestan9 609
13AA0142013Beacon Foundation for the Visually Challenged People BFVPLow Cost Computer Training for Visually Impaired People of FaisalabadPakistanFaisalabad9 992
13AF2182013Matumaini Mapya New HopeUfugaji wa Ng´ombe wa maziwa Keeping Dairy FarmsTanzaniaZanzibar9 648
13AF2132013Tandarusi Women with Disability HandicraftEntrepreneurship skills for Disabled WomenTanzaniaZanzibar7 929
13AF2102013AMMD Associacao Mocambicana de Mulheres Portadoras de Deficiecia-Manica AMMDProjecto de alfabetizacao Alphabetisation ProjectMozambiqueChimoio5 165
13AF2082013AJODEMO Associacao de jovens deficientes mocambicanos AJODEMO-BeiraFormacao em fabrico de materiais de compensacao Training in Production of Mobiliy DevicesMozambiqueBeira9 599
13AF2072013ACAMO-GazaO cego pode ler e escrever para descubrie o mundo e o conhecimientoMozambiqueXai-Xai8 585
13AF2062013Associacao dos deficientes militares de Mocambique ADEMIMO - Delegacao de Inhambane ADEMINO - War Veterans of InhambaneCriacao de galinhas Poultry ProjectMozambiqueMaxixe9 119
13AF2042013Jumuiyayawagonjwawamifupa Association of people with sickle cellMradiwaufugajiwambuzikwa Jumuiyawaginjwawamifupa Goat keeping ProjectTanzaniaWete Pemba8 564
13AF2002013Tufikirieni WalemavuUkaushaji wa dagaa bora Drying quality fish (sardines)TanzaniaZanzibar10 665
13AF1902013Somaliland DIsability Rescue Association SODRAImproving Livelihood of Forty PWDs through Skills TrainingSomalilandErigavo9 890
13AF1752013Mnaku Disabled GroupSunflower oil processingTanzaniaMlali9 456
13AF1742013Kibaigwa Umoja Disabled GroupMilling and grindingTanzaniaKibaigwa7 897
13AF0942013Bwambara Disabled Peoples AssociationMulti purpose IGAUgandaRukungiri5 294
13AA1082013Chittagong Society for the Disabled CSDCreating employment opportunity for one hundred youth with disabilityBangladeshChittagong 42129 035
13AA1072013Bangladesh Blind Mission BBMBlack goat rearing program for people with disabilities of the rural areasBangladeshdistrict: Munsigonj8 000
13AA1052013Khmer Disabled Women ans Children Development Forum KDWCDFPromoting Rights and Livelihood of Women and Children with Disabilities to Take Part in Community DevelopmentCambodiaBak Ronas village9 992
13AA1022013OO Souz invalidov Issykkulskoi oblasti RAVENSTVO Union of Disabled People of Issykkul Region RAVENSTVOTrudoustroistvo LOVZ cherez sozdanie reklamnogo agenstva po innovacionnoi reklame na stakle okon (vitrine) torgovyh centrov Employment for PWDs through creating an Advertising Agency on Innovative Advertising on showcases of Shopping centres.Kyrgyz RepublicBishkek11 759
13AA1012013Obshestvennoe Obedineniye Ravnye Vozmojnosti Dream-Mechta Public Association Equal opportunieties Dream-MechtaTrudoustroistvo i zanyatost LsOV sozdaniem hlebopekarni v g. Karakol Bakery in the City of KarakolKyrgyz RepublicKarakol8 473
13AA0992013Assotsiatsija roditelei DOV Association of Parents with Children with DisabilityProdvizhenie inkluzivnogo obrazovania v Tadzhikistane Promotion of inklusive education in TajikistanTajikistanDushanbe12 378
13AA0982013Obstsestvennaya Organizatciya Roditeli Detei s problemani v razvitii Organisation of Parents of children with Problems in developmentUstoychivoe razvitie k nezavisimoi zhishni Sustainable development towards independent livingTajikistanKhudzhand11 929
13AA0972013OO roditelei i detei s ogranitsennimi vozmoshnostiami Shukufon Association of Parents and CWDs ShukufonPoddergka molodih ludei s invalidnostiy Vahchckogo raiona Support for Disabled Youth in the Vachc regionTajikistanVahshd region9 659
13AF154-FT2013Kesaba United Disabled Peoples AssociationHuman Awareness Raising for PWDs in Kyaroshozi sub-countyUgandaFort Portal2 408
13AF152-FT2013Shivyawata Committee Mtwara region branchProvision of entrepreneurship training to PWDsTanzaniaKyenjojo2 345
13AF138-FT2013Kikyusa Development Association of the BlindWater harvesting and event management project for rural people with disability especially womenUgandaMukyusa2 379
13AF137-FT2013Umoja Association of Persons with DisabilitiesArts, Crafts and Piggery ProjectUgandaWakiso District2 379
13AF134-FT2013Bombo Disabled Development AssociationCrafts and farmingUgandaBombo2 380
13AF127-FT2013Musakala Farmers AssociationTraining workshop for parents with disabled childrenUgandaLuweero2 349
13AF097-FT2013Associacao dos Deficientes fisicos de Manica ADEFMA"Kurarama Kuzwirama Paurema Viver unido na deficiencia To Live Together in Disability "MozambiqueChimoio2 500
13AA083-FT2013Komar Pikar Foundation (KPF)Self-Advocate of Intellectual Disability - Promoting capacity, networking and self-reliance for their full participation in societyCambodiaPhnom Penh2 477
13AA059-FT2013Guardian Association of Blind - Nepal GAB-NepalEmpowering the parents and their blind children with technology and skill developmentNepalKathmandu1 846
13AA011-FT2013Lao Disabled Peoples Association (LDPA)Expansion of LDPA to the Borikhamsay Province: Phase 1.LaosBorikhamsay Province2 496
13AM0082013Asociacion de personas con discapacidad fisica Nueva Esperanza Association of Persons with Physical Disability New HopeHacia una vida independiente de las personas con discapacidad en SucreBoliviaSucre10 000
13AF1702013Disability Awareness Development Organization, DADOAdvocacy for Recognition and Improved Social Servicies to PWDs in Waterloo CommunitiesSierra LeoneKissi Town8 360
13AF0772013Espoir des vulnerables ESVUL Hope of Vulnerable groupsAtelier de savonnerie Establishment of a Soap Making WorkshopBeninAbomey-Calavi9 278
13AF1732013Tanzania League of the BlindIrrigation agricultureTanzaniaDodoma5 357
13AF1722013Kikundi cha sanaa na utamaduni cha viziwi Tanzania (KISUVITA)Agriculture first (Kilimo kwanza)TanzaniaDodoma6 112
13AF1592013Simukai Jovem Wake up, you youngsterSimukai ne mabassa Wake Up wih WorkMozambiqueChimoio3 662
13AF1582013Associacao Mocambicana de Ajuda aos Deficientes AMJUDE Mozambique Association of Help to People with disabilitiesCentro de Reabilitacao e Formacao para PcDs Rehabilitation Center and Training for PwDsMozambiqueBeira9 855
13AF0652013Handicap Hope Association (HHA)Grocery Shop IGA of Warveteran PWDsSomalilandHargeisa9 192
13AF0642013Las Anod Handicap AssociationHuman Rights Training for Disabled Youth in three Districts of Sool RegionSomalilandLas Anod8 936
13AA0862013Manikganj Disabled Peoples Organization to Development (MDPOD)Income Generating Activities Through Notebook (Khata) BindingBangladeshManikganj7 110
13AA0852013Obsthestvennoe Obedinenie Tsefey Public Association TsefeyOtkrytie tsentra razvitiya i adaptatsii detei s ogranichennymi vozmoznojnoztyami Rehabilitation Centre for Children with DisabilitiesKyrgyz RepublicKerben7 778
13AA0802013Obshestvennaya Organizatsiaja Komitet Roditelei DOV Public Association of Committee of Parents of CWDsOtkritie roditelskih grup v 2-h dchaamoatah Peer support groups for Parents of CWDs in 2 villagesTajikistanPendzhikent8 498
13AF132-FT2013Emebet, Tenaw and Guadegnochua Printing Shareholder AssociationExpansion of Printing and Sewing Cloths Business to be Run by Persons with DisabilitiesEthiopiaBahir Dar2 262
13AF129-FT2013Bisrat Disabled Handicraft Cooperative SocietyA small scale Woodwork Project run by persons with disabilitiesEthiopiaAddis Ababa2 391
13AF126-FT2013ASSOCIATION POUR LA PROMOTION DES INITIATIVES COMMUNAUTAIRESAcquisition of 2000 Chicken for the Poultry of Deaf Women in Mbanza NgunguCongo Democratic Republic (Kinshasa)Mbanza Ngungu2 350
13AF121-FT2013Luwero Disabled Women AssociationSoap Making capacity buildingUgandaLuwero Town council2 489
13AF120-FT2013Tukwatisye PWDs GroupAwareness Raising Human RightsUgandaNakasongola2 365
13AF119-FT2013Mulungi Omu Balema GroupLivestock farmingUgandaKigegge Parish-Nakaseke2 459
13AF118-FT2013Nakasozi Disabled GroupSelf HelpUgandaNakasozi Budo Wakiso District2 379
13AF111-FT2013Tesmamu Disabled Persons and Partners Retail EnterpriseProduction of Small Scale Furniture and Broom MakingEthiopiaAddis Ababa2 418
13AF108-FT2013Hibret Lelmat Persons with Disabilities Vegetable and Fruit Farming CooperativeExpansion of Vegetable and Fruit Farming by PWDsEthiopiaDessie2 440
13AF107-FT2013Southern Nations Nationalities and Peoples Region, Women with Disabilities Association, SNNPRCapacity Building for Women with DisabilitiesEthiopiaHawassa2 340
13AA071-FT2013Put k mechte- Way to DreamCapacity building of the Rehabilitation Centre Way to DreamKyrgyzstanKarakol2 500
13AA053-FT2013Lalitpur Association of the BlindEnhancing organizational management capacity and personality development training to the visually impaired youthNepalLalitpur1 972
13AA052-FT2013Tarku Village Self Help Group of the Persons with DisabilitiesInclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Rural Community of LamjungNepalLamjung2 192
13AA047-FT2013Obshestvo invalidov Baldzubanskogo raiona, Filial Natsionalnoe obedinenie invalidov Tajikistana Accosiation of PWDs in Baldzubanskij districtUlushenie uslovia funktsionirovaniya obshestva invalidov Baldzuvanskogo raiona Improvement of working conditions of Association of PWDs in Baldzubanskij DistrictTajikistanBaldzuvan district2 287
13AF1392013Gangre Dorobo Youth GroupHuman rights advocacy for PWDs in Kasipul CommunityKenyaOyugis6 851
13AF1362013Zambia Association of Parents for Children with DisabilitiesEmpowering CWDs to participate in promoting their rights with support of parentsZambiaLusaka8 756
13AF1332013Yaya Education Trust (YET) YETDisability leadership & economic empowerment project (D-LEEP)KenyaMimias7 307
13AF1232013Institute of Education for Disabled PeopleComprehensive awareness for the UN Convention CRPWDSomaliaMogadishu9 587
13AF1042013Ileys Empowerment and Development OrganizationPromoting wlfare for Children with Heraring ImpairmentSomaliaMogadishu0
13AF1022013Somali Program Development Organisation, SODPOComputer training and IT to PWDs in MogadishuSomaliaMogadishu9 516
13AF0582013Disability Rescue Support and Network, DIRSANDisability Rights Advocacy in Mogadishu via TV, Radio and WorkshopsSomaliaMogadishu9 730
13AA0602013Thua Thien Hue Provincial Blind Association Centre of vocational trainingSupporting finanace to open a course of basic massage skills to create jobs for the blindVietnamHue City7 592
13AA0562013The Association to Empowerment the Potential of Women with Disabilities AEPWWDVoices of our own: Empowerment women with disability to use human rights treaty as advocacy tools to eliminate violence against women with disability (VAWWs)ThailandBangkok 1040019 515
13AA0492013Visually Impaired Brotherhood for Excellent Services Inc.Comprehensive Program on Social and Employment Skills Development Training fo Visually Impaired PersonsPhilippinesRizal8 125
13AA0422013Center for Advocacy, Learning and Livelihood Foundation for the Blind Inc. CALL FoundationFacilitation of Funding Support for Participants from Developing countries to the International Conference of WFDBPhilippinesPasay City 130019 993
13AF0982013Organizacao de Reabilitacao Baseada na Comunidade em Mocambique OREBACONInternetCafe OREBACOMMozambiqueBeira6 878
13AF0952013Kagunga Disabled PersonsAnimal HusbandryUgandaKagunga5 301
13AF0922013Buhunga Disabled Persons GroupCattle rearingUgandaRukungiri4 309
13AF0672013Najax DIsability Organization, NADODisability Small Business for Income GenerationSomalimaaBurao9 213
13AF0662013Togdheer Relief Organisation, TROProject to Formulate Togdheer Regional Organisation of Persons with Short StatureSomalimaaBurao9 542
13AF0632013Albustan Handicap AssociationIGA for Disabled through Micro loan grantsSomalimaaHargeisa9 938
13AA0702013Obshestvennoe Obiedinenie Mumkunchuluk (Vozmoznost) Public Association Mumkunshuluk (0pportunity)Zolotoe iaytso - realizatsiya dohodoprinosyashego proekta putem sozdaniya miniptitsefermy dlya kur-nesushek Golden Egg- Creating a Chicken FarmKyrgyz RepublicNaryn9 477
13AA0662013Filial Tadgikskogo obshestva slepyh goroda Vahdat Vahdat Branch of Tadjik Association of the BlindKursy komputornogo obuchenia dlya ludei s narysheniyamy zreniya Computer courses for visually impaired personsTajikistanCity of Vahdat6 810
13AA0652013Mejregionalnaya federatsia invalidnogo sporta Interregional Federation of Disabled SportsObedinenie sportsmenov-invalidov Unification of Disabled AthletesTajikistanDushanbe9 862
13AA0642013Obshestvennaya organizasiya Obshestvo Invalidov goroda Chkalovska Association of Persons with Disabilities in the City of ChalovskObuchenie i sozdanie usloviy dlya LsOV Education and creating better conditions for PWDsTajikistanCity of Chkalovsk9 615
13AA0632013Obshestvennaia organizatsia roditelei DOV Farogam Association of Parents of Disabled Children FarogamVse deti dolshni shut v meste All the Children should live togetherTajikistanPyandzhin alue, Hatlonskaja oblast9 995
13AA0452013Muscular Dystrophy Foundation - Nepal MDF-NEPALEmpowerment and networking: Building bridge between parents and professionals on muscular dystrophyNepalLalitpur8 101
13AA0052013Sagarmatha Welfare Association of the Disabled, SaptariIncome generation programme for disabled peopleNepalSaptari8 005
13AA031-FT2013Obshestvennoe Obedinenie roditelei detei autistov Ruka v Ruke. Public Association of Parents of Children with Autism Hand in HandObuchenie roditelei osnovam Prikladnogo Povedencheskogo analiza ABA dlya korrektsionnogo lecheniya detei autistovKirgisiaBishkek2 500
13AA028-FT2013Obshestvennoe Obedinenie Reabilitationii Zentr Obereg . Rehabilitation Centre Obereg.Summer Camp for CWDs in Issykkul Lake Region. Letnij lager dlya detei s ogranichennymi vozmoznostiami na ozere IssykkulKirgisiaBishkek2 500
13AA027-FT2013OO Devushek s ogranitchennymi fizitches kimi vozmoznostjami Nazik-Kiz . Public association of girls with disabilities Nazi-KizWoman with Disabilities breaking stereotypes in the world of Fashion. Devushki s ogranichennymi vozmoznostiami lomaiut stereotipy v mire modyKirgisiaBishkek2 480
13AA025-FT2013Self-Help Group at Veal Vong village Sendei commune Samrong Torng district Kampong Speu provincePromotion of livelihood of persons with disabilitiesKambodzaKampong Speu2 498
13AA022-FT2013Central Asian Disability ForumCentral Asia in the in Asia and Pacific Decade of Disabled PersonsKazakstanAlmaty2 414
13AA019-FT2013Obshestvennyj Blagotvoritelnyj Fond Zandanuu Public Foundation ZanduruuRazvitie metodov znakomstva ljudei s ogranichennymi vozmoznostiami zdoroviya v KR Creating a dating site for disabled peopleKirgisiaBishkek2 500
13EU0022013Kosovar Association of the Deaf KADAttending the second international conference of WFD Equality for deaf peole Sydney AustraliaSerbia and MontenegroPrishtima7 060
13AM0052013Organizacion de ciegos de Nicaragua Maricela ToledoPromoviendo el acceso de las personas ciegas de Nicargaua en el conocimiento de la tecnologia de la informacionNicaraguaManagua9 781
13AM0042013Asociacion Vida Nueva VivaTalleres de capacitacion para conocimiento de la nueva ley de las personas con discapacidadPeruRegion Loreto10 000
13AF0702013Malawi National Association of the Deaf MANADParticipation in World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) 2nd International Conference in AustraliaMalawiBlantyre7 052
13AF0692013Hidig Disabled Women Organisation HIDWOPromoting Rights of Women with Disabilities in Somalia through Workshops Radio and IGASomaliMogadishu9 694
13AF0682013Interim Working Group IWG for the ADFCreation of the African Disability Forum ADFEthiopiaAddis Ababa20 000
13AF0572013The Gambia Association of the Deaf and Hard of HearingParticipation to WFD Sydney ConferenceGambiaBanjul10 654
13AF0512013WFD West and Central Africa Regional Secretariat WCARSThe West and Central African Regional Secretariat representatives to WFD AustraliaGambiaBanjul8 017
13AF0462013Disability Aid Sierra Leone DASLLivelihood Support for PEDs through Animal HusbandrySierra LeoneFreetown10 000
13AF0422013Society without Barriers Cote dIvoire SWB CIAcces des personnes sourdes a leducation pour tous en Cote dIvoireCote dIvoireAbidjan9 996
13AF0282013Homa Bay Disabled Self Sustaining GroupSustainable economic empowerment for PWDsKenyaHoma Bay8 681
13AF0242013Mradi Development Disabled Women GroupVocational training in tailoring for rural disabled womenKenyaOyugis9 790
13AF0622013Somaliland National Disability ForumEnhancing Capacity Building for PWDs and DPOsSomalimaaHargeisa11 749
13AF0612013Kebisoni Persons with Disabilities Group AssociationLivestock farmingUgandaRukungiri3 225
13AF0602013Erigavo Handicap Association, EHAAwareness Raising Training of the Rights of PWD in Erigavo RegionSomalimaaErigavo8 290
13AF0562013Network of Organizations of/for Visually Impaired and BlindOrganizational Capacity Enhancement for the Efficient Management of IGA Programs to Economically Empower PWDsEthiopiaAddis Ababa9 878
13AA0412013Samroang District Organization for Dev of Disables Orphans and the Poor SDODOPCapacity Development to People with Disabilities Through Sewing Training SkillCambodiaPhnom Penh9 996
13AA0392013Ensure Khmer Disabled Assistance Organisation EKDAOImproving income generation of persons with disabilities through technical skills developmentCambodiaPhnom Penh9 655
13AA0382013Battambang Disabled Peoples Organisation BDPODisability Advocacy and Awareness Raising Through Organisational Development of Smaller Disabled SHG at commune level (ODSDG)CambodiaBattambang Province9 486
13AA0362013Obshestvo invalidov Yavanskogo raiona Javansky raion Association of Disabled PeopleRazvitie skotovodstvo v obshestve invalidov Yavanskoko raiona Animal Husbandry in the DPO of Javanskij RegionTajikistanJavanskij Raion, Hatlonskaya oblast9 997
13AA0332013Chumkiri Disabled Peoples Development Federation ChDDFImprove livelihood for persons with disabilities in Sreh Cheng commune, Chumkiri District of Kamport ProvinceCambodiaPhnom Penh7 950
13AA0322013OO Sotsialnaya Derevnya Manas Social Village ManasKachestvennoe elektrosnabjenie dlya LOVZ Providing Electricity to PWDsKyrgyz RepublicTchuiskaya oblast9 744
13AA0202013Obshestvennyj Fond Poddrjka liz s organi chennymi vozmojnostiami zdorovia Bilou Public Foundation BilouPererabotka makulatury Recycling wastepaperKyrgyz RepublicBishkek9 905
13AA0182013Mymensingh Disabled Peoples Organization to Development M-DPODEcomonic empowerment of grassroots level people with disabilities through cattle farmingBangladeshMymensingh7 290
13AA0102013Samarthya Samaj, BiratnagarEconomic Empowerment of PWDs ProjectNepalMorang District7 204
13AA0092013Society of the Disabled Unity IlamEconomic Empowerment of Persons With Disabilities in the Villages of Eastern Hills in NepalNepalMechi Zone7 486
13AA0062013Disable Advocacy and Empowerment Center DAECGoat livelihood project for PWDsNepalDailekh7 162
12AF1892013Salaxlay People with Disabiities Association, SPDASalaxlay Displaced Agro-Pastoralists with Disabilities IGA -projectSomalimaaHargeisa7 917
12AF1492013Somaliland Association for Special Education, SASEImproving the Livelihood of Disadvantaged Parents of Children with DisabilitiesSomalimaaHargeisa9 553
12AA1032013South Asian Women with Disability Network (SAWN)Advancing the Rigthts of Women with Disabilities through Networking and Capacity Building for AdvocacyNepalKathmandu10 000
12AA0692013Society for Education and Economical Development of Poor (SEED)Livelihood Means for Orthopedically Challenged Women in SlumIndiaChennai 600039, Tamilnadu6 030
12AA0672013Bro. Siga Social Service GuildTraining and Employment for Person with DisabilityIndiaVysarpadi, Tamilnadu8 327
12AA0662013Institute of Research and Development for the Rural Poor-Trust, IRDRP-TrustCreating a State Legal Resource Centre for Advocacy and Lobby for the Rights of People with Disabilities in Tamilnadu IndiaIndiaChennai - 600 06410 000
13AF0312013Disacare Data ClubCapacity building for DPOsZambiaKasama9 840
13AF0302013Yikilo Organisation for Peace, Reconstruction and Development, YORDMicrocredit for Self Employed Disabled Persons in Munuki PayamSudanJuba6 970
13AF0132013Mount kenya Central Deaf AssociationMount kenya Central Association of the DeafKenyaNairobi9 505
12AF1472013Cerebral Palsy Society of Kenya CPSKCapacity Building and Awareness CreationKenyaNairobi8 417
12AF1442013Maseno Deaf Self Help GroupEffective Resource Utilisation for Wealth CreationKenyaMaseno9 752
12AA0682013Sain Tus Center NGOSmall Business DevelopmentMongoliaKhovd City5 418
13AF0292013Biruh Hiwot Persons with Disabiities AssociationIGA through Dairy FarmingEthiopiaInjibara9 953
13AF0262013Tigray Association on Intellectual Disabilties TAIDModern Weaving Training for Youth with Intellectual Disabilities on Skills and IGAEthiopiaTigray8 522
13AF0252013Ethiopian Center for Disability and Development ECDDEnhancing Disability Research in Addis Ababa UniversityEthiopiaAddis Ababa5 378
13AA0162013Bangladesh Disabled Development Trust BDDTCapacity Building and Income Generating Activities for People With DisabilitiesBangladeshDhaka 12166 000
12AF1102013Kijura Disabled Women Association, KIDWAIGA-Kijura Disabled Womens AssociationUgandaKijura8 611
12AA1272013Obshestvennoe objedinenie Dvizenie Molodyh Invalidov Movement of Disabled Young PeopleOkazanie komplexnyh sosialnyh uslug po trudoustroistvu dlja molodyh liz s ogranichnnymi vozmoznostymi Support fortheemployment of young disabled peopleKyrgyz RepublicBishkek12 583
12AA1212013Obshestvennoe Obedinenie Asyl Public Organization AsylMoi drug komputer My Friend ComputerKazakstanSemei9 999
12AA0652013Health Education Adoption Rehabilitation Development Society (HEARDS)Multipurpose Camp and Rehabilitation Program for Diferently Able YouthIndiaAndhra Pradesh8 086
12AA135-FT2013Association Music of Disabled PeopleImproving of living condition for blind people through music performanceCambodiaPhnom Penh2 466
13EU0012013HandiKOSFerizaj Art FestivalSerbia and MontenegroKosovo9 110
13AF0152013Forum for Somali Disabled UnionInitiative Empowerment of PWDs in MogadishuSomaliaMogadishu8 960
13AF0142013Zambia National Association of the Physically Disabled ZNAPHMiengwe Quartet Farming projectZambiaNDOLA8 648
13AF0092013Indigenous Handicap Blacksmith Development Association IHBDAVocational skills training for disabled girls and boys for self-reliance and socio-economic independence in the Rokupa communitySierra LeoneFreetown10 000
13AF0082013Disability Awareness Action Group DAAGInclusion of disabled children into the normal educational system in Sierra LeoneSierra LeoneFreetown15 000
13AF0072013The Welfare Society for the Disabled- Polio (WESOFOD-P) LungiLivelihood support for youth with disabilities - (polio) and the parents of children with disability through animal husbandrySierra LeoneLungi10 000
13AF0052013Centre de Reeducation et Rehabitation des Handicapes CE.R.HARenforcement des filieres d activites des jeunes femmes sourdes en capacitation et fomation et appui finCongo Democratic Republic (Kinshasa)Cite de Tshela9 425
12AM0072013La Corporacion AURISPlan de Formacion a madres y mujeres cuidadoras de personas con discapacidadColombiaBogota9 215
12AF1732013Centre Bartimee Bethel pour AveuglesAppui a leqquipement des enqueteurs sociaux et des enseignantsCongo Democratic Republic (Kinshasa)Kisangani9 192
12AF1272013Wasweta Women GroupFood security & economic empowerment for disabled women and childrenKenyaKendu-Bay9 886
13AF0162013Togdheer Handicap OrganisationPromotion of Disability Rights with Advocacy and Sensition Work ShopsSomalilandBurao9 909
13AF0042013National Union of Disabled Persons of Uganda NUDIPUPromoting democratic governance of umbrella organisation through General Assembly by 2013UgandaKampala10 000
13AA0122013Associacia ludei s ogranichennymi vozmojnoztyami (ALOV)Sozdanie karaoke kluba s trudoustroistvom LOVZ v g. KarakolKyrgyz RepublicKarakol9 999
13AA0082013Disable Uplift Society DUS KapilvastuIncome generation program for PWDsNepalKapilvastu7 018
13AA0072013Jhapa Association of the BlindCapacity building programme for blind and visually impaired and public awareness programmeNepalAnarmani7 096
13AA0042013The Differently Able Youth Organization DAYOVocational skill development for persons with disabilitiesNepalKathmandu7 011
12AF1862013Associacao dos surdos de Mocambique Delegacao de Inhambane ASSUMO - InhambaneFormacao intensiva de interpretes de lingua de sinais e desenvolvimento de actividades ocupacionalsMozambiqueInhambane9 117
12AF1852013Associacao de Surdos de Mocambique Delegacao de Gaza ASUMO GazaApprender a comunicar atraves da lingua de sinais To Learn to Communicate through Sign LanguageMozambiqueGaza3 591
12AF1842013CINFORTECNICA - Delegacao da Manhica Association of Young Technicians with Disabilities of MozambiqueProjecto de Agro-Pecuario Farming ProjectMozambiqueManhica9 674
12AF1422013Fikreselassie Livestock Production CooperativeLivestock productionEthiopiaMekele8 928
12AF0832013The Visually Impaired Animal Husbandry CooperativeIncome generation through animal husbandry to be run by persons with disabilitiesEthiopiaAdigrat, Tigray National Regional State9 228
12AF0782013Gebretensae Birhane, Hagos Amare and Friends Block Production and Selling Share CooperativeExpansion of a block production center run by disabled veteransEthiopiaAxum Town8 044
12AA1422013Obshestvennoe Obedinenie Sportivniy klub Alshy Public Association Sports Club AlshySekciya adaptivnoy fizkultury dllya LsOV Accessible Sportsgroup for Persons with DisabilitiesKazakstanAlmaty8 538
12AA1362013Union of the Disabled Rehabilitation in Kampong Rou UDRKIncreasing the Living Condition for the Rural Poor people with Disabilities through Livelihood Activities in Svay Tayean CommuneCambodiaPhnom Penh9 961
12AA1242013Women and Children with Disabilities Forum Kampot WCDFPPromoting Livelihood for Women with DisabilitiesCambodiaPhnom Penh8 754
12AA0542013Zhenskij komitet pri OO Slepyh Respubliki TajikistanReproduktivnoe zdorovie zhenshin-invalidov po zreniyuTajikistanDushanbe9 387
12AF1682012Pamoja Disabled Forum PDFHusking and milling grains projectTanzaniaPwani11 613
12AF0342012Jipe moyo utashindaPig livestock keepingTanzaniaMpwapwa5 433
12AF0252012Kikundi cha Wanawake Viziwi, CHAVITA Deaf Womens Group ChavitaStrengthening deaf women groupsTanzaniaDar es Salaam7 882
12AF141-FT2012CHAVITA MtwaraReduce poverty among deaf people in NanyumbuTanzaniaMtwara2 382
12AF140-FT2012CHAVITA MasasiCapacity building to fight against povertyTanzaniaMasasi2 361
12AM0062012Fundacion Sindrome de Down Chuquisaca Foundation Syndrome de Down of ChuquisacaInclusion en la sociedad Chuquisaquena de personas con Sindrome de Down en el ambito educativo regularBoliviaSucre9 992
12AF1902012Action on Disability and Development of Allaybaday, ADDAStrengthening Pastoral DIsabilities Livelihood, ExtensionSomalimaaGebiley9 370
12AF178-FT2012SHIVYAWATA DodomaDisability Day in Dodoma 2012TansaniaDodoma2 292
12AF171-FT2012Ghana Association of the Deaf - Womens Wing (GNAD-WW)Seminar on Domestic Violence for Deaf Women and ChildrenGhanaAccra2 050
12AA132-FT2012National Deaf Federation Nepal (NDFN)Learning visit to Hong Kong by Participate in 24th WFD RS A/P MeetingNepalKathmandu1 955
12AA107-FT2012Gazipur Disabled Peoples Organization to Development (Gazipur DPOD)Self Employment for Persons with DisabilitiesBangladeshGazipur District2 391
12AA1372012Hanoi Independent Living Center (Hanoi ILC)Peer Counseling courses for people with disabilities in Hanoi DistrictsViet NamHanoi10 000
11AF2052012Kyphoscoliosis Initiative for Therapy and Empowerment KITEAdvocacy and Sensitization for the Empowerment and Recognition of People Tuberculosis of the Spine DisabilitySierra LeoneFreetown10 000
12AF1792012ASUMO Associacao dos surdos de Mocambique Delegacao de SofalaPingo Doce a base de sustentabilidadeMozambiqueBeira9 039
12AF1772012AMPAL Associacao Mocambicana de Pessoas Atingidas pela LepraPrevencao, reabilitacao das incapacidades e deformidadesMozambiqueChimoio7 189
12AF1752012ACRIDEME Associacao de Pais e Amigos da Crianca Deficiente Mental - Beira ACRIDEME-BeiraAlfaiatariaMozambiqueBeira6 161
12AF1742012Cooperativa de artes visuais da MangaProjecto de desenvolvimento da Cooperativa da Manga BeiraMozambiqueBeira5 166
12AF1702012Forum das Associacoes dos Deficientes de Mozambique FAMOD- Delegacao de ManicaFortalecimento das DPOs da Provincia de ManicaMozambiqueManica3 303
12AA123-FT2012National Federation of the disabled - Nepal (NFDN)Participation in 15th Regional Conference of Disabled Peoples International Pacific RegionNepalKathmandu2 140
12AA113-FT2012Obshestvennoe Obedinenie Meder SherIzgotovlenie sundukov i shkatulok litsami s ogranichennymi vozmoznostiami v gorode NarynKyrgyz RepublicNaryn2 492
12AA112-FT2012Sunsari Association of the Blind (SAB)Piglet Breeding WorkNepalSunsari2 065
12AA108-FT2012Natsionalnoe obyedinenie gluhih respubliki Tajikistana (NOG RT)Obmen opytom po teme Monitoring Konoventsii UN o pravah ljudei s invlidnostju naregionalnom urodne i voprosy o gluhih zatronutye v dannoi KonventsiiTajikistanDushanbe2 048
12AA101-FT2012Federation of Disabled Peoples Development in Svay Chrum (FDDS)Promoting standard of living of people with disabilities in order to enable them to participate in social developmentCambodiaSvay Reing Province2 492
12AM0082012Fundacion de padres y familiares de personas sordas para su integracion FUNDASOR Foundation of Parents and Relatives of Deaf Persons for Their IntegrationEmpoderamiento de ninos con discapacidad auditiva a traves de las familiasArgentinaCiudad de Buenos Aires4 941
12AF1572012Somali Union of and for the BlindPromoting wllfare for the Blind and Deaf-Blind StudentsSomaliaMogadishu8 120
12AF1452012Olkalou Plegias & Spastics AssociationDairy FarmingKenyaOlkalou8 366
12AF0442012ASSOCIATION POUR LA PROMOTION DES INITIA TIVE COMMUNAUTAIREInstallation d un poulailler et formation des femmes sourdes vivant avec le VIH SIDACongo Democratic Republic (Kinshasa)Kinshasa5 470
11AF1822012Kibera Dagorretti visuall Impaired persons Welfare Self Help Group (KIDA)Nairobi Disability Resource Centre ProjectKenyaNairobi9 452
12AF1512012Disability Action Network, DAN1st World CBR Congress participation from DANSomalilandHargeisa6 272
12AF1502012ADEMIMO - Associacao dos deficientes militares de Mocambique - ManicaProjecto de criacao de galinhas Poultry ProjectMozambiqueChimoio8 428
12AF1392012Hope Mission of Development for Disabled HOMIDED - DSMCar workshopTanzaniaDar-Es-Salaam9 970
12AF0792012Raywan Advocacy Mental Organization, RAMOTailoring Skills to 60 Recovered Women for Economical Sustainability and Family LivelihoodsSomalilandHargeisa8 845
12AA1202012Obshestvennoe Obedinenie TAZA DILUchimsia Babushkinim Uzoram Handicraft Workshop for PWDsKyrgyz RepublicBishkek8 578
12AA1192012Obstsestvennaja organisatsija Jenshin- invalidov MALIKA OOJ I MALIKAComputernye uslugi i obuchenieTajikistanTursunzade9 662
12AA1182012OO CiDa Centr podderzhki semei detei s sindronom daunaPodderzhka roditelei detei s Sindronom DaunaTajikistanDushanbe9 628
12AA1152012OO Dobrovolnoe Odchestvo invalidov Vostochno-Kazahstanskoi oblasti DPO in East-Kazakhstan regionUchimsya vmesteKazakstanUst-Kamenogorsk7 700
12AA1062012OO Obshestvo podderjki grajdan invalidov s narusheniem funkcii oporno dvigatelnovo apparata ARBAKonvencia OON o pravah invalidov, v jizni jenshin s invalidnostuKazakstanUralsk10 449
11AF0752012Gabiley Disability Development OrganisationImproving the living condition of the people with disability in Gabiley regionSomalilandHargeisa8 250
12AF088-FT2012Edget Behibret Saving and Credit Co-operative Society with Limited LiabilityEngaging Mothers of Children with Intellectual Disabilities in the production and marketing of souvenirsEtiopiaAddis Ababa2 434
12AF085-FT2012Genet Persons with Disabilities and Partners Hotel Work Limited Co-operativeA Small Scale Restaurant to bun by Persons with Disabilities in Debre-Elias townEtiopiaDebre-Elias, Amhara National Regional State2 457
12AA096-FT2012Kratie Disabled Peoples Organization (KDPO)Development for Persons with DisabilitiesCambodiaKratie Province2 377
12AA091-FT2012Ability Bhutan SocietyFamily Support ProgrammeBhutanTimphu2 016
11AF135-FT2012Hoima Blind Women AssociationProduce & MarketingUgandaHoima2 500
12AM0052012Asociacion DIGNIDADFortalecimiento a las organizaciones de mujeres con discapacidad de la Amazonia peruanaPeruLoreto10 000
12AM0022012Asociacion Azul apoyos para la vida independiente de las personas con discap Blue Association Support to Independent Living of Persons with DisabilityCapacitar para el cambio. El articulo 19 y la vida independiente de todas las personas con discapacidadArgentinaLa Plata, Provincia de Buenos Aires9 666
12AF1302012African Union of the Blind (AFUB) AFUBSupport to AFUB General Assembly at WBU/ICEVI 2012ThailandNairobi9 840
12AF1292012Unity and business tradingSausage makingZambiaNdola8 081
12AF0932012Association de Personnes Handicapees pour le Developpement APHD Association of Disabled People for DevelopmentAppui a lAPHD par le renforcement des capacitesCongo Democratic Republic (Kinshasa)Kisangani8 996
12AF0822012Horizon Social Assistance Development OrganisationSkill Training for Recovered Psyciatric Patients for Integration and Living EarningSomalimaaHargeisa8 890
12AA0932012Women with Disability Empowerment Network Asia PacificBuilding the capacity of women with disabilitys network to increase female leaders with disability through the participation in DPIAP Regional events: Welcoming Asia and Pacific Decade of PWDsThailandPhayathai Bangkok20 000
12AA0792012Dong Anh Blind AssociationTraining on basic informatics for young members of Dong Anh Blind AssociationViet NamHanoi10 000
11AF2272012Kenya National Deaf Women Peace Network KNDWNEconomic Empowerment and Improvement in Livelihood for Deaf Women and FamiliesKenyaNairobi10 608
11AF1152012Disability Welfare Organization, DIWOIGA for Young Disabeled PeopleSomalimaaHargeisa9 961
11AF0772012Somaliland Advocacy Mine Victim Association (Somaliland National Disability Forum)Improving Livelihood of PWDs, Skills Training, IGASomalimaaHargeisa9 807
11AF0732012Voice of Somaliland Minority Women Organization, VOSOMWOHIV /AIDS Awareness Raising for PWDs in Somaliland RegionsSomalimaaHargeisa9 810
12AF1252012Zanzibar National Association of the Blind - HEADQUARTERS ZANAB - Headquarters in Unguja IslandSkills training, workshop, enterpreneurship policy, laws and regulations to the blind people in ZanzibarTanzaniaZanzibar8 528
12AF0972012Changaa Albino Development GroupProcessing sunflowerTanzaniaDodoma7 342
12AF0392012Tanzania League of the Blind Dodoma TLCSustainability of the centre for printing and computer training to the visually impaired peopleTanzaniaDodoma10 612
12AF0222012Albino Revolution Cultural TroupeRental project canvas, chairs and tables in various social activitiesTanzaniaDar-Es-Salaam6 145
12AA0942012Obshestvennoe Obedinenie Obshestvo zashitu paralizovannuh grajdan g. Aktobe DPO of person with physically disabilityKabinet aktivnoi reabilitacii invalidov KARIKazakstanAktobe10 000
12AA0892012National Rehabilitation Centre of the Disabled (NRCD) Nepal NRCD National Rehabilitation Centre of the DisabledImproved opportunities for sustainable employment and Independent living skills to women with disabilities (PWDs) in NepalNepalKathmandu8 891
12AA0872012Nepal Disabled Women Association (NDWA)Empowerment of Women with Disabilities through Economic Self-Sufficiency and Entrepreuneurship DevelopmentNepalKathmandu10 000
12AA0862012Nepal Association of the Partially Sighted (NAP)Capacity Building on Reproductive Health, Addressing Rights and Challenges for Women with DisabilitiesNepalKathmandu6 600
12AA0852012Disabled Multipurpose Rehabilitation Centre (DMRC)Poultry Livelihood Project for Young PWDsNepalRukum7 174
12AA0842012Association of National Disabled ServiceDisability Empowerment and Awareness ProgramNepalPyuthan6 464
12AA0762012Korng Pisei District Disabled Peoples Development Federation KDDFCommunity-managed sustainable livelihoods in Teuk La-Ak Commune, Korn Pisei District of Kampong Speu Province projectCambodiaPhnom Penh9 754
12AA0642012Mobility India MI1st CBR World Congress - The Key to Realising Convention on Rights of Persons with DisabilitiesIndiaBangalore11 150
12AA0552012Obshestwo Invalidov Gissarskogo raionaObuchenie computernoi grafike i risovaniuTajikistanGissar9 331
12AA0402012Obshestvennoe Obedinenie El Shamy Public Association El ShamyProfessionalnoe obuchenie massajnomu remeslu dlya lits s ogranichennymi vozmojnostyami Massage training for PWDsKyrgyz RepublicJalalabadskaya oblast8 700
11AF0962012Voluntary Initiative for Disabled Children and OrphansIGA - Carpentry, Handcraft, Shoemaking & Tailoring ProjectUgandaKampala9 620
12AF074-FT2012Selam Leandenet General Sanitation Team EnterpriseExpansion and Provision of Additional Sanitation Services to the PublicEthiopiaAddis Ababa2 396
12AF073-FT2012Yehivot Menche Food Preparation Group EnterpriseProvision of Processed Food and Distribution of Injera for the PublicEthiopiaAddis Ababa2 320
12AF063-FT2012Birhan Handicapped and Blind Group EnterpriseRefresher Training on Woodwork for Persons with DisabilitiesEthiopiaKirkos sub city2 493
12AF062-FT2012Deaf Development and Information Association (DDIA)Establishing a Small Bakery firm in AdamaEthiopiaAdama2 132
11AF134-FT2012Kigorobya Sub-county PWDsAnimal HusbandryUgandaHoima2 489
12AF0752012Tovwilane Disabled Persons AssociationLivestock Farming-PiggeryZambiaLundazi6 463
12AF0722012Zambia Deaf Youth and WomenInternet Cafe & Global Disability Rights LibraryZambiaKitwe9 977
12AF0712012Cabaevro Disabled Persons organisation ZNAPD-Mazabuka BranchGroundnuts & Peanut butter makingZambiaMazabuka9 781
12AF0692012Activists Network for Disabled Persons, ANDPPromotion of Public and Political Participation of PWDs in SomalilandSomaliaHargeisa10 000
12AF0642012Tuyandane Umbrella for the Disabled Club TUDCCapacity Building ProjectZambiaChoma9 968
12AF0212012Association Nationale de Sourds de Cote dIvoire ANASSOCI National Association of the Deaf of Ivory CoastRenforcement des Capacites des Jeunes Leaders Strengthening of Capacities of Young LeadersCote d IvoireAbidjan 0110 000
12AA0492012Thailand Association of the BlindSupporting the travel costs of visually impaired delegates from lowest HDI developing countries to attend the World Blind Unions Diversity Forum and 8th General AssemblyThailandBangkok20 000
12AA0232012Sports and Cultural Society of the DisabledCapacity Building in Performing art and cultural of the DisabledBangladeshDhaka5 770
11AM0252012National Disabled Persons NetworkDeveloping Leadership for Disability RightsGuyanaGeorgetown9 990
11AF2172012Sahil Handicap Organisation, SHOSupport for Berbera Disability Skill Training CenterSomaliaBerbera10 210
11AF0742012Somaliland Integrated Rural & Agro-pasto ral Development, SOMRADPromotion of the livelihoods of the people with disabilitySomaliaBurao9 570
11AA1432012Human Rights Disability and Development Foundation-HDDFCreating Employment for People with Disabilities Through Televisions Assembling and Servicing CenterBangladeshJhuchar6 642
12AF0612012Adaa Liben Persons with Disabilities AssociationAnimal Husbandry to be run by Persons with DisabilitiesEthiopiaDebre Zeit9 730
12AF0602012Association of Education and Training Services for Disabilities South Ethiopia AETSDEstablishing Braille Writing Materials Production CenterEthiopiaHawassa9 658
12AF0592012Hope for the Blind and Handicapped Rehabilitation AssociationEstablishing a Mushroom Preparation Centre to be Run by Persons with DisabilitiesEthiopiaAddis Ababa7 755
12AF0072012Ethiopian National Disability Action Network ENDANCapacity building on disability issues for ENDAN member organizationsEthiopiaAddis Ababa17 992
12AA0612012Obshestvennoe obedinenie Tsentr sotsialnoi podderjki i trudoustroistva invalidov Ak-Bairak Centre of social support and employment of PWDs Ak- BairakRazvitie detei s ogranichennymi vozmoznostyami v reabilitatsionnom tsentreKyrgyzstanNarynin alue8 547
12AA0602012Obshestvennoe objedinenie Baldar - omur bulagy Assosiation BaldarObespechenie finansovoi ustoichivosti RS Baldar Omur Bulagi cherez sozdanie pchelovodcheskogo hoziaistva Bee ProjectKyrgyzstanTjupskij raion9 512
12AA0592012Obshestvennoe Obedinenie Roditelei Detei-invalidov Tenir-Koldo Association of Parents of Disabled Children Tenir-KoldoSozdanie Podsobnogo hozaistva dla obespecheniya ustoichivosti sentra podderjki osobyh detei i ih roditelei Animal husbandry for the sustainability of resource center of disabled children and their parentsKyrgyzstanTalas7 124
12AA0522012OO Molodezhnaja Organizatsija invalidov Sharapat Association of Young Disabled PeopleOrganizatsiya kursov po remontu i modernizatsii kompyuterov dlya lyudey s ogranichennymi vozmozhnostyami goroda AlmatyKazakstanAlmaty10 233
12AA0512012OO Invalodov-opornikov Erlik goroda Taldykorgana Association of Persons with Physical Disabilities of Taldykorgan cityZazhgi svoi zvezduKazakstanTaldykorgan15 383
12AA0062012Pondicherry Peoples Education for Development Society, PPEDSIGA fo Persons with Disabilities through CBRIndiaPondicherry9 100
12AA0052012Holy Word SocietySocio Economic Empowerment of People with DisabilitiesIndiaNandyal7 847
12AA0042012Pasumai Ulagam (Green World)Empowerment of PWDs through Vocational Training and Micro Loans to IGAIndiaErode8 236
11AF0972012Nakasongola District Disabled Women OrganisationOpportunities for Equalisation of WWDs by Milk Cattle KeepingUgandaNakasongola6 951
11AF0942012Hoima District Association of the Blind, HODABCattle KeepingUgandaHoima9 614
12AF049-FT2012Debre Markos Town Persons with Disabilities AssociationA Sewing, Ironing and Laundry service business to be run by Persons with DisabilitiesEthiopiaGojam2 486
11AF1902012Somaliland Women and Children with Disabilities, HANFormulation of Regional DPO in Togdher RegionSomaliaHargeisa7 520
11AF0792012Nasa Hablod Handicap Association NAHAEconomic empowerment of disabled people in hargeisa through the provision of electonic skills trainingSomaliaHargeisa7 560
11AF0782012Sool Women Disability OrganisationAwareness Raising on Women with DisabilitiesSomaliaLas-anod9 563
11AA1322012Nueva Ecija Association of person with disability primary multi-purpose coop NEAPWD, PMPCBackyard piggery project A livelyhood innovation for person with disabilityPhilippinesCabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija8 723
11AA1182012The blind Association of Ho Chi Minh Ci BAH The blinds Association of Ho Chi Minh CityTo train the offices informatics for cadre of leader of blinds at 20 establishments of Blind Associatio in HCMCViet NamHo Chi Minh6 857
12AF0432012Nucleo de desenvolvimiento dos Surdos de Mocambique NUDESMO Local Association for Developemnt of tteh Deaf of MozambiqueO despertador Alarm clockMozambiqueSofala9 502
12AF0422012Associacao da Mulheres Portadoras de Deficiencia de Sofala AMUPODESO Association fo Women with Disabilities of SofalaSensibilizacao das mulheres em materias de deficiencia e HIV/AIDSMozambiqueSofala4 017
12AA0472012ISHTIROK Liga Zhenshin Public Organisation Disabled Womens League ISHTIROKRegional Conference to share experiences and develop advocacy action plans for the UNCRPD in Central Asia.TajikistanDushanbe24 441
12AA0452012Associasia obshestvennih organizasia Roditelei detei s OV Savob Organisation of Parents of Disabled Children SavobVmeste v svetluju zhiznTajikistanHorog10 324
12AA0442012Obshestvennyi Fond Fenomen Public Foundation FenomenMy i novye informacionnye tehnologii We and the new information tecnologiesKyrgyzstanBishkek5 875
12AA0432012OO Mumkunshulugu chektelgen atuuldar Kongressi Public Association Mumkunchulugu chektelgen atuuldar KongressiObuchenie devushek i zenshin s invalidnostiju po zreniju kovrotkatchestvu Carpets Weawing Training for Visually Impaired WomenKyrgyzstanBishkek4 857
12AA0382012OO roditelei detei s ogranishennumi vozmosnostimi MAGRUHON Organisation of the parents of DisabledProfesionalnoe obuchenie navikam komputornoi gramotnosti i nacionalnim remyoslamTajikistanHorog9 864
12AA0372012Obshestvo invalidov Dangarinskogo rayona Disabled Persons organisation of Dangary regionSozdanie ovsevodcheskogo khozyaystva dkya razvitiya Obshestvo invalidov Dangarinskogo rayonaTajikistanUchastok Buljeni Bolo10 736
12AA0342012Cambodian Disabled Peoples Organisation CDPORegional conference on raising awareness of the ASEAN Disability Forum (ADF): A platform of engagement for DPOs and multi-stakeholders to promote and implement the ASEAN Decade of Persons with DisabilCambodiaPhnom Penh15 000
11AF2132012ADEMIMO Associacao dos Deficientes Militares e Para Militares de Mocambique ADEMIMOReduzir a pobreza - Projecto Agro-pecuario To Reduce Poverty - A Farming ProjectMozambiqueXai-Xai7 619
11AA1122012Obshestvennyj Fond DAO LOV ODA G. Tokmak i Tschuisky oblast Public Fund DAO LOV ODAMediya tsentr Information Centre for Persons with DisabilitiesKyrgyzstanTokmak Tchuiskaya oblast8 600
12AF006-FT2012Shirka Woreda Idget Disabled People AssociationBread Bakery Project to be Run by Persons with DisabilitiesEtiopiaGobbessa Town1 783
12AF005-FT2012Movement for Empowerment and Change of Attitude in Life MECHALProvision of Basic Life Skills Training for Persons with DisabilitiesEtiopiaAddis Ababa2 489
12AF004-FT2012Finote Rehabilitation Association for Women with DisabilitiesTraining on Producing Simple Jewels for Women with Disabilities and rehabilitationEtiopiaAddis Ababa2 087
11AA120-FT2012Federation for Disabled Development Romeas Hek (FDDR)Rights promotion and restoring living standards of PWDs to participate in community developmentCambodiaTrapeang Pring Village2 378
12AF0022012Somali Union of and for the BlindTraining on Computer and Information Technology for Blind StudentsSomaliaMogadishu11 100
12AA0022012Disabled Peoples International Asia-Pacific Regional Development Office DPI Asia Disabled PeoplesInternatioinal Asia-Pacific RegionCapacity building to Disabled Peoples Organizations (DPOs) in Mekong Region to increase organizational effectiveness and achieve sustainabilityThailandBangkok19 951
11AF2202012Wells Community Growth InitiativePWDs Capacity Building in Leadership and Human Rights as enshrined in the constituitionKenyaGatundu9 365
11AF1702012Comite des Femmes Vivant avec le VIH-SIDA C.F.V.V.Appui a la reinsertion et reintegration sociales des femmes infectees au VIH SIDACongo Democratic RepublicTshela, Bas-Congo9 750
11AF1422012Nyadorera Moyie Disabled GroupLake shore rural vulnerable marginalised disabled women and girls empowerement projectKenyaUrunga10 763
11AF1142012BADE OrganisationWomen and Deaf Girl Youth IGA OpportunitiesSomaliaHargeisa10 000
11AA1522012She Hope Society Hope Disability Centre - KashmirIGA Training for Kashmiris with Disabilities 2012IndiaKashmir10 000
11AA1412012Disabled Child Foundation (DCF)Promoting Rights of Children with disabilities through inclusive educationBangladeshDhaka7 218
12AA0122012OO invalidov s porazheniem oporno- dvigatelnogo apparata Tirek i M Oraganisation of Physically Handicapped PersonsProvedenie seminara - treninga po teme Zakonedatelstva RK reglamentiruiyshie prava invalidov RK Training seminar: Legislation of Rebuplic of Kazahstan regarding the rights of Disabled People.KazakstanKaskelen8 477
12AA0112012Rural Development Welfare Society, RDWSEmpowerment of Women with Disabilities, Skill Training and IGA in Rayagada in OrissaIndiaRayagada, Orissa7 345
12AA0092012Obshestvennoe objedinenie Invalidov Keletchek-Sary-Kol Association of Disabled People Keletchek-Sary-KolProekt po otkormu skota s posleduyushim ispolzovaniem dohoda dlya organizatsii pitanija detey s ogranichennymi vozmozhnostyami Animal husbandry to organize nutrition for CWDsKyrgyzstanIssykkulskaia oblast, Tjupskij raion8 639
11AF2152012Mabassa - Trabalho WorkDeficientes em Desenvolvimento Persons with Disabilities under Developing ProcessMozambiqueChimoio4 074
11AF2142012Associacao de desporto da pessoa com deficiencia de Manica ADPPDM Sports Association of Persons with Disabilities of ManicaInsercao social de desenvolvimiento da pessoa com deficiencia Development of Social Integration of Persons with DisabilitiesMozambiqueManica4 454
11AA1512012Obstsestvo invalidov Dilsuz Disabled peoples´organisation Dilsuz Spitamenskogo raiona (Branch of NOIT)V nogu co vremenем Keep in step with timeTajikistanSpitaemskin alue7 745
11AA1382012Disabled Empowerment and Communication Center- Nepal (DECN)Self income generation project for PWDsNepalBanke7 950
11AA1372012Kaski Association of the Blind (KAB)Socio, Economic Empowerment and development for person with disabilities (SEED for PWDs)NepalKaski8 500
11AA1362012Little People Association of Nepal (LPAN)LPAN CAFE PROJECTNepalKathmandu6 108
11AA1302012Filial NOIT OI Nosir Khisravskogo rajona Branch of NOIT in Nosir Hisravsky regionTrudoustroistvo LSI posredstvom obuchenija razlichnym navykam Employment of DP by training them different skillsTajikistanKishlak Beshkappa10 452
11AA1162012Lamjung Association of the Blind (LAB)Mainstreaming of the Persons with Disability (PWDS) in Economic Development Process in LamjungNepalLamjung7 018
11AF207-FT2011Lemlem Handicaps Food Preparation EnterpriseA Small Local Restaurant to be run by Persons with DisabilitiesEtiopiaAddis Ababa2 244
11AF200-FT2011Tsedal Wood and Metal Work Cooperative AssociationEstablishment of Metal and Woodwork manufacturing Center to be run Persons with Hearing ImpairmentEtiopiaGonder2 500
11AF199-FT2011The Poorest Persons with Disabilities AssociationVegetable Farming, Seedlings Preparation and Distribution run by Women with DisabilitiesEtiopiaAddis Ababa2 110
11AF043-FT2011Kpedze United Cross Disability GroupUnited Cross Disability Palm Oil Extraction Project (Kpedze)GhanaKpedze, Volta Region2 500
11AA129-FT2011Fiji Association of the DeafWorld Federation of the Deaf: Oceania SecretariatFijiSuva2 500
11AA119-FT2011SHG in Thnal Bambek VillageBuilding capacity and improve life situation of disabled peopleCambodiaPhnom Penh2 407
11AM0152011La corporacion artistica Azul Ilusion Artistic Corporation Blue IllusionLa musica, un lenguaje de inclusion Music, one Language of InclusionColombiaMedellin7 274
11AA1272011Navoda Disabled Peoples Organization (NDPO)Awareness building and skills development project for PWDsSri LankaMiddeniya4 996
11AA1252011People with Disabilities Solomon Islands (PWDSI)Understanding the CRPD. What are our rights? Lobbying and Demanding and Inclusive Society for AllSolomon IslandsHoniara6 664
11AA1242011Foundation to Encourage the Potential of Disabled Persons -Freedom WheelchairWheelchair support to Northern Thailands PWDsThailandChiang Mai10 000
11AA1282011Obschestvennoe obiedinenie Invalidov Kuat Association of Disabled persons KuatPrakticheskoe obuchenie remontu kompyuternoi tehniki lyudei s ogranichennymi vozmojnostjamiKazakstanKaskelen10 715
11AA1022011Deaf Empowerment Activities for Literacy etc - DEAF LEADERSAwareness Creation, Education and RehabilitationIndiaCoimbatore7 576
11AA0912011Obshestvennaya organizaciya OI Djirgital DPO in Dzhirgitalsky region TajikistanOtkritie shveinogo cheha dlya jenshin s ovTajikistanDjirgitalsky raion9 676
11AF193-FT2011Kaddu ZacharyDegree of Master of Arts in Human RightsUgandaKampala2 500
11AF178-FT2011Tanzania Albino Society, Iramba DistrictUfungaji kuku wa kienyeji. Local poultry keepingTanzaniaKiomboi-Iramba2 500
11AF172-FT2011Information Centre on Disability ICDSeminar on the situation and challenges of women in Tanzania - DPOs from Dar es SalaamTanzaniaDar es Salaam1 669
11AF171-FT2011Information Centre on Disability ICDSeminar on the situation and challenges of women in Tanzania - DPOs from Dar es SalaamTanzaniaDar es Salaam1 460
11AA093-FT2011Nepal Deafblind ProjectCapacity Building of the Deafblind Community in NepalNepalKathmandu2 500
11AA092-FT2011Turning Point FoundationStrengthening Organizational Internal CapacityBangladeshKhilkhet, Dhaka 12292 480
11AA032-FT2011Federation Disabled Development (FDD)Improvement of living standard and health of PWDs in Kirivong district, Takeo provinceCambodiaKirivong district2 376
11AM0192011Centro Integral de rehabilitacion infantil A.C. CIRIAC Integral Rehabilitation Centre for ChildrenEmpoderar para incluir Empower to IncludeMexicoGuadalajara, Jalisco6 437
11AF1952011Kituo cha Ujasiriamali na Mafunzo ya Stadikazi za ufundi kwa watu wenye Ulemavu Dodoma Disabled Peoples Development Aid (DIPEDEA)Entrepreneurship and vocational training to disabled people in DodomaTanzaniaDodoma6 681
11AF1672011Handicap Alliance Internationale HAIFormation et conference sur les droits des personnes handicapeesBurkina Faso4388 Abidjan 215 988
11AF1312011Save Communities Survive, SCSWheelchair Maintaince and Repairing TrainingSomaliaHargeisa10 750
11AF0712011Sierra Leone National Association of the Deaf SLNADAgricultural Rehabilitation for the Deaf for Socio-Economic IndependenceSierra LeoneFreetown9 600
11AF0392011Lakeside Cross Disability Self Help Group LCDSHGAnimal Husbandry (Pig Farming in Dambai)GhanaDambai3 173
11AA1112011Obshestvennoe obyedinenie invalidov Centr Nezavisimaya zhizn DOS Independent Living CentreProvedenie obuchayuschih treningov dlya invalidov g. Astany i 7 otdallennyh rayonov po formirovanie navykov nezavisimogo obraz zhizny i razvitiu liderskih kachestv. Training of Disabled Persons in Astana and 7 raionov. Know-how of Independent Living, and capacity building of country side leaders.KazakstanAstana10 046
11AA1012011Nir Ideal Home for Mentally Retarted and Associated DisabilityAmader Shakti - Livelihood for Adults with DisabilitiesIndiaParganans, West Bengal8 242
11AA0902011OO Assotsiatsia Gluhih ZhasNur Public Associaition Association of deaf ZhasNurRazvitie informatsionnoi sredy invalidov po sluhu. Development of information circle of women of invalids on hearingKazakstanAstana9 657
11AA0842011NAWABSHAH DISABILITY FORUM NDF--NAWABSHAHEmpowerment Center of Women with DisabilitiesPakistanSindh-Pakistan8 081
11AA0812011OO veteranov i invalidov voiny v Afganistane ARDAGER, v gorode AlmatyPsihologicheskaya reabilitatsiya invalidov i veterano voyny v Afganistane Pshyhological Rehabilitation of DP and veterans of Afganistane warKazakstanAlmaty10 033
11AA0342011Sehar FoundationPersons with Disabilities Development through Capacity Building Employment Creation and Improved Socio Economis SituationPakistanDistrict Azad Kashmir6 491
10AF1982011Polio Persons Development Association POPDASocio-Economic Reintegration and Community Rehabilitation of Polio Persons in Bombali DistrictSierra LeoneNorthern Province8 820
10AF0352011Alifdoon Community with DisabilityNon-Formal Education; Literacy and NumeracySomaliaHargeisa9 295
11AF159-FT2011National Association of Persons Affected by Leprosy, Amhara BranchLeadership and Management Training to zone and wereda Leaders of Amhara Regional Association of Persons Affected by LeprosyEthiopiaBahir Dar2 104
11AF158-FT2011Mothers and Disabled Development Organization MDDOIncome Generating through Vegetable Farming to be run by Persons with DisabilitiesEthiopiaOromiya Adiministrative Region1 995
11AF151-FT2011Charity and Development Association of Teachers with Visual Impairment CDATVTraining on basic computer skills for visually impaired students and teachersEthiopiaAddis Ababa2 396
11AA082-FT2011Bati Disabled Development FederationImproving the quality of life of women with disabilities through providing vocational training in 3 communesCambodiaBati District2 500
11AA079-FT2011Branch of the Disabled Women League Ishtirok in VahdatRegistration of the BranchTajikistanVahdat325
11AA076-FT2011Navoda Disabled Peoples Organization (NDPO)Empowering Navoda Disabled Peoples Organization for addressing common issues of people with disabilitiesSri LankaMiddeniya2 493
11AA064-FT2011Hanoi Independent Living Center (Hanoi ILC)Learning how to do Capacity building and networking of Independent Living Center (ILC) with Asia-Pacific DPOs through Regional WorkshopViet NamHanoi2 500
11AM0182011Asociacion de Mujeres con Discapacidad de la Provincia de Mariscal Ramn Castill Association of Women with Disabilities of the Province of Mariscal Ramon CastilEmpoderamiento de las Mujeres con Discapacidad de Pueblos Rurales de la ProvinciaPeruMariscal Ramon Castillan provinssi10 000
11AF1502011Kasempa Disabled SocietyInnovation and IGA techniques trainingZambiaNorth - Western Province4 472
11AF1492011ZNAPD Zambia National Association of the Physically Disabled, Luanshya BranchTwikatane Business ServiceZambiaNDOLA8 571
11AF1472011Isiolo welfare group of the disabled IWGDRevolving Fund Scheme for PWDsKenyaIsiolo6 511
11AF1272011Uniao dad associacoes dos deficientes de Dondo UDAD Unin of Disability Associations of DondoKunguta Kushan - Trabalhar para comerMozambiqueDondo town5 822
11AF1242011Asociacao de Deficientes Mocambicanas - Delegacao de Sofala ADEMO - Sofala Association of People with Disabilities of mozambique - SofalaArte e oficioMozambiqueBeira9 924
11AF1182011AJODEMO Associacao dos Jovens Deficientes de Mocambicanos AJODEMO- NampulaMontagem de Internet CafeMozambiqueNampula8 490
11AF1132011Forum das Associacoes Mocambicanas dos Deficientes FAMODCapacitacao dos lideres das Associacoes membros do FAMOD em relacao a Convencao InternacionalMozambiqueBeira8 571
11AF0462011Sierra Leone Union on Disability Issues SLUDICelebrating the International Day of Disabled Persons in the Four Regions of Sierra LeoneSierra LeoneFreetown10 000
11AA0832011Foundation for These-Abled Persons INC FTIEqual Access Travel and Tours Service Cooperative- the vehicle towards economic participation and social integration of PWDsPhilippinesQuezon city7 980
11AA0802011Disabled Peoples International - Bangladesh DPI BangladeshDisability Movement United in creating a society for all through the UN Disability Convention and the Millennium Development GoalsSouth AfricaDhaka20 000
11AA0742011OI Babazhdan Gafurovsky r-on Sogdiskaya Organisatoion of Disabled People in Gafyrovsky raion Sogdisky OblastSozdanie mnogofunkcionalnogo centra Funding a center with many functionsTadzikistanGafyrov10 402
11AA0722011Obstsestvennaja Organizatsija Taqdir Public OrganizationTaqdirOrganizing awareness and advocacy campaing in favor of Tajikistan joining to the UNCRPDTajikistanDushanbe9 316
11AA0692011Bangladesh Visually Impaired Peoples Society (BVIPS)Promoting Rights of Visually Impaired Persons through Capacity Building, Inclusive education and AdvocacyBangladeshDhaka9 960
11AA0652011COST TRUSTEmpowerment of Disabled Youngsters through Micro Credit, Rights & Self Employment TrainingsIndiaDindugul10 000
11AA0632011Community Development Society, CDSVocational Skill Training and IGA for 30 Disabled Women and YouthIndiaPeriyakulam7 920
11AA0622011Cricket Association of the BlindIntervention in Sports Policy to ensure disabled right to Sports and respectful inclusion of PWDs in Sports OrganizationsNepalKathmandu7 303
11AA0612011National Employment Promotion and Research Association of the Disabled NEPRADFacilitating education of Blind and physical disabilities for out of school and contributing in Employment through vocational trainingNepalKathmandu9 680
11AA0512011Association of Dusheti Disabled PersonsWe would like to Be Useful for Our CountryGeorgiaDusheti7 924
10AF1912011Action on Disability and Development of AllaybadayStrengthening Pastoral Disabilities LivelihoodSomaliaGebiley10 000
10AF1032011Sign Language & Advocacy Awareness Development Association of ZambiaPeer Edducation TrainingZambiaLusaka9 757
10AF0372011Organization for Women Salvation HOOYOPoultry Production IGA by WWDSomaliaMogadishu9 700
10AA0482011Serene Secular Social Service SocietyRehabilitation of Disabled Women Through Promoting Employment OpportunitiesIndiaDingdigul8 510
11AF099-FT2011SHIVYAWATA LindiTraining on how to form entrepreneurship groups in Lindi regionTanzaniaLindi2 346
11AF098-FT2011The Secretariat of the African Decade of Disabled PersonsEstablishment of an African Disability ForumSouth AfricaCape Town2 500
11AF081-FT2011The globe of smart handicapped people (GOSHAP)Soap makingTanzaniaDar es Salaam2 423
11AF065-FT2011Eyasu Berhe Disabled Women Veterans Self-Help AssociationExpansion of Cafeteria run by disabled women veteransEtiopiaMekele, Tigray Region2 500
11AF064-FT2011Temsalet Young Women with Disabilities Anti-AIDS Work ClubEstablishing a Fast Food Delivery and Catering Service to be Run by Women and Girls with DisabilitiesEtiopiaDessie Town, Kebele 062 495
11AF063-FT2011Munissa Woreda Disabled People AssociationBread bakery and sale by disabled personsEtiopiaKersa town2 052
11AF061-FT2011Kiryandongo Sub-county PWDs AssociationEmpowerment of PWDs in IGAUgandaKigumba2 470
11AF060-FT2011Kijura Disabled Women Association, KIDWAIncome Generation ActivitiesUgandaMasindi2 497
11AA049-FT2011NOITUN Convention on the Rights of Persons with DisabilitiesTadzikistanDushanbe2 225
11AA042-FT2011She Hope Society - Hope Disability Centre - KashmirTraining Program for Wheel Chair service ProvisionIndiaKashmir2 500
10AF0282011Butalegya Sub-county Disabled Peoples As sociationAwareness Raising on the Rights of PWDs and Cattle RearingUgandaButalegya9 018
10AF1792011Hope with Cerebral Palsy HOCEPA - UgandaEmpowering Cerebral Palsy Children to Live Better and Productive LivesUgandaKampala9 977
11AA0262011Hope Disability Centre (Asha Apandra Kendra)Hope for Disabled Youth of Nepal 2011NepalTamghas, Gulmi District10 000
11AA0432011National Association of the Physical Disabled-Nepal (NAPD-Nepal)Promoting Access of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) to Public Transport in Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur Districts of NepalNepalLalitpur8 814
11AA0542011Obshestvennoe Obedinenie Daanaker NGO DaanakerTsentr obutcheniya stolyarnomu remeslu Centre for Carpenter workshopKyrgyz RepublicJalal-Abad8 903
11AA0562011OO Devushek s ogranitchennymi fizitches kimi vozmoznostjami Nazik-Kiz Public association of girls with disabilities Nazi-KizIndependent Lady- Nezavisimye LadyKyrgyz RepublicBishkek9 991
11AA0602011National Committee of Deaf Women under Nepal National Federation of the DeafEmpowerment Deaf movement of Nepal by providing opportunity to Deaf women and Sign language Interpreter to participate in the WFD World Congress and WASLI meeting in DurbanNepalKathmandu3 868
11AF0232011TUSPO Tanzania Users and Survivors of Psychiatry OrganizationKISARAWE MENTAL HEALTH REHABILITATION PROJECTTanzaniaDar es Salaam3 420
11AF0872011Sisiyi Sub-county Disabled Persons AssociationCow KeepingUgandaBulambuli9 939
11AF0882011Masira Sub-county Disabled Peoples AssociationCattle KeepingUgandaMbale9 702
11AF0892011Manyama Disabled Farmers GroupPineapple Growing (expansion)UgandaKalisizo9 068
11AF1162011Ghana Federation of the Disabled Youth GFDYAwareness Creation on the Disablity Act (715) and the UNCRPDGhanaUpper East Region8 202
10AA0592011LIAKZHEK KYANK (Full Life) Charitable Non-governmental NGOExpansion of the Regional Center of Education and Development for the people with special needsArmeniaStepanavan9 989
11AA0412011Draktsho Vocational Training Centre for special Children and YouthsBig Bakery - sheltered employmentBhutanThimphu7 948
11AF0122011Somali Young Doctors Association, SOYDAEnchancing Livelihood through Provision of Sewing Machines, Income Generationa and Skills Training for PWDs in MogadishuSomaliaMogadishu10 036
11AF0512011Zambia National Association of Disabled Support Group ZNADSGPoultry farmingZambiaChipata10 312
11AF0802011Eastern Africa Federation of the Disable EAFODEAFOD Board Strengthening and capacity building on the UNCRPDKenyaNairobi8 954
11AF0902011Information Centre on Disability ICDEmpowermentTanzaniaDar es Salaam15 874
11AF0922011Reach and touch Christian churchPoverty illiteracy and HIV/AIDS mitigation activities for women and children with disabilitiesZambiaKasama8 685
11AF0932011Institutional Development Program of the World Blind UnionIncreasing knowledge among young blind persons on Contemporary Service Models for persons with visual impairments through the Africa ForumKenyaNairobi13 972
11AM0012011Asociacion de Sordos del Peru ASP Association of teh Deaf in PeruFortalecimiento de la Asociacion de Sordos del Peru a traves de la Conv de la ONUPeruLima10 083
11AM0072011Asociacion de Padres con Hijos Discapaci Los PipitosIV Festival Nacional de Artes EspecialesNicaraguaJuigalpa, Chontales10 000
11EU022011National Association for People with Mental Handicap, Albania Tirana BranchDaily Centre flexible- Occupational Psycho-Socilal Therapy for the 10 Girls and Women with Mental HandicapAlbaniaTirana10 000
11AM0042011Disabled Peoples International North America and the Caribbean Region DPI North America and the Caribbean RegStrengthening the Organizational Capacity of DPI NAC and the Caribbean through Youth ImpoundmentJamaicaSt. Johns19 916
11AM0032011CANALES Asociacion CivilLuz, camara...accion! Cine y video en langua de sanas argentinaArgentinaCapital Federal (1425)9 972
11AF0492011Meketa Disabled Hand Craft & Industry Cooperative Society & Limited Liability MEDHACMulti-purpose Recreation Park Construction and PlantationEthiopiaAddis Ababa19 989
11AF0382011Tlhangano wava makweru aku rhulene ATMRDeus e PaiMozambiqueProvincia de Maputo9 782
11AF0372011ACAMO - Chimoio, Manica Associacao Dos Cegos e Ambliopes de MocambiqueQueermos ser Incluidos Identificacao e Inclusao social das PPDV na ChimoioMozambiqueChimoio9 407
11AA0392011Disabled Peoples International Asia-Pacific Regional Development Office DPI Asia Disabled Peoples´Internatioinal Asia-Pacific RegionPreparation workshop for the new Asia Pacific Decade of Persons with Disabilities (2013-2022): the Asian and Pacific Decade of Persons with Disabilities: Towards accelerating the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD)ThailandBangkok19 982
11AA0382011Catholic Ministry to Deaf PeopleSeven Step Journey to Empowerment: A support Program for Hearing Parents of Deaf ChildrenPhilippinesQuezon City9 083
10AF2152011Mobility Sierra LeoneFacilitate the integration of person with physical disability in their community by improving their mobilitySierra LeoneBo City10 000
10AF1822011Agazi Dairy Farm CooperativeExpansion of Agazi Dairy Farm CooperativeEthiopiaMekele Town5 710
10AF1582011Nakaseke Balema Twekembe GroupDairy Enterprise for PWDs for improved Nutrition and IncomesUgandaLuwero9 543
10AF1572011Wakiso District Disabled Women Association, WADDWAWADDWA Craft Making and Piggery ProjectUgandaKampala8 467
10AA0942011Molodeznoe obedinenie ljudei s ogran vozmoznostiami zdorovia Maksimum Organization of disabled youth MaksimumBezgranitchnyj mir interneta dlja molodykh ljudei s ogranitchennymi vozmoznostjami Boundless world of Internet to young disabled peopleKyrgyz RepublicBatkenskaia oblast, Kyzylkia7 741
10AA0842011Adaptive Technology for Rehabilitation, Integration and Empowerment of the Visua lly Impaired, Inc. ATRIEVTraining and employment of visually impaired with the use of information and communications technology (ICT)PhilippinesQuezon City, 111110 032
10AA0812011Charity Organisation, Center of the support for the disabled childrenInklusivnaja Masterskaja dlja molodyh invalidov s umstvennoi otstalosti Inclusive workshop for the youngster with learning disabilities Inklusiivinen työpaja nuorille kehitysvammaisilleUkraineSevastopol10 246
08AF0582011Ghana Blind Union GBUReducing vulnerability of Blind and Partially Sighted Persons (BPS) within the rural communities of GhanaGhanaAccra10 000
11AA0022011Barisal Disabled Peoples Organization to Development (Barisal- DPOD)Promote Self Help Groups and Income Generating Activities for the people with disabilitiesBangladeshDistrict: Barisal8 156
11EU012011Help the Life AssociationThe right to vote - Participation of people with disability in electionsAlbaniaTirana12 452
11AF0142011Tanzania Assiciation of the Deaf CHAVITA Tanga RegionHIV/AIDS education for the deaf in Tanga regionTanzaniaTanga7 491
11AF0132011Ethiopian Center for Disability and Development ECDDTechnical Support to help make Foreign Assistance Policy, Programs and Practices of the United States Government Disability InclusiveEthiopiaAddis Ababa29 000
11AA0312011Women and Children with Disabilities Forum Kampot WCDFPWomen with Disabilities in DevelopmentCambodiaChouk district, Kampot province9 973
11AA0302011OO Souz invalidov Issykkulskoi oblasti RAVENSTVO Union of Disabled People of Issykkul Region RAVENSTVOInstituthionalnoe razvitie organizathii ludei s ogranichennymi vozmojnoztyami ujnom regione Kyrgyzskoi Respubliki Institutional development of the DPOs in the Southern Region of Kyrgyzstan Republic.Kyrgyz RepublicBishkek17 233
11AA0292011Obstsestvennaja Organizatsija Roditelei Detei s problemani v razvitii Organisation of Parents of children with Problems in developmentVse u nas poluchitsaTajikistanKhudzhanda9 993
11AA0112011Rural Integrated Development Organizatio RIDOSocio-economic Development of Disabled PersonsIndiaGurramkonda - 517 2978 087
11AA0102011Community Alternative Research and Development, CARDEnsuring Life and Dignity for Differently Abled PersonsIndiaEllamrajupalli8 130
11AA0092011Chinnamanur Weakers Development Trust - CWD -TrustEmpower PWDs Socially and Economically through IGAIndiaChinnamanur - 625 5156 104
11AA0042011Association for Gramarajyam & Rural Integrated Development, AGRIDLivelihood Support for Physically Challenged PeopleIndiaVadipatti9 251
11AA0032011Bandarban Disabled Peoples Organization to Development (Bandarban-DPOP)Capacity Building of the Persons with Disabilities for their Self-reliance (CBPDS)BangladeshBandarban9 735
10AF2122011Kasuku GroupEntrepreneurship - Wheelchair productionTanzaniaKongwa4 616
10AF1622011Disacare Data ClubEmployment creation and information dissemination on HIV/AIDSZambiaKasama9 206
10AF1562011CAREDISA Media Resource NDAH Manda Agape GospelSpeaking for ourselves - advocacy and media workZambiaNdola7 948
10AF0122011Bamunanika Disabled Persons Association, BADIPAImprovement of Incomes and Food Security among PWD Households Especially WomenUgandaWobulenzi7 002
10AF0112011Yumbe District Union of Persons with DisabilitiesCattle Restocking ProjectUgandaYombe7 917
10AA0932011Obshestvennyj Fond Bayara Public Foundation BayaraProfessiya parikmahera - ljudjam s ogranitchennymi vozmoznostjami Hairdresser- occupation for disabled peopleKyrgyz RepublicJalalabadskaya oblast7 247
10AA0922011Obshestvennyj Fond Tsentr reabilitatsii i razvitija slepykh Erkindik Public Fund Center of Rehabilitation and Development for Blind ERKINDIKObuchenie invalidov po zreniyu angliiskomu yaziku rabote na kompyuter i v seti Internet s pomoshyu specialnih rechevih program Training of visually impaired on English language and using Internet through special speach programsKyrgyz RepublicBishkek9 974
10AA0892011Obshestvennoe obedinenie Zuma i KO Public Accociation Juma and KOObutchenie i trudoustroistva LSOV v sozdannom v sele sherst pererabatyvaushem tsehe Training and employment for disabled people in the woollen cloth workshop.Kyrgyz RepublicIssykkulskaia oblast9 870
10AA0792011Branch of the Disabled-women organizatio Branch of the Disabled-women organization ISHTIROKAdvancement of the Disabled-women´s organisationTajikistanVahdat9 997
10AA0352011Obshestvennoe Obedinenie Umut zarygy Svet Nadezdy Association Light of HopeVmeste na puti sotsializatsii Together on the way into sosializationKyrgyz RepublicTokmok9 987
09AF1002011Kampemba Disabled ClubKampemba Disabled Club Fish Pond ProjectZambiaKasama9 651
10AF2042010Deaf Federation of South Africa DeafSANetworking between the Deaf Associations in the Western and Central Africa RegionSouth AfricaJohannesburg20000
10AF195-FT2010Meserete Tibeb Persons with Disabilities AssociationWeaving and printing business to be run disabled personsEthiopiaAmhara region2029
10AF194-FT2010Bishoftu Intellectual Disabilities Development AssociationEconomic empowerment of parents to enable them to support their children with intellectual disabilitiesEthiopiaDebre Zeit (Bishoftu)2441
10AF1902010ACAMO- Maputo Associacao de Cegos e Ambiopes de Mocambique ACAMO - MaputoIntegracao EducacionalMozambiqueMaputo7711
10AF1892010Somaliland National Disability ForumCapacity Building of Disabiilty Organisations, DPOs, to Advocate Human Rights in SomalilandSomaliaHargeisa9954
10AF1882010Associacao Artesenal dos Deficientes Fisicos ARTEDIFProducao de Artesanato e Corte e CosturaMozambiqueMaputo9463
10AF1852010Etihiopian National Association of the Blind ENABDevelopment of Amharic Typing and Reading Support SoftwareEthiopiaAddis Ababa10031
10AF1812010Andinet Hulegeb Silk Production CooperativeEstablishment of dairy farming center for people with disabilities and others in Nifas-Silk, Addis AbabaEthiopiaAddis Ababa7702
10AF1802010Associacao das Mulheres Portadoras de Deficiiencia - Maputo AMMD Association of Women witeh Disabilities in MaputoProjecto de Corte CosturaMozambiqueMaputo5389
10AF177-FT2010Tanzania League of the Blind Mwanza Regional Office TLB, MwanzaEnglish Language Training for disabled YouthsTanzaniaMwanza2500
10AF1192010Araya poultry farming cooperativeIncome generation through poultry farmingEthiopiaAxum, Tigray Regional State8725
10AF1182010Bego Erayyi (Positive Vision) Organization of Disabled Persons in Dangla TownIncome generation through cattle fatteningEthiopiaDangla10713
10AF1082010Volta Region Association of the DeafBuilding Capacity for VRAD Leaders and Breaking the Communication BarrierGhanaHo, Volta Region5062
10AA086-FT2010National Committee of Deaf Women under Nepal National Federation of the DeafBackround Study on Status of Deaf women in NepalNepalKathmandu2500
10AA0702010Khmer Association for Vocational Training and Vocationj KAVTVElectric/electronic Training adn Jobs for the Disabled ETJDCambodiaPhnom Penh9920
10AA0642010Organisation of Disabled People in City TursunzadeEconomic sustainability of organisation by rearing livestockTajikistanTursunzade8953
10AA0582010KOSHISH-DPOFulfilling psychosocial needs of women - A Peer Support Program ProposalNepalKathmandu8864
10AA0552010Zhenshin-invalidov Altyn-Aj G. Ust-KamenogorskaHelp yourselfKazakstanUst Kamenogorsk10731
09AA0842010Assotsiatsija roditelei DOV Association of Parents with Children with DisabilityKonsultativnyj tsentr dlja roditelei, imejustsih detei s ogranytshennymi vozmozhnostjami Consultative Center for the Parents of the Children with DisabilitiesTajikistanDushanbe9880
10AM0032010Asociacion Vida Nueva VivaCapacitación y generación de oportunidades de empleo para mujeres con discapacidadPeruRegión Loreto10 000
10AF177-FT2010Tanzania League of the Blind Mwanza Regional Office TLB, MwanzaEnglish Language Training for disabled YouthsTanzaniaMwanza2 500
10AF1732010Upendo Disabled GroupCalk makingTanzaniaDar es Salaam8 626
10AF1692010Furaha ya wanawake wajasiliamali wa Viziwi Tanzania (FUWAVITA)Food processingTanzaniaDar es Salaam8 766
10AF1682010Upendo - Development Community of deaf youths and childrenCapacity building to deaf children and youthTanzaniaZanzibar6 810
10AF1672010Jumuiya ya wanawake wenye ulemavu Zanzibar (JUWAUZA) Organization of disabled women of ZbarKujenga uwezo wa wanawake wenye ulemavu Zbar katika massuala ya uongozi Capacity building among disabled women on the ZanzibarTanzaniaZanzibar7 071
10AF1612010Appropriate Paper Technology, APTERSCapacity Building Training for PWDsZambiaLusaka9 273
10AF1252010Kikundi cha sanaa na utamaduni cha viziw i Tanzania (KISUVITA) Group of art and culture of the deafProduction of batik fabrics and outfit garmentsTanzaniaDar es Salaam7 593
10AF1222010SAFOD-Botswana Southern Africa Federation of the DisabledCry for Disabled Womens Right to LifeBotswanaFrancistown10 269
10AF1172010Alpha Omega Persons with Different Disabilities Work GroupPoultry farmingEthiopiaOromiya Administrative Region10 581
10AF0752010Petauke Equippers of the DisabledHIV/AIDS positive living advocacy for the disabledZambiaPetauke9 958
10AA0692010Education, Communication and Development Trust, EDUCATREmpowering PWDs through Skill Training, IGA and Sustainable SHG FormationIndiaMadurai Dt 625 532, Tamil Nadu9 976
10AA0272010Blagotvoritelnyj Fond Uchebno- Reabilitatsionnyj tsentr JUVENTUS Rehabilitation Centre JUVENTUSSotsializatsiaja liz s ogranitchennymi vozmoznostiami zdorovja tcherez predostovlenie rabotchih mest v mini tsehe petchatnoi produktsii Social Rehabilitation of Disabled People through employment in the printing workshopKyrgyz RepublicTchuiskaia Oblast, IssykAktinskij raion9 978
09AF0652010Kasaba United Disabled Peoples Association (KUDIPA)Goat RearingUgandaKasaba7 694
09AF0632010Mpigi District Union of Persons with Disabilities (MDDU)Candle making for PWDs of Mpigi District - UgandaUgandaMpigi9 187
09AF0152010Senama Project for DisabledBuying of Hammer Mill/ConstructionZambiaMansa10 893
09AA0512010Pakistan Association for Disabled Persons (PADP)Basic Right Awareness campaign for social inclusion of WWDs at domestic and community level in marginalized rural areasPakistanFaisalabad8533
10AF1232010Disabled Aids and General Engineering (DAGE)Disabled BicyclesTansaniaDar es Salaam6373
10AF1162010Information and Development for Persons with Disabilities Association IDPDAEmpower Jobless Persons with Disabilities to be Economically and Socially Independent through Productive and Gainful Modern ICT Business ManagementEtiopiaAddis Ababa8004
10AF0912010Viziwi Seremala MwengeMafunzo ya uendeshaji, ukuzaji taaluma na masoko kwa viziwi SeremalaTansaniaSeremala9357
10AF0822010Zambia Deaf Youth and WomenMainstream and enhance deaf persons participation in electoral process and structures on the Copperbelt provinceSambiaKitwe10123
10AF0652010Associacao de Desportos para Pessoa Portadora de Deficiencia da cidade de Maputo (ADPPDCM)A Promocâo do Desporto entre Pessoas com DeficiênciaMosambikCidade de Maputo7651
10AF0322010Alkownin Women Voluntary Organisation (AWVO)Micro-finance for Skilful Business Persons with Disabilities Trained for Tailoring, Food Cookery/Catering and Beauty SalonSomaliaHargeisa10284
10AF0312010Rural Disabled Development OrganizationPoultry and Bee-keeping Byproducts IGASomaliaAdadley8342
10AF0302010Activists Network for Disabled Persons, ANDPFood Cookery and Catering Skills Promotion ProjectSomaliaHargeisa7689
10AF0292010Youth with Physical Disabilities Development ForumTraining Youth with Physical Disabilities in HR AdvocacyUgandaWakiso District9924
10AF0202010Albustan Handicap Association (AHA)Skill training for Women with DisabilitiesSomaliaBaligubadle (Hawd Region)8495
10AA0542010Human Organization for Peoples Enlightenment, HOPEDisabled Persons Hope Restoring and Viable Economic Support ProgrammeIntiaChittoor area, Andhra Pradesh8382
10AA0422010OYL Souz Dobrovolnoje obtshestvo invalidov Kazahstana (DOIK)Konventchija o pravah invalidov i puti ee pealizatchii v zhiznKazakstanAlmaty23306
10AA0412010Almatynskoe Gorodskoe Obstshestvo Invalidov AGOIObuchajutshij seminar Sozdanie edinoj sistemy okazanija transportnyh uslug dlja invalidov KazahstanaKazakstanAlmaty city15251
10AA0382010Obshestvo invalidov goroda IstaravshanVosproizvodstvo jagnjat i baranovTadžikistanSogdijskaja oblast gorod Istaravshan9392
10AA0372010Obshestvo sojus invalidov Chernobylja Dzhirgatalskogo rajonaSokrashenie urovnja bednosti posredstvom razvitija skotovodstvaTadžikistanDzhirgatalskij rajon9189
09AF0992010Burao Disability Development OrganisationEmpowerment of Deaf Students, their Parents and TeachersSomaliaBurao10020
09AF0922010Centre Sembana MijoroBacking the activities of the young physical disabled´s workshopMadagaskarTananarive7792
09AA0822010Obstsestvo invalidov Ashtskogo raionaOrganisatsija podsobnogo hozjaistva dlja obstsesta invalidov Ashtskogo raionaTadžikistanShaidan9600
09AA0752010OO Invalidov-opornikov Erlik goroda TaldykorganaCherez tvorchestvo k integratsiiKazakstanTaldykorgan9541
09AA0482010Assotsiatsija Gluhih Detej MoldovyOtkrytije Integratsionnyh klassov dlja detei s narushenijami retchiMoldovaChisinau9478
09AA0472010Gori Disables' ClubLet's Share the Joy to EveryoneGeorgiaGori9 233
09AA0852010Janaki Women Awareness Society (JWAS)Care and Support for Mentally Retarded Children & YouthNepalDhanusha9 332
09AF0212010AMDV Associacao Mocambicana dos Dificientes Visuais AMDV - MaputoAvante dificiente (Poultry)MozambiqueMaputo9 289
09AF0892010Bureau Communautaire d'appui à l'auto-pr omotion (BUCAP) Community Office in Support of Auto-prom otion (BUCAP)Equipement ateliers formation professionnelle pour handicapes Equipment for Training Workshops for the handicappedCongo Democratic Republic (Kinshasa)Tshela, Bas-Congo9 964
09AF114HR2010Comité des Femmes Vivant avec le VIH/SIDSensibilisation pour la promotion des droits des femmes vivant avec VIH/SIDACongo Democratic Republic (Kinshasa)Tshela, Bas-Congo6 300
09AF1202010Pan African Federation of the DisabledStrengthening of PAFOD´s information sharing and communication system, and thereby Africa´s Disability Movement, through a regular online newsletter form called Pan African Disability""MauritaniaNouakchott8 429
09EU0012010The Blind Union of ZE Do CantonSupport for developing of the organization capacitiesBosnia-HerzegovinaZenica10 000
10AA0112010Vorsar Disabled People Development Federation VDDFDevelopment and Poverty ReductionCambodiaPhnom Penh10 000
10AA0192010Disabled Peoples´ International Asia-Pacific Regional Development OfficeAsia Pacific Decade of the Implementation of the CRPD: Towards Article 19 - Living independently and being included in the communityThailandBangkok22 052
10AA0222010National Association for the Rights of Disabled People in Lebanon NARDThe promotion of disability as a human rights issue among both the political and civil society organizations and get Lebanon to ratify the CRPD and develop disability policies, based on the spirit and content of the CRPDLebanonBeirut20 000
10AA0262010Assotsiatsiya roditelei detei invalidov (ARDI) Association of Parents of Disabled ChildrenPovyshenie znanija i navykov roditelei dlja detei s osobymi nuzdami Promoting Knowledge and Skills of Parents for disabled childrenKyrgyz RepublicBishkek9 022
10AA0322010Obsthestvennyj fond Beypil" - Reabilita sionnyj tsentr dlja detei invalidov" Beypil Rehabilitation centr of Disabled childreUludshenie urovnja zizni putem trudoustroistva devushek i zenshin s ogranitchennymi vozmoznostiyami polutchivshih professionalnuju podgotovku Improvement of living standard of young disabled women through employmentKyrgyz RepublicIssykkulskaia oblast9 810
10AA0332010OO Nasha Volya Association Our WillTchistota - zalog zdorovyaKyrgyz RepublicOshkaya oblast9 104
10AF0272010Kasese Disabled Women Association KADIWAAnimal Rearing for Economic Empowerment of WWDsUgandaKasese9 644
10AF039-FT2010Kikundi cha sanaa na utamaduni cha viziw i Tanzania (KISUVITA)Seminar and trade fair on Disability in Dar es SalaamTanzaniaDar es Salaam266
10AF040-FT2010Victoria Disabled ScoutsSeminar and trade fair on disability in Dar es SalaamTanzaniaDar es Salaam248
10AF041-FT2010TUNAWEZA - Kituo cha shughuli na msaada wa ajira kwa vijana wenye ulemavu Institute for youths with disabilitySeminar and trade fair on disability in Dar es SalaamTanzaniaMwanza486
10AF042-FT2010Disabilities Dream Pilot ProjectSeminar and trade fair on disability in Dar es SalaamTanzaniaMwanza357
10AF043-FT2010Kikundi cha Wanawake Viziwi, CHAVITA Deaf Women GroupSeminar and trade fair on disability in Dar es SalaamTanzaniaDar es Salaam263
10AF044-FT2010Mwanamke Mlemavu Ajitegemee Centre MMAJICSeminar and trade fair on disability in Dar es SalaamTanzaniaMusoma503
10AF047-FT2010Tanzania Association of the Deaf Mwanza Regional Office CHAVITA / TADSeminar and trade fair on disability in Dar es SalaamTanzaniaMwanza483
10AF048-FT2010Disabled Aids and General Engineerings (DAGE) Disabled Aids and General Engineerings (DAGE)Seminar and trade fair on disability in Dar es SalaamTanzaniaDar es Salaam232
10AF049-FT2010Tanzania Association of the Deaf CHAVITA, IringaSeminar and trade fair on disability in Dar es SalaamTanzaniaIringa498
10AF050-FT2010Kikundi cha jitihada walemavu Mvuti, KIJIWAM (Group of hard-working Disabled)Seminar and trade fair on disability in Dar es SalaamTanzaniaDar es Salaam254
10AF0622010Département Braille Alphabétisation Alliance Biblique du Burkina FasoAlphabétisation bilingue en faveur des Handicapés de la vue du Burkin aFasoBurkina FasoOuagadougou 0110 199
10AF0662010Mwamboni Disabled Vocational CentreBatik and book keeping trainingTanzaniaTanga2 268
10AF0702010ADEPODENA Associacao de Desportos para Pessoa Portadora de Deficiencia ADEPODENAOficina de reparacâo e montagem de triciclos, cadeiras de rodas e muletasMozambiqueCidade de Nampula8 451
10AF0792010Abdii Jirenga Association for Persons with DisabilitiesTaking training and establishing poultry in Burayu TownEthiopiaBurayu4 798
10AF0802010Association of Intellectual Disability South Wollo BranchModern Weaving Training for Youth with Intellectual Diseases. A focus on skills training and income generate activitiesEthiopiaDessie7 104
10AF0812010Addis Tesfa (New Hope) People with Disabilities Food Processing Cooperative AssociationTraining and rehabilitation of people with different disabilities in food preparation and business planning in Gullele Sub-City Addis AbabaEthiopiaAddis Ababa8 043
10AF084-FT2010Aden Dualeh Mohamed Human Rights Training in Hargeisa University - one yearSomaliaHargeisa2 345
10AF0862010GOPAHACOTTailoring and BatikTanzaniaKibaha-Pwani6 377
10AF0872010Tensae Disabled Peoples Training AssociationTraining in poulry raising for people with disabilitiesEthiopiaAddis Ababa4 926
10AA0042010The Pnom Penh Center for Independent LivingPositive Change of People with Disabilities SocietyCambodiaPnom Penh9 979
09AA0702010Zhenskij komitet OO Slepyh Respubliki TadzhikistanTraining (CBR) of the Blind Women TajikistanDushanbe7 677
10AA0012010Integrated People's Service SocietyEmpowerment of Persons with DisabilitiesIndiaDharapuram4 762
10AF0082010Bukhaukha Self-help Group of Women with DisabilitiesHeifer ProjectUgandaMbale8 835
10AF0092010Spinal Injuries Association (Uganda)Awareness Raising of the Rights of Spinal Injure PeopleUgandaKampala10 171
10AF0102010Uganda National Association of the Blind UNAB2009 General AssemblyUgandaKampala10 000
10AA0152010Pallava FoundationEmpowerment of Persons with DisabilitiesIndiaSalem, T N3 975
09AF1232010Yeka Sub-city, Kebele 01/02 Association of Persons with DisabilitiesBlock Production by People with Disabilities in Yeka Sub-city of Addis AbabaEthiopiaAddis Ababa8 640
09AF0292010Association des Personnes Handicapees pour la DeveloppementFormation des filles meres handicapees dans le metier de la savonnerie artisaleCongo Democratic Republic (Kinshasa)Kisangani9 292
09AA0452010Mongolian National Federation of the BlindsEstablishing Rural Information & Resource Centers for Rural Blind PeopleMongoliaUlanbaatar10 148
08AM0052010Centro Cultural de Integración y Desarrollo Juvenil CECUDI Cultural Centre for the integration and development of youthAprender para fortalecer mi autonomia futuraChileTalca9 741
09AA0662010Hanoi Blind Association HBATraining on Project Proposing and Management Skills for Leaders of Distirct Blind Associations in HanoiViet NamHanoi8 436
09AF1172010Zambia National Association of the Hearing Impaired ZNAHIOpen Ears to LearnZambiaLusaka7 827
09AM0012010Instituto MID para Participacao Social das Pessoas com Deficiencia Instituto MIDMinuto da InclusaoBrazilSao Paulo10 000
10AF004-FT2010Munish, Abdullah (Mr.), Motivation TanzaniaAccess Course for a Masters Course at the University of Stellenbosch – Disability and Rehabilitation StudiesTanzaniaMoshi2 500
09AA027-HR2010Socio-Economic and Development Organization (SECDO)Promoting the Human Rights of People with Disabilities Sri LankaMatale7 947
09AA0492010Obshestvennoe objedinenie Dvizenie Molodyh Invalidov Movement of Youth with Disabilities Schastie Materinstva Happiness of MaternityKyrgyzstanBishkek9 982
10AA0062010Kampong Speu Disabled Women Forum KSDWFPromoting the Rights of Women with Disabilities to Participate in Social DevelopmentCambodiaKangpong Speu province9 642
10AA0072010Svay Kravan Disabled People Development Federation SDDFPromote Standard Living of Persons with Disabilities and Awareness Raising about DRightsCambodiaKampong Speu province9 998
10AA0102010Union Disable if Development Prey Kabas District UDDPOEmpowerment of Disability Organizations Working to Reduce PovertyCambodiaTakeo province9 020
10AA0132010Svay Teab Disabled Development Federa tion STDFPromotion of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Social Development at Grass Root LevelCambodiaPhnom Penh10 000
09AA0792010OO Molodezhnaja Organizatsija invalidov Sharapat Organsation of the Young People with Disabilities Organizatsija molodezhnogo tsentra dlja ljudei imejushih invalidnost Centre for the Young People with DisabilitiesKazakstanAlmaty9 057
08AA0732010Graham Bell Centre for the DeafSWANIRVAR - Project for Self Reliance of the village PWDsIndiaHoogley9 986
09AF0602010AMOFAS Associacao Mocambicana dos Familiares e Amigos dos Surdos AMOFAS-Maputo 'AComunicando em SilencioMozambiqueMaputo6 444
09AF1222010Services and Advocacy for People with Intellectual Disability SAPIDWe CAN work too!GhanaCape Coast, Central Region10 305
08AF1022010Organization of Persons with Disablities OPWDsPromotion of Education and Advocacy of Children with DisabilitiesGhanaSavelugu District6 628
09AF1242010Equal Opportunity Association EOATraining in bamboo work and self-employment for persons with different disabilities and living with HIV/AIDSEthiopiaAddis Ababa10 446
09AA0782010National Rehabilitation Centre of the Disabled (NRCD) Nepal NRCD Improved opportunities for employment creation and Independent living skills to persons with disabilities (PWDs) in NepalNepalKathmandu7 567
10AA0162010Obshestvennyj fond Okazanie juridicheskoi pomoshi invalidam Rendering of legal aid to the invalids FoundationMehanizmy realizatsii prav i vozmoznostei liz s ogranitchennymi vozmoznostyami zdoroviya Realization of Right and possibilities of disabled peopleKyrgyz RepublicBishkek20 000
08AF1392010Horn of Africa disability Organisation HADODisability Capacity Building and Institutional Support ProjectSomalilandHargeisa9 834
10AF0182010Handicap Alliance Internationale HAIFourm pour la promotion des sourds en Cote d'IvoireCote d'Ivoire4388 Abidjan 219 564
09AA0662010Hanoi Blind Association HBATraining on project proposing and management skills for leaders of distirct blind associations in HanoiViet NamHanoi708
09AA0762010OO Tsentr sotsialnyh uslug OO TSCUSeminar SUCCESS Social Unindefference, Civic Consciousness, Employment and Social Support for people with special needsKazakstanKaraganda10144
08AF0772010Disabled Children Association, DCA; SNDFPromoting the Right to Formal Education for Children with DisabilitiesSomalilandHargeisa10300
08AF1412010Guro-Dhig Poverty Reduction OrganisationProposal for formulation of Sool region disabled people's organisation on behalf of disabled people in Sool region-Las'onadSomalilandSool9572
08AA0922010The National Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing NADHEmpowerment of the Deaf and Hard of HearingNepalKathmandu9000
09AF107HR2009Wells Community Growth InitiativeTo Promote Human Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Gatundu DistrictKenyaGatundu9 600
09AM002-HR2009Asociacion Colombiana Sindrome de Down ASDOWN COLOMBIAModelo para organizaciones en América Latina DownColombiaBogota10 871
09AF108-HR2009Wasweta Women GroupProtection and Promotion of Basic Human Rights of Vulnerable Rural Disabled Women and ChildrenKenyaKendu-Bay10 000
09AF0862009Disability Initiatives FoundationImplementation of the ratified rights of persons with disabilities in national development programmesZambiaLusaka6 890
09AF0532009Institute of Education for Disabled PeopleGender Based Economic Empowerment for Disabled War victims in Medina areaSomaliaMogadishu9 475
08AM0042009Asociación Provincial de Ciegos de Sullana APCIS Association of the Blind of SullanaComputación e Informática para Personas con Discapacidad VisualPeruPiura10 000
08AM0012009Asociación Nicaragüense de No Videntes A.N.N.V. Nicaraguan Association of the Visually ImpairedProyecto educativo para la atención de estudiantes ciegos del micro centro de la ANNV e integración escolarNicaraguaEstelí6 963
09AF0702009Lake Victoria Special Arts InitiativeRural Kenya-Leadership and Arts Training Programs for those with Disabilities - 2010KenyaNairobi7 515
09AA0402009Sri Lanka Central Federation of the DeafComputer Training and SL for the Deaf YouthSri LankaTudella, Ja-Ela7 738
08AF0672009Kipchimchim Hostel for the Physically ChallengedVocational Skill Training for Physically Disabled Female YouthsKenyaKericho6 824
08AF1102009KADJEBI DISABLED WOMEN ASSOCIATIONEconomic Empowerment of Disabled Women through Trade TrainingGhanaKadjebi, Volta Region4 610
09AF1212009Foundation for Integrated Development and Empowerment FIDEBasic computer training for persons with disability in SabobaGhanaTamale ER4 085
09AF1052009Salu Self Help Blind and Handicapped Association SSHBHAEconomic Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities in Hawassa/Bamboo Crafts ProjectEthiopiaAddis Ababa9 388
09AF1022009Tiret (Endeavour) 2000Production and provision of blocks for saleEthiopiaOromiya Administrative Region8 856
09AF0592009CINFORTECNICA Associacao de Jovens Tecnicos Portadores de Deficiencia de MocambiqueInclusao DigitalMozambiqueMaputo6 314
09AA0652009Tsentr Podderzhki gluhih invalidov UMIT The Centre of support for the deaf peopleProfessioinal perevodchik - dostupnaja informatsija invalidam po sluhuKazakstanAlmaty10 108
09AA0562009Institute for self employment and rural Development ISERD Institute for self employment and rural DevelopmentSocio Economic Empowerment of PWDs in Krushnaprasad Block of Puri DistrictIndiaPuri9 874
09AF1112009Shirikisho La Vyama Vya Watu Wenye Ulemavu TanzaniaGrassroots Comics - Improving Communication of Disabled PeopleTanzaniaMwanza4 344
09AF0882009Disability Action Network, DANSupporting Families of Children with Disabilities and Reducing Poverty in 5 regions of SomalilandSomaliaHargeisa10 034
08AF0332009Visual - Hearing Impairment Membership AssociationDestitute Deafblind Headed Households Small Scale Goat RearingMalawiBlantyre10 000
08AA1092009Center of Vocational Training and Creating jobs for the Blind belonging To TT-Hue provincial Blind AssociationVokational training and enhancing ability for massagers abd supplying equipments to enlarge the massage centerViet NamHue City10 026
09AM0062009Asociacion DIGNIDADCapacitación para la formación de mujeres"PeruLoreto10 000
08AF1082009Hope for Orphans and Mentally Retarded Children HOMERCDISABLED CHILDREN AND YOUTH DIGNITY AND EMPOWERMENT PROJECTTanzaniaMwanza10 000
09AF1132009Mbita Disabled Self Help GroupSolar Fire Construction TrainingMbita, Suba District2 500
09AF1122009Isiolo welfare group of the disabled IWGDSolar Concentrator ProjectKenyaIsiolo2 000
09AF1102009Central Kenya Region Deaf Development GroupTraining on Batan Solar Fire TechnologyKenyaNyeri2 200
09AF0752009Regional Deaf Women Initiative Network RDWINRehabilitation of Deaf Women Commercial Sex WorkersKenyaNairobi9 940
08AF0342009National Bureau for Students with Disabilities NBSDTie Dye & Batik Production in KoforiduaGhanaKoforidua, Eastern Region7 570
09AF1042009All to the compatriot good vision multipurpose urban agriculture society with limited liabilityUpgrading the poultry farming in the associationEthiopiaAddis Ababa4 464
09AF0942009Ethiopian Center for Disability and Development ECDDProvision of accessible transport for ECDD personnel, other persons with disabilities in Addis Ababa, EthiopiaEthiopiaAddis Ababa8 000
09AA0672009Obshestvennaja organizatsija polzovatelei psihiatricheskih uslug HAMDILON Orzanization of People with Psychological DisabilitySozdanie informatsionno-pravovogo tsentra dlja ljudei imejuscih problemy s psihiceskim zdorovjem Centre of information for People with Psychological DisabilityTajikistanDushanbe9 590
09AA0612009Dobrovolnoe obscestvo invalidov Medeuskogo raiona goroda Almaty DOIM-A Volontary organisation of disabled people in Medeu region in City AlmatyOrganizatsija kursov buhgalterskogo ycheta i deloproizvodstva dlja ljudei imejuscih invalidnost Trening in bookkeeping and office management for the persons with disabilitiesKazakstanAlmaty9 212
09AF0832009Egna Legna Processed Food Producers Private Limited CompanyIncome generation through preparation of processed food productsEthiopiaAddis Ababa5 803
09AF0822009Hulegeb Yeayne-siwranna Akalgudategnoch Maseltegnana Makuakuwamiya Mahber HuYeAMa3Creating sustainable Income generating activity by engaging Persons with Disabilities in grinding mill servicesEthiopiaAddis Ababa7 706
09AF0682009Network for disabled People living with HIV/AIDS, NEDIPHA+Mafunzo ya ushonaji na ushonaji kwa walemavuTanzaniaDar es Salaam10 018
08AF0692009Usseri Disabled GroupCooking, Decorating and Chairs for hireTanzaniaUsseri9 999
09AM0032009Confederacion Nacional de Discapacitados del Peru - CONFENADIPHuman Rights and Persons with Disabilities: Developing Strategies to Impelement the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and Promote other International and Regional Human Rights InstrumentsPeruLima20 000
09AF0442009Handicap Hope Association (HHA)Media and Communications Use to draw attention to the war veterans with disabilities and build capacity in NGO managementSomaliaShaab area9 058
09AF0422009Nyabusozi Igoma Tukwatanize Disabled Association (NTUDA)Pig RearingUgandaKyenjojo District9 713
07AF1502009Samfya Disabled Child Care Crisis CentreHammermill projectZambiaSamfya8 011
09AF0522009Cerebral Palsy Association of Zambia (CPAZ)Sensitization and support of Parents of Children with Cerebral Palsy in Kabwe and SerenjeZambiaLusaka6 573
09AF0462009Humanitarian Organisation for Disabled People (HOPE)Construction of Disabled IDPs livelihoodSomaliaCeelasha settlement10 000
07AA212009HANGI, Associatsia integratsii invalidov i razvitie isskustvaMy sami We ourselvesGeorgiaZugdidi9 693
08AF1242009Nabukalu Disabled AssociationLocal Cattle KeepingUgandaBugiri5 611
08AA0592009Agate Centre for women with special needsAll Are Able- AAAArmeniaShirak Region9 271
09AA0392009Foundation to Encourage the Potential of Disabled Persons -Freedom WheelchairCerebral Palsy Home Care and Wheelchair programThailandChiang Mai16 614
09AF0352009Oyani Community Women Integrated Development GroupFood and Income Security for the DisabledKenyaSuna-Migori11 140
08AF1282009Cooperative Disabled Development Initiative CODICODI Human Rights Awareness & Advocacy ProjectGhanaHo, Volta Region9 559
09AF0412009Uganda Association for the Mentally Handicapped (UAMH)Meeting Economic and Social needs of people with Intellectual Disabilities at Family LevelUgandaKampala9 933
07AF332009Apro Disabled AssociationCattle RearingUgandaKaberamaido6 088
09AF0662009Iganga District Action on Physical Disability (IDAPD)Sustainable Livelihood Initiatives fo people with Physical DisabilitiesUgandaIganga9 988
09AF0642009Rubaya United Disabled Fighting AgainstIncome Generating ActivitiesUgandaMbarara9 058
09AA0342009Korporativnyj fond Karatalskaja pervitshnaja organisatsijaMy za ravnyje prava HR-projektiKazakstang. Ushtobe7 325
08AF1262009Lugoro Tute Women GroupFood BankingUgandaOld Patongo, Patongo Subcounty10 070
09AA0112009Laxmipur Dristi Protibandhi Sangstha LDPSDisabled Peoples Initiative for Self-relianceBangladeshLaxmipur8 952
08AA0582009Bangladesh Disabled Development Trust BDDTInformation Communication Technology- ICT Training for the Persons With Disabilities- PWDsBangladeshDhaka9 996
09AF0842009Heri Women Group (HWG)Sunflower ProcessingTanzaniaIringa8 869
09AF0692009Kikundi cha jitihada walemavu Mvuti, KIJIWAMUsindikaji wa vyakula na ubangua wa korosho Food Processing and Peeling of Cashew NutsTanzaniaDar es Salaam7 118
09AF0122009Kikundi cha Mshikamano TunduruCitizen Secretarial ServicesTanzaniaTunduru-Ruvuma5 477
09AF0032009Tanzania Self Development Trust Fund (TASEDEFU)Disabled Youth Skills Development TrainingTanzaniaDar Es Salaam10 000
09AA016-HR2009Jatiyo Trinomul Protibandhi Sangstha"Strengthening capacity of disabled people for promotion of their rights "BangladeshDhaka10 000
08AF059-HR2009Eritrean National Association of the Deaf EriNADLiteracy project for Deaf women in Asmara, EritreaEritreaAsmara10 000
09AF034-HR2009Ogutarise Disable Women Center"Empowerment of Disabled Women and Girls "KenyaKisii10 840
08AF1302009The Welfare Society for the Disabled-Polio (WESOFOD-P)Micro Credit Scheme for Physically Challenged ParentsSierra LeoneLungi10 000
08AA0952009Cambodian Association for Disabled Relief CDRSewing skill Training courses to people with disabilitiesCambodiaKampong Speu Province11 075
09AA0352009Voice TrustFacilitating Federation of Disabled Women to Work Rights and Greater Self RelianceIndiaTiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu9 949
09AA0122009Protibandi Unnayan Sangstha (PUS)Development Program for the Person with DisabilitiesBangladeshJhalakathi10 123
08AF0442009Chawata Women Department KigomaWomen Disabled Oil Palm and Soap Making ProjectTanzaniaKigoma9 856
07EU01-HR2009Human Rights Information and Documentation Centre HRIDCLegal Aid for the Mentally Disabled Persons in GeorgiaGeorgiaTbilisi9 684
08AA090-HR2009The Azebaijan Campaign to Ban Landmines AzCBLLegal Awareness project What we should know for Persons with Disabilities and Landmine Survivors in AzerbaidjanAzerbaijanBaku7 588
09AF047-HR2009Information Centre on DisabilityPopularization of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with DisabilitiesTanzaniaDar es salaam16 303
09AF0482009Uwezo-Mix Dance Theatreparticipation in the 2009 World Dance Alliance Americas General AssemblyKenyaNairobi / Wisconsin-Madison6 327
07AF752009Kasempa Disabled SocietyDisabled Hammer MillZambiaNorth - Western Province7 950
09AF0062009Itamina natubalange Disabled OrganisatioPiggeryZambiaKasama5 400
08AA0882009Phong Dien District Blind Association Hoi Nguoi Mu Huyen Phong Dien Phong Dien Blind Associationfinancial Assistance to Phong Dien blind Association for Vocational training on toothpicks, Joss-sticks and Brooms MakingViet NamPhong Dien8 056
09AA0382009Filial Obstsestvennoi Organizatsii Slepyh Respubliki Tadzhikistana v gorode DushanbePriobretenie tehnologii Purhace of technologyTajikistanDushanbe12 350
09AA0092009Obstsestvo Invalidov Dzhirgatalskogo raionaSokrashenie urovnja bednosti invalidov posredstvomTajikistanDzhirgatalskogo raiona9 860
09AA0322009Krushna Seva SamithiComputer Hardware and Software Training Programme to Disabled Persons of Machilipatnam and aroundIndiaAndhra Pradesh9 035
09AA0312009Obstsestvennaja organisatsija zhenstsin- invalidov MALIKA OOJ I MALIKAIzgotovlenie shveinyh i vjazannyh izdelijTajikistanTursunzade8 773
08AA1062009Obshestvennoe Obedinenie AsylDobrye ruki the Good HandsKazakstanSemei9 403
07AF61-HR2009Disability Awareness Action Group DAAGAdvocacy for the Mainstreaming of people with disabilities in the Northern Province of Sierra LeoneSierra LeoneFreetown16 667
08AF125-HR2009Somaliland National Disability ForumStrengthening DPO's and Raising Human Rights Awareness and Promotion in SomalilandSomalia9 150
08AF107-HR2009Deaf Initiatives Network Kenya DINET KenyaDeaf Empowerment Towards Disability Human RightsKenyaNairobi10 000
07AF932009Lari Division Physically Disabled Self Help GroupDisabled Environmental Conservation and Livelihood Sustainability ProjectKenyaKagwe8 000
08EU022009Help the Life AssociationDisabled Youngsters with CameraAlbaniaTirana10 360
07AF262009The Welfare Society for the Disabled - WESOFOD - P Kambia DistrictIncome Generating for Mobility Impaired Persons in Kambia DistrictSierra LeoneFreetown9 580
08AA0792009Obshestvennoe obyedinenie Invalidov Kuat Organisation of people with disabilities KUATOrganizatsia komputernogo klassa dlja ljudei s ogranytshennymi vozmozhnostjami Computer training of people with disabilitiesKazakstanKaskelen9 656
08AA0682009Yayasan Mitra Netra Mitra Netra FoundationDevelopment of MBC 5 (Indonesian Braille Translation SoftwareIndonesiaJakarta Selatan11 394
07AA572009Lotos - Tsentr po voprosam invalidnosti Lotos- Disability Awareness and Learning CenterPut k nezavisimoi zhizni Way to the independent life Put k nezavisimoi zhizni - Way to the independet lifeAzerbaijanBaku9 885
08AF1362009The Bartimee Bethel Centre for the BlindAppui au Centre Bartimee par la formation et l'equipement en faveur du personnel enseignant et administratif Training of special teachers and equipment of the centre for the blindCongo Democratic Republic (Kinshasa)Kisangani9 960
08AA0302009Blind Education and Rehabilitation Development Organization (BERDO) Blind Education and Rehabilitation Development Organization (BERDO)Development of the Braille LibraryBangladesh8 820
08AA0412009Social reformation sevice institute Nepal (SI/NEPAL)Disability Empowerment Programme in Sindhuli DistrictNepalSindhuli8 845
08AA0392009Kyrgyzskoe obshestvo slepyh i gluhih Organization of Deaf and Blind People in KyrgyzstanInformatsionnaia rehabilitatsija nezrjatchih ljudei tcherez govorjashije knigi Informational rehabilitation of visually impaired people through audiobooks.Kyrgyz RepublicBishkek6 851
08AF0642009Samaritan Organization for Advocacy and Empowerment (SADEM)HIV/AIDS Sensitization for persons with Disabilities for Stigma and Discrimination ReductionKenyaNairobi11 437
09AF0192009Hope for our Children AssociationEstablishment of a Bakery Run by Persons with DisabilitiesEthiopiaAddis Ababa9 987
09AF0202009National Association of the Deafblind in Uganda, NADBUFounding General Assembly of African Federation of the DeafblindUgandaKampala28 000
09AA0032009Vishwa Shanthi Vikas Samithi, VSVSCapacity Building Activities for the Comprehensive Development of Disabled Girls through Vocational TrainingIndiaNalgonda, Andhra Pradesh9 061
08AF1422009Hargeisa Schooll for the deafEmpowering Youth and parents through the Formulation of a Standard Somali Sign LanguageSomalia8 945
08AF1272009Naluwoli Tweyambe association of the disEmpowering disabled PersonsUganda95 Kamuli10 344
08AF0982009Basa-Basa Club for the DisabledCarpentry and JoineryZambiaKasama10 330
08AF0722009Tanzania National Institute for the Blind (TNIB), Sumbawanga-Rukwa BranchHarvest of cooking oilTanzaniaSumbawanga-Rukwa9 180
08AF0392009Tanzania Association of the Deaf Mwanza Regional Office (CHAVITA)Training and Networking of Deaf People in Mwanza TanzaniaMwanza10 000
08AA1022009Disabled People's Organisation of Battambang (BDPO)Advocacy and awareness raising for people with disabilities and livelihood improvement through sewing skills developm Advocacy and awareness raising for people with disabilities and livelihood improvement through sewing skills development for women with disabilities in Battambang ProvinceCambodiaGroup 34,povitong street,chamkar Sarong 1Village,Battambang10 740
07AA832009Effort NepalEnhance the Capacity of BVI People's OrganisationNepalKathmandu10 007
07AA622009Nepal Disabled Women Association (NDWA)Empowerment of Women with Disabilities through Capacity Building and Income GenerationNepalKathmandu10 330
09AF0482009Uwezo-Mix Dance Theatreparticipation in the 2009 World Dance Alliance Americas General AssemblyKenia / USANairobi / Wisconsin-Madison6 327
07AF752009Kasempa Disabled SocietyDisabled Hammer MillZambiaNorth - Western Province7 950
09AF0062009Itamina natubalange Disabled OrganisatioPiggeryZambiaKasama5 400
08AA0882009Phong Dien District Blind Association Hoi Nguoi Mu Huyen Phong Dien Phong Dien Blind Associationfinancial Assistance to Phong Dien blind Association for Vocational training on toothpicks, Joss-sticks and Brooms MakingViet NamPhong Dien8 056
09AA0382009Filial Obstsestvennoi Organizatsii Slepyh Respubliki Tadzhikistana v gorode DushanbePriobretenie tehnologii Purhace of technologyTajikistanDushanbe12 350
09AA0092009Obstsestvo Invalidov Dzhirgatalskogo raionaSokrashenie urovnja bednosti invalidov posredstvomTajikistan9 860
09AA0322009Krushna Seva SamithiComputer Hardware and Software Training Programme to Disabled Persons of Machilipatnam and aroundIndiaAndhra Pradesh9 035
09AA0312009Obstsestvennaja organisatsija zhenstsin- invalidov MALIKA OOJ I MALIKAIzgotovlenie shveinyh i vjazannyh izdelijTajikistanTursunzade9 900
08AA1062009Obshestvennoe Obedinenie AsylDobrye ruki the Good HandsKazakstanSemei9 402
08AA1042009Parents Association for Children With Intellectual Disabilities(PACHID)Day care for children with disabilityCambodia2566,Phnom Penh 3,10 001
08AA1012009Cambodian Disabled People Development Federation CDDFPersons with disabilities development without discrimination in Collaboration with Authorities in Kampong Spue ProvinceCambodiaKampung Spue Province9 484
09AA0132009Protibondhi Narider Jatio Parishad National Council fo Disabled Women-NCDWEnhancing capacity of women with disabilities for bringing them into mainstreamBangladeshDhaka 12139 870
08AF0052008Mr. Chooma Kelvinstudies in Zambia Institute of Management National Accounting Technician CourseZambiaLusaka8 786
08AA0052008Disabled Peoples´ Internatioinal Asia-Pacific Region DPI Regional Development Office Regional Seminar on Capacity-building for National Disabled Peoples' Organisation in Promotion of The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disablilities CRPDThailandBangkok20 000
07EU032008Mtsvane Biliki NGO Integration of Disabled GeorgiaGori10 150
07AF1572008Attention to persons with Disabilities Organization (APDO)Skills training and income generation for persons with disabilitiesEthiopia Shashemne9 810
07AF1292008Tushikamane Group NjombeUshonaji kwa walemavu TailoringTanzaniaNjombe4 890
07AF1282008Kifanya Disabled Group Kikundi cha walemavu cha kifanyaGrain Milling MachineTanzaniaNjombe4 889
07AF1252008Sahil Handicap Organisation, SHOPromoting the Right to Education fro Children with Disabilities in SomalilandSomaliaBerbera9 438
07AF772008ZNAPH Zambia National Association of the Physically Handicapped Furniture Production UnitZambiaNdola10 000
07AF762008Twikatane Club for the DisabledTwikatane Club for the Disabled Poultry projectZambiaKasama7 652
07AF642008Central Kenya Region Deaf Development GroupIncome Generating Project for Deaf Men and Women in Central Kenya Deaf GroupKenyaNyeri9 383
07AF552008Jikwamue GroupManufacturers (Tailoring, Shoe Making and Carpentry)TanzaniaMbalizi, Mbeya8 217
07AF352008Makongeni Morthers with Children with Celebral Palsy Welfare GroupSocial Economic Empowerment of Mothers with Children with Celebral PalsyKenyaThika10 662
07AF212008Chawata Theatre Group MwanzaHIV/AIDS education and Prevention among the Disabled in MwanzaTanzaniaMwanza8 546
07AF032008Ubuntu Association of ZambiaLinkage of people with disabilities to existing supporting ServicesZambiaLusaka8 208
07AF012008Disabled Relief Association DRAVocational Skills and Entrepreneurship Training fro Disabled Women in Lufugu CampsTanzaniaKigoma8 220
07AA892008Almatynsky filial Obshestvennogo Objedinenija Kazahskoe obsthestvo slepyh Almaty branch of the Association of Blind PeopleNEZAVISIMAJA ZHIZN - NASHA TSEL Päämärämme on itsenäinen elämäKazakstanAlmaty8 349
07AA502008Umit-Nadezhda Umit-HopeRazvitie liderstva sredi invalidov c ogranychennymi vozmozhnostyami Training of the disbled leadersKazakstanKostanai7 797
07AA062008National Fellowship for the Advancement of visually handicapped NFAVHEmpowerment of the Persons with Disabilities by promoting their capacityBangladeshDhaka7 501
06AA25 2008Socioeconomic development association for disabled SEDADRequest for financial assistance for the development of the disable people in Shibchar sub-district under Madaripur district in BangladeshBangladeshDhaka9 627
08AF0092008Hope for the Blind and Handicapped Rehabilitating AssociationEstablishment of wood work in the centerEthiopiaAddis Ababa7 646
08AF0072008Finote Rehabilitation Association for Women with DisabilitiesBasic Business SkillEthiopiaAddis Ababa10 000
08AF0062008World Blind Union HeadquartersSupporting delegates from lowest HDI developing countries to the World Blind Union Women´s Forum and General AssemblyToronto, Ontario15 000
08AA0092008Development, Equality & Emancipation for disadvantaged people in BangladeshSkill Development and economic self-reliance for persons with disabilitiesBangladeshDhaka9 066
08AA0082008Human Rights Protection Foundation DIRCHELISH The Social and Psychological Rehabilitation Center of the YouthCultivation and production of sweeping brooms as an income-generatingliving opportunity for eight disabled people in Girag Kesemen village (Agstafa district, Azerbaidjan)AzerbaijanBaku8 639
08AA0062008Obshestvennoe objedinenie invalidov imejushih vyshee obrazovanie NAMYS Association of disabled students NAMYS, AlmatyPodderzhka dejatelnosti Informatsionnoi seti kak effektivnogo instrumenta v reshenii problem invalidov...KazakstanAlmaty, Kazakhstan8 123
08AA0022008Hanoi Disabled People Association DP HanoiCapacity building for Hanoi Disabled People AssociationViet NamHanoi10 000
07AM082008Asociación Cooperativa del Grupo Independiente ProRehabilitación Integral ACOGIPRI de R.L.Fortalecimiento de la capacidad productiva y comercial de ACOGIPRI de R.L.El SalvadorSan Salvador12 413
07AM042008Federación Departamental de Personas con Discapacidad de Puno FEDDIP Punon departementin vammaisten liittoFortalecimiento de Capacidad Organizacional de las Personas con Discapacidad Vammaisjärjestöjen kapasiteetin vahvistaminen Punon alueella PerussaPeruPuno10 000
07AF1652008Disacare Wheelchair CentreRenovation of Guest HousesZambiaLusaka9 095
07AF1432008Legal Action for Persons with Disabilities Uganda, LAPDUGRegional Human Rights and Legal Advocacy for Implementation of Existing Legislations on Disability in UgandaUgandaKampala9 698
07AF1302008Tanzania League of the Blind Iringa Branch, Sisi kwa sisi group TLB, Iringa BranchMradi wa Ng'ombe Dairy CattleTanzaniaIringa7 677
07AF1012008Kapchorwa District Disabled Persons UnionRights Initiatives for persons with Disabilities (RIPAD)UgandaKapchorwa10 825
07AF582008Tanzania Association of the Deaf CHAVITA, IringaPoverty Reduction and Empowerment TrainingsTanzaniaIringa10 197
07AA852008Mediko-Sotsialnaya Reabilitatsiya detei-c ogranychennymi vozmozhnostyami"Vypusk metodicheskih posobij ""Reabilitatsija DOV Medical and social rehabilitation of disabled children Parafsho"TajikistanDushanbe9 400
07AA812008Indian Agricultural Development Foundation, IADFSkill Upgradation Training and Micro-CreditIndiaMadurai7 836
07AA632008DilbozLepeshnyj tseh BakeryTajikistanDushanbe9 750
07AA252008Institute of Research and Development for the Rural Poor-Trust, IRDRP-TrustPrevent and support physically challenged person in rural parts for their empowermentIndiaChennai10 000
07AA102008Nawalparasi Association ot the Deaf NADEmpowering Deaf Community through Sign Language Training et Educational DevelopmentNepalKathmandu5 877
06AF1022008Tanzania Federation of Disabled People's Organisation Shivyawata, TaboraEnhancement of Economic Welfare of Disabled Women in Tabora RegionTanzaniaTabora6 969
06AF722008Integrated Youth Volunteer Foundation (I.Y.V.F)Poverty Alleviation by Disability in CameroonCameroon8 507
06AF672008Wusate Birhan Abera Music Training Center for the Visually ImpairedTraining for graduate students of the Wusate Birhan Abera Music Training CenterEthiopiaAddis Ababa9 677
08AF0532008Kikundi cha sanaa na maonesho cha wasioona (KISAMAWA)Mafunzo ya sanaa na maonesho kwa wasioona Art performance training for blind peopleTanzaniaDar es Salaam8 455
08AF0512008Disabled Women for Bread Surviving OrganisationDisables Protection through Income Generation ProjectSomaliaJanaale10 200
08AF0472008Tanzania Resource and Assessment Centre for Disabled Children (TRACED)Training in Entrepreneurship for 50 Parents of Children with DisabilityTanzaniaDar es Salaam7 935
08AF0432008African Union of the BlindWequipping visually impaired women with skills in communication and advocacy as a tool for transformative development in the societyKenyaNairobi10000
08AF0382008Tanzania Albino Society (TAS)Community Animation of the Basic Rights of Albino People in Shinyanga RegionTanzaniaShinyanga3 039
08AF0372008Apac Disabled Women Association, CADWOAAnimal TractionUgandaApac7 280
08AF0362008Can pe Cwalo Kwena Disabled GroupOx-cultivation (animal traction) ProjectUgandaGulu7 882
08AF0132008Mbita Disabled Self Help GroupEmpowerment of the Disabled Persons through Job Creation and Self EmploymentKenyaMbita, Suba District9 047
08AF0082008Karamara Cattle Fattening Cooperative Association of Persons with Disabilities KaramaraEnhancing Activities of Karamara Cattle Fattening Cooperative Association of Persons with DisabilitiesEthiopiaAddis Ababa9 800
08AA0292008Stepnogorskoe gorodskoe obschestvo invalidov s narusheniem oporno-dvigatel nogo apparrata Erlik Assosiation of physically impaired Erlik in the city of StepnogorskMini-masterskaia po remontu abtomobilei s rutchnym upravleniem Workshop for repairing cars with manual control.KazakstanStepnogorsk3 297
08AA0242008Literate Welfare Association LAWCBR of 20 PWDs for Independent Living by IGAIndiaAundipatty, T.K.1 620
08AA0222008Dushanbe Association of Disabled PeopleCentral Asian Forum of DPOsTadjikistanDushanbe9 250
07EU042008Humanitarian Organization PARTNERPromotion of social service for personal assistanceBosnia-HerzegovinaBanja Luka10 000
07AF1472008Isiolo welfare group of the disabled IWGDEconomical empowerment of the disabled personsKenyaIsiolo8 729
07AF1402008Disability Relief ServiceSustainable Entrepreneurship Support among Disabled WomenTanzaniaMwanza8 993
07AF1382008Jikomboe GroupVegetable & Fruits Garden HorticultureTanzaniaKigoma9 145
07AF1342008Community Based Rehabilitation InitiativeMobility and Basic Life Skills Training for the Blind and Profound Low Vision Persons in the Jasikan District of Volta Region of GhanaGhanaJasikan Buem, Volta Region9 994
07AF832008Uwezo-Mix Dance TheatreReaching Beyond LimitsKenyaNairobi8 491
06AF1282008Kadjebi Disabled Peoples´ MovementSkill acquisition training for disabled youthGhanaKadjebi-Akan, Volta Region7 340
06AF1122008Association for the Empowerment of Disabled Persons AEDPThe AEDP - Sustainable Poultry Development ProjectGhanaTwifo Praso, Central Region10 000
06AF892008Tamale West Disabled Women AssociationWomen Bridging the Gap ProgrammeGhanaTamale9 000
06AF462008Ocok-Can Disabled GroupOcok-Can Disabled Group Ox-cultivation ProjectUgandaApac10 200
08EU012008National Association for People with Mental Handicap (NAPMH), Albania Tirana Branch The continuation of the work of the flexible polyvalent day center for persons with mental handicap of Tirana City and periphery Aged 12-45 years oldAlbaniaTirana10 000
08AF0952008Baco Blinds Handcrafts Cooperative Association Training and Rehabilitation of Disabled Peoples on Small Scale Modern Hand Weaving Textile Production in Baco Area EthiopiaBaco10 000
08AF0932008Ethiopian Center for Disability and Development ECDD Training for Inclusive Development EthiopiaAddis Ababa20 000
08AF0902008Ghana Society of the Physically Disabled GSPD Presentation of Presidential Aspirants´ Policies for Persons with Disability GhanaAccra3 010
08AF0792008BADE Organisation Increase Access of Education to Hearing Impaired Children, Teachers, their Parents and Vocational SkillsSomalimaaHargeisa9 800
08AF0272008Mapalo Club/Mapalo Day Care Centre Care and Support to Severely Disabled Children / Hammer MillZambiaKasama9 012
08AF0232008Self-Support Disabled Group SSDG Weaving Training for Persons with Disabilities EthiopiaAddis Ababa9 458
08AF0222008Association to Support Disabled Women ASDW Training and Self-Employment in Bamboo Work EthiopiaAddis Ababa8 522
08AF0012008Voice of Somaliland Minority Women Organization, VOSOMWO Advocacy for Equal Rights, Education and Jobs for PWDs SomalimaaHargeisa9 980
08AA0642008Disabled Peoples´ International DPI Asia-Pacific Regional Development OfficeInternship Program for Young PWD Leaders of Independent Living Centers in Asia-Pacific RegionThailandNonthapuri10 500
08AA0622008VIKASHStrengthening of Disabled Persons Association IntiaOrissa9 315
08AA0472008Tangail Disabled Peoples Organization to Development (Tangail- DPOD) Development for Self-dependence & Empowerment of the Disabled (DSED)BangladeshTangail8 041
08AA0282008Molodeznyj obshestvennyi fond invalidov po zreniju Zardem goroda Taldykorgan Youth Foundation of visually impaired Obutchajushii seminar treining Integratsija invalidov po zreniju Almatinskoi oblasti putem obutchenija ih rabote s tiflokomputerom i tsifrovymi nasiteljami Training seminar Integration of visually KazakstanTaldykorgan8 644
08AA0262008Obshestvennoe objedinenie zhenzin invalidov “Karlygash” goroda Taldykorgan Association of disabled women Karlygash in the city of Taldykorgan)Obutchajushij seminar-trening dlya zhenzin c ogranichennymi vozmoznostjami Taldykorganskogo regiona Training seminar for disabled women in Taldykorgan regionKazakstanTaldykorgan10 055
08AA0102008Sylhet Jubo Academy (SJA) Deaf in Literacy and Rights Academy BangladeshSylhet9 596
08AA0042008Disable & Helpless Rehabilitation Service Center Nepal, Dharan DHERSECWheelchairs To Go NepalDharan, Itä-Nepal10 035
07AF1452008Tado Self Help Group HIV/AIDS Awareness Training Seminar KenyaSuna-Migori6 781
07AF922008Kamburu Disabled Persons Self Help Group Improved Livelihood Options for Disabled Persons in Kamburu KeniaGithunguri8 500
07AF742008Youth for Education and Health Foundation Empowering Disabled People through Vocational Training GhanaTamale9 360
07AF432008Kenya National Deaf Women Peace Network (KNDWOPNET)Teenage Deaf Women Empowerment through Provision of HIV/AIDS Counselling Education KenyaNairobi8 000
07AF272008Sierra Leone Union of Polio Persons SLUPP Human Rights Sensitization Documentation and ReportingSierra LeoneFreetown18 185
07AA692008The Arab Organisation of Disabled People AODP The Arab Conference on Disability: Implementing the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in the Arab world: Partnerships, Strategies and Action, Towards a regional monitoring unit to the convention and the Arab decadeLebanonBeirut20 000
07AA512008Union Partnership for Equal Rights (PERPromotion Human Rights of Mentally Disabled through Developing Self help Groups GeorgiaTbilisi10 085
06AF882008Technical Aid for Disabled Community Organization TADWO Electric Power Projection System for Disabled People Project SomaliaWanlewey10 000
08AF1162008Somaliland Advocacy Mine Victim Association (Somaliland National Disability Forum)Employment Generation and Rights Awareness for Mine Victims EmpowermentSomaliaHargeisa7 849
08AF1002008Somaliland Women and Children with Disabilities, HANRevolving Fund for Business PWDs IGASomaliaHargeisa7 642
08AF0962008The Ethiopia National Association of the Blind South Wollo BranchTraining and rehabilitation for the blind persons on palm productsEthiopia8743
08AF0502008Banadir Disabled Concern Organization, BADCOJob Formation for Disabled WomenSomaliaMogadishu10 100
08AA0272008OO Assosiatsiya invalidov Akniet Association of disabled people AknietOrganisatsiya komputernogo klassa dlya lyudei s ogranitchennymi vozmoznostyami Organisation of computer classes for disabled personsKazakstan9509
07AF1242008Alkownin Women Voluntary Organization AWVOSkill Training for Women with DisabilitiesSomaliaHargeisa9 229
08AF131-HR2008Ethiopians for Ethiopians-Ethiopia EFEEDisability centred interactive live radio calling projectEthiopiaAddis Ababa9 862
07AA61-HR 2008Obshestvo Invalidov Kurgan-Tube Obshestvennog Obyedinenie Invalidov Tadzhikistana Association of disabled People in City KurganTubeZashita prav i nezavisimosti obraza zhizni Invalidov Kurgan-Tjubinskoi zoni Khatlonskoi oblasti RT Advocacy of legal rights and model of the independent lifeTajikistanKurgan-Tube Tajikistan9 844
07AA842008Dynamic Society of BVI PeopleEnhance the Capacity of BVI People OrganizationNepalRamechap10 455
08AA1002008Representative Self-Help Disabilities Organisation Batheay District RSDOBPromoting Living Standard of Persons with Disabilities through Appropriete Training SkillsCambodiaKampong Cham Province10 112
08AA0982008Khmer Disabled Women ans Children Development Forum KDWCDFAwareness raising of rights of persons with disabilities and livelihood improvement of women and children with disabilities in Svay Rieng province Rekisteröinti meneillään, ei vielä vahvistettu.CambodiaBak Ronas village9 422
08AA0652008The Cambodian Independent Living Center CILCPrinting house for Indepndent Living of People with Disabilities PHILIPDCambodiaPhnom Penh City11 318
07AF1632008Liberia Christian Handicapped Organization ( LICHO)EMPOWERING THE DISABLED THROUGH TAILORINGLiberiaMonrovia 109 000
07AF1362008Mwanamke Mlemavu Ajitegemee Centre MMAJICMwanamke Mlemavu Ajitegemee CentreTanzaniaMusoma9 397
07AF1352008Tanzania Association for Mentally Handicapped, Sengerema TAMH , SengeremaBrick BurningTanzaniaSengerema - Mwanza2 857
08AF1322008Disabled Persons and Partners Construction Works Producers Cooperative UnionStarting pre-cast training and production workEthiopiaAddis Ababa10 000
07AF1442008Tanira Disability GroupAgro Farming and Animal TractionUgandaMoyo10 000
08AA0942008Sri Nrusingha Dev Anchalika Yuba Parisada, SNDAYPCommunity Based Socio-Economic Empowerment of PWDsIndiaOrissa - PIN-7520028 944
08AF0572008Lubanga Aye Poko Too-Wang AssociationModern FarmingUgandaPader9 325
08AA0012008Hoang Mai District Blind AssociationIINFORMATICS AND COMPUTING TRAINING FOR YOUNG VISUALLY IMAPAIRED PERSONS of Hoang Mai Blind AssociationViet NamHanoi9 996
07AA652008Darvozskoe Obshestvo Invalidov GBAO"Trudolybivye pchely pomogut lydyam SOB Työteliäät mehiläiset auttavat vammaisia"""" Hardworking bees will help diasbled people"TajikistanDushanbe10 395
07AA372008"Obshestvennyj Fond DAO"" invalidov G. Tokmak i Tschuisky oblast"" OF DAO Non governemental Fond of Disabled in the City of Tokmak and Tschuisky dis"Tjazhelo menjat, nichego ne menjaja Difficult to chanche if you do not change anything It is difficult to change with changing nothingKyrgyz Republic8 155
08AA0962008Cambodian Disabled People´s Organisation CDPODisabled People´s Organisation Network supportCambodiaPhnom Penh9 994
08AA0812008Sojuz invalidov Issykkulskoi oblasti RAVENSTVOZivi i pobezdai!!! Uslugi Sotsialnogo taksi Taxi servise project for disabled persons. Hakemus tullut sähköpostillaKyrgyz RepublicKarakol, Issykkul region9 960
08AA0672008Nepal National Federation of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (NFDH)Sign Language Development through Illustration of New Signs Saapunut sähköpostilla Leenalle 16.7.2008. Luvanneet lähettää ref. kirjeet postilla hakemuksen mukana.NepalKathmandu8 697
08AA0572008Mymensingh Disabled People's Organization to DevelopmentIntegrate the Persons with Disabilities in Development process through Capacity BuildingBangladeshMymensingh9 084
08AA0562008Kampan Shechchashebi Shangstha (KSS)Community based development program for the persons with disabilitiesBangladeshKushtia9 060
08AA0552008Udayan Protibondhi Unnayan Shangathan (UPUS)Promoting the rights of disabled people sensitizing the societyBangladeshNatore8 456
08AA0542008Akota Protibondhi Unnayan Shangathan (APUS)Ensuring the rights of disabled people with active participationBangladeshNatore7 190
08AA0522008Jagoron Protibondhi Unnayan Shangathan (JPUS)Promoting disabled people's rights with active participationBangladeshNatore Sadar, Natore, Bangladesh9 080
08AA0492008Manikganj Disabled Peoples' Organization to Development (MDPOD)Empowerment & Mainstream Development of the Grassroots disabled people (EMDG)BangladeshManikganj9 942
08AA0382008Obshestvennoe objedinenie Baldar - omur bulagy Assosiation BaldarRavnye prava k obrazovaniju - put k uspekhu Equal Rights to Basic Education - road to successKyrgyz Republic9 569
08AF0702008Kikundi cha Wanawake Viziwi, CHAVITA Deaf Women GroupTailoring, hand looming and boutiqueTanzaniaDar es Salaam5 752
08AF0482008Tanzania Association of the Deaf CHAVITA/Morogoro BranchSign Language Training Enhancement to Supporters of Deaf Peoplein the Community of MorogoroTanzaniaMorogoro9 115
08AF0412008Tanzania Albino Society Mwanza Region (TAS)Poverty Reduction to the Society of Albino in Mwanza RegionTanzaniaKirumba, Mwanza Region9 015
08AF0282008Tanzania National Institute for the Blind, West ZoneSustainable AgricultureTanzaniaTabora6 000
07AF152007Kumi Disabled Women association KUDIWAKumi Disabled Women goat rearing projectUgandaKumi3 538
07AF142007Masaka District Women Organisation MADIWA 075 2 810 681Piggery and poultry -projectUgandaMasaka8 304
07AF092007ZNAPH Bwacha GroupZNAPH Buyantanshi Project of the Disabled ZambiaKabwe7 810
07AF082007Tanzania Solidarity & Development Forum of the Disabled FUMMAWATATraining of Persons with Disabilities in the Business Planning Management, Entrepreneurship and Customer CareTanzaniaDar Es Salaam10000
07AA032007New Organisation of the Women's Educated Level NOWEL SocietySustainable Economic Self among blinds of peripheral of DIndigul -IndiaDindigul3 580
06AM162007Círculo de Mujeres con Discapacidad, Inc CIMUDISProyecto Piloto de Capacitación Tecnica en Informatica para Personas con Discapacidad y sus Familiares en la Republica Dominicana Pilot Project on Capacity Building in the Information Technology for Persons with Disability and their Relatives in DominicanDominican RepublicSanto Domingo8940
06AF1182007Tanzania League of the Blind, Tabora Branch TLB, TaboraCapacity Building for Leaders of Blind GroupsTanzaniaTabora6532
06AF992007Disabled Partners in Development Self-Help GroupBusiness Economic Empowerment Scheme BEES ProjectKenyaHoma-Bay10000
06AF902007Assist People with Disability MwanzaCreation and Supervision of Small Projects TanzaniaMwanza5 392
06AF832007Tanzania Association of the Disabled, Tabora Branch, CHAWATAWorkshop Rehabilitation Project for Disabled People TanzaniaTabora7 740
06AA902007Zhenshin-invalidov Altyn-Aj G. Ust-Kamenogorska"Seminar-trening Raznyje i ravnyje Workshop Different and equal"" "Kazakstan9990
06AA862007OO Nezavisimaja obsehstvennaja organisat zhenshin-invalidov Issyk-Kulskogo raiona Independet Organisation of the Disabled Women in Issyk-Kul regionSotsialno orbrazovatelnyj centr dlja detei i zhenshin invalidov Issyk-Kulskogo raiona Social and trainig center for the disabled children and women in Issyk-Kulsky regKyrgyz Republic9916
06AA412007Bagmati welfare Society Nepal (BWS-Nepal)Raising the status of the disabled through rehabilitation and empowermentNepal9 974
06AA372007Development of Disabled"Awareness program to educate rural communities to stop considering disability a social abuse"""" "PakistanFaisalabad7 287
06AA222007NPO Detei invalidov DILSHOD NGO Disable ChildrenRazviteie ravnyh vozmozhnostei detei invalidov Support of the right of the disabled childrenTajikistanVahshisky raion9992
05AF962007ZNAPH Nadezwe BranchInstillation of a Wind-Mill/Fish and vegetable farming ZambiaMazabuka10000
05AF832007Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation in SomalilandIncome Generation and Skill Development Project for Disabled Women and Girls SomalimaaHargeisa10000
04AF1052007Kowuor Woodworks Jua Kali GroupSustainable Micro-Industries Development Project in Carpentry, Tailoring, Leatherworks Brick Making and Basketry KenyaKisii6 970
04AF592007Mung'ungu Handicapped Self Help GroupTraining Programme KenyaMumias9 165
07AF052007Victoria Disabled ScoutsTraditional HandicraftsTanzaniaDar es Salaam9 514
07AA132007OO invalodov opornikov ErlikObuchajushij seminar-trening dlja invalidy opornikiKazakstanG Taldykorgan9 416
06AF1242007Upendo Women Disabled KigomaSewing Shop IndustryTanzaniaKigoma8 456
06AA742007National Accessibility Foundation for Afghan Disabled NAFADRamping Schools for Afghan Disabled StudentsAfghanistanKabul10 629
06AA102007NNO Tsentr Rishtanskoi KeramikiSozdanie tsentra keramicheskogo proiszvodstvaUzbekistanRishtan7 900
04AF502007Disabled Women Support OrganisationSoap Making ProjectsZimbabweHarare500
07AF682007Uganda Parents with Deafblind Children Association Revolving Loan Scheme ProjectUgandaKampala7 500
07AF672007Youth and Persons with Disability Integrated Development Ass. YOPDIDAPoverty Eradiction and Empowerment of PWD Households in Kayunga DistrictUgandaKayunga Bugerere9 785
07AF632007Meketa Disabled Handicraft and Industry Cooperative MEDHACEstablishing Meketa Tyre Repair and Car Wash Shop run by Disabled PeopleEthiopiaAddis Ababa9 000
07AF622007Cheshire Foundation EthiopiaEnhancing Destitute Female with Disabilities Self RelianceEthiopiaAddis Ababa8 946
07AF522007Appropriate Paper Technology, APTERSProvision of Mobility Aids to Children with Disabilities Aged between 0-18 yeras in Choma and LivingstoneZambiaLusaka8 300
07AF412007Kilimanjaro Association of the Spinally Injured KASITie-Dye and Batik Production by Disabled EntrepreneursTanzaniaMoshi9 348
07AF132007Adjumani Disabled Women AssociationPoultryUgandaAdjumani5 165
07AA362007She Hope SocietyKashmir Outreach Rehabilitation ProjectIndiaKashmir10 000
07AA352007Asha Apanga Kendra Hope Asha Disability CenterVocational Training Project for People Living with Disability in Gulmi District NepalNepalGulmi District10 000
07AA292007DPI HeadquartersPersons with Disabilities - Assembling to Inform and Strategize: Convention on the Rights of Persons with DisabilitiesCanada30 000
07AA112007Anjuman-e Majubin-e Afghanistan ADU Afghan Disabled Union ADUCapacity building and Job placement training for landmine survivors and other persons with disabilities. AfghanistanKabul10 005
07AA052007National Employment Promotion and Research Association ot the Disabled NEPRADFormation of Self-help Group for Employment and Advocacy Inititative Formation of Self-help Group (FSG) for employment and advocacy initiativeNepalKathmandu10 192
06EU032007SaqarTvelos invalid qalTa saer TaSoriso asociacia Georgian Disabled Womens's International AssociationEducation for Independent Life GeorgiaTbilisi9 955
06AM142007Federacao Nacional de Educacao e Integracao dos Surdos FENEISFotoLibras Promoting self-expression, self-esteem and inclusion through the creation of photographic images by young deaf peopleBrazilRefice, PE9 590
06AF1452007Tanzania Association of Deaf Chama cha Viziwi Chavita KigomaSupporting Deaf People in Kigoma Rural District through Awareness and AdvocacyTanzaniaKigoma8 304
06AF1192007Tanzania League of the Blind, Uyui Branch, Women Section TLB, UyuiCapacity Building for Blind Women GroupsTanzaniaTabora6 959
06AF982007Malawi Union of the Blind MUBAdult Literacy for Blind and Visually ImpairedMalawiLimbe9 994
06AF692007Birhan Taye Leprosy Disabled Persons Help - Help Work GroupProvision of Cafeteria Services for PublicEthiopiaAddis Ababa8 117
06AF662007Chereka Leprosy Patients´ Multipurpose Works AssociationExpansion of shower service for publicEthiopiaAddis Ababa8 360
06AF572007Tanzania Albinos Society TAS, TaboraHealth Education for AlbinosTanzaniaTabora3 648
06AF392007Samaita-Maita Development Services, SMDSProduction of Essential Oils from FlowersSouth AfricaEast London13 995
06AF232007Parents of Disabled Children Ass of MalaBack to School Campaign for Children with DisabilitiesMalawiBlantyre7 336
07AF95-HR2007Disability Action Network, DAN Advocacy, Training and Media Project to make the UN Convention on Rights of PWDs Acknowledged in SomalilandSomalilandHargeisa10 000
07AF100-HR2007Sembabule District of Women with Disabilities (SEDAWOD) Lobbying and Advocacy on Human Rights of People with Disabilities UgandaMasaka11 620
06AA20-HR2007"Obshestvennyj fond Okazanie juridichesk pomoshi invalidam"""""Pravo ljudei s ogranychennymi vozmozhnostjamiKyrgyzstanBishkek9 574
07AM032007Latin American Region of DPICapacity Building on Human Rights, Project Management and Organizational Management PeruLima25 931
07AF1122007Disabled Women Support Organisation DWSO DWSOSoap Making Projects - 2ZimbabweHarare7 600
07AF1052007Resource Center for Visually Impaired Children of Hosanna and its AreasEstablishing a resource center for visually impaired children of Hosanna and its areasEthiopiaHosaana5 000
07AF1032007Ethiopian National Association for Mentally Retarded Children & YouthModern Weaving Training Project for Youth with Mental RetardationEthiopiaAddis Ababa10 000
07AF972007The Pan Africa Wheelchair Builders Association (PAWBA) 4th All Africa Wheel Chair Congress TanzaniaMoshi17 672
07AF592007Tanzania Association of the Disabled Chama Cha Walemavu Mkoa Chawata, IringaHIV/AIDS Education to People with DisabilitiesTanzaniaIringa9 218
07AF072007Tanzania Albinos Society National/Dar es Salaam TAS, NationalTraining on Control and Prevention of HIV/AIDS to People with AlbinismTanzaniaDar es Salaam5 712
07AA522007Society for Integrated Development and Social Action, SIDSATargeting Women with DisabilitiesIndiaKolkata rural10 000
07AA482007Liga zhenshin s ogranychennymi vozmozhno stjami League of disabled womenWomen in ActionTajikistanDushanbe20 490
06AF1522007Tanzania Association for Mentally Handicapped - Kirumba TAMH - KirumbaImproved Living Standard of TAMH Members and Their FamiliesTanzaniaMwanza3 712
06AF1512007Mwanza Marignalized Communities' Centre for Community InitiativesWheelchair and Tricycle ProductionTanzaniaMwanza8 830
06AF872007Fort Hares' Flori-Organic GardensTailoring and Carpentry project ZambiaMpika3 320
06AF732007SHIVYAWATA, Shinyanga ShinyangaHIV/AIDS Advocacy, Prevention, Care and Support in 4 districts around ShinyangaTanzaniaShinyanga7 330
07AF99-HR2007Mityana Disabled Women's AssociationInfringement of the Rights of Women and Children/Girls (Human Rights)UgandaMityana8 936
07AA58-HR2007SigmaKONVENTSIA ConventionTajikistanDushanbe9 795
06EU06-HR2007Centre of Legal Assistance for People with Disabilities Training trainers in the area of protection and promotion of the rights of people with disabilitiesMoldovaChisinau9 270
07AF942007Zambia National Association of the Physically Handicapped Chingazi branchPiggeryZambiaEast Province, near Chipata5 175
07AF602007Wende GroupPoultry KeepingTanzaniaIringa5 602
07AF542007Iwambi Disabled Group Kikundi Cha Walemavu Iwambi Mbeya KiwaimbeTailoring and Shoe MakingTanzaniaMbeya7 614
07AF532007Peramiho Disabled Persons Action PedipaWorkshop Centre for Tailoring, Metal works and HandloomingTanzaniaPeramiho9 475
07AF1422007Support Association for Children with Disabilities, SACDGoat Rearing projectUgandaMasindi9 942
07AF1072007Groupement de Femme en Situation d'HandicapAppui aux activités des femmes en situationCongo Democratic Republic (Kinshasa)Kisangani10 316
07AF1042007Felege Ethiopia Prevention of HIV/AIDS and Rehabilitation for Persons with DisabilitiesEstablishment and Running of an Accessible Secretarial Service for the PublicEthiopiaAddis Ababa9 008
07AF1022007Ethiopian National Association of the DeafCapacity Building for ENAD Pre-School for Deaf ChildrenEthiopiaAddis Ababa11 000
07AA492007"Obshestvennyj fond Beypil"" - Reabilita sionnyj tsentr dlja detei invalidov"" Beypil Rehabilitation centr of Disabled childre"Vera v budushee Faith in the FutureKyrgyz Republicc Bokonbayevo9 995
07AA242007Society for Awareness and Development of Disabled SADDCapacity building of people with disabilities for self help developmentBangladeshDhaka9 015
07AA172007Obshestvo Invalidov Rashtskogo raiona OI R raion DPO in Rashtsky regionPodsobnoe hozjaistvo po kozovodstvu Goat rearing -projectTajikistan7 300
07AA022007Mother Theresa Mahila MandaliPromoting Self-Employment of Disabled Women through Income Generation ActivitiesIndia8 674
06AF1372007Sidoka Women GroupGroundnut and Sweet Potato FarmingKenyaRongo7 322
06AF1272007Teko Moriw Women GroupMilk for Better LifeKenyaRongo8 030
06AA782007Mass Empowerment for Growth Alternatives MAEGA TRUSTEmpowering Physically Challanged Persons in Holistic Development in Kanchipuram DistrictIndiaChennai - 8 772
06AA552007Obshestvennoe Obyedinenie TsefeiAccesible life for the people with disabilitiesKyrgyzstanKerben9 333
06AF132006Tanzania Federation of Disabled People Organization, SHIVYAWATA Dar es SalaamJoint Mobilization Workshop for Parliamentarians and Leaders of DPOs in TanzaniaTanzaniaDar es Salaam10 000
06AF092006Mama Nisaidie GroupRehabilitation of Tailoring and Training CentreTanzaniaTemeke6 233
06AA242006The Arab Organisation of Disabled People AODP"First Conference for the inauguration of the Arab Women´s Forum of Women with Disability, (AFOWD) Putting Ourselves in the Picture"""""LebanonBeirut20 000
06AA172006Malankara Social Service SocietySupport Programme for Women with Disability Support Programme for Women with DisabilityIndiaTrivandrum9 524
06AA162006Fazal IshratTo develop inter-personal communication skills through guidance and counseling program among desperate and negleted disabled womenPakistanFaisalabad3 023
06AA152006Rural Education and Action Development READEmpowering Persons with Disabilities Through self-help actionIndiaTamil Nadu9 350
06AA062006Rural Small Industries Development Society RSIDSFood Security Programme to Disabled through Micro FinanceIndiaShittoor District8 584
06AA012006Informatsionno-pravovoi tsentr po delam invalidov Filial NOIT"Perevod Knigi Kalle Könkkölä "" Translation ot the book Kalle Kökkölä The World became my room""."""TajikistanDushanbe5 680
05EU012006FenixOffice and Social Space for FenixSerbia and MontenegroPirot9 493
05AF982006Luwero - Katikamu Disabled Women AssociationSustainable Organic AgricultureUgandaWobulenzi10 028
05AF972006Kabwe Community Initiative for the DisabledMusic ProjectZambiaKabwe9 118
05AF782006Chikondi Amasiye Widows ProjectPurhase of House to Work fromZambiaLusaka12 000
05AF762006Kigamboni Pupils' Care KIPUCATailoring Mart CenterTanzaniaTemeke4 656
05AF702006The Welfare Society for the Disabled- Polio (WESOFOD-P)Campaign for the equalization of opportunities for the physically challengedSierra LeoneLungi9 738
05AF622006Ghana Association of The BlindSmall-Scale Enterprise Financing for Skilled Blind/Visually Impaired PersonsGhanaHo8 865
05AF1012006Lira District Disabled Women AssociationGoats Rearing ProjectUgandaLira9 830
05AA722006Obshestvo invalidov Samarkandskoi oblast DPO of Samarkand regionProvedenie I-ogo Natsionalnogo foruma alja uluchenia polozhenii LCOV First national forum for people with disabilities in UzbekistanUzbekistanSamarkand9 350
05AA672006Obshestvo invalidov Nosir Hisravskogo raiona Association of disabled in Nosir Hisravsky regionNadejda HopeTajikistanDjamoat Komsomol6 740
05AA612006SigmaRassvet - DawnTajikistanDushanbe9 998
05AA592006Special Olympics Tajikistan SOT Special Olympics TajikistanaRavnie prava i vozmoshnosti dlja ljudei c ogranichennymi intellektualnymi vozmozhnostjami. Equal opportunities for people with learning disabilitiesTajikistanDushanbe10 000
05AA492006Nepal Awakening Society for Development NASD"An Extension of An Appropriate Skille"""NepalKathmandu21 346
05AA412006Associatisija roditelei detei-invalidov ARDI Association of the parents of disabled cildrenSozdanien videostudii molodyh invalidov NOVYJ MIR Videostudio for the young desabled peopleKazakstanAlmaty10 000
05AA352006Concerned Students With Disabilities network INC CODES Network Inc.Youth with Disability Trainings and Job-Placement ProgramPhilippinesQuezon City10 992
05AA272006Independent Association for Disabled People of Kyrgyzstan RNAIObespechenie ravnyh vozmojnostei v TSNJ Support to equal rights in IL-center in Kyrgyzstan Obespechenie ravnyh vozmojnostei v TSNJ invalidov KyrgyzstanaKyrgyz RepublicBishkek City9 630
05AA222006Dushanbinskaja territorialnaja pervychna organistatsija Obshestva slepyh Kultura i obrazovanie (Culture and education)TajikistanDushanbe5 438
04AF692006Kigoma Disabled Survival GroupDisabled Peoples' Grinding and PesteringTanzaniaKigoma10 000
04AF612006Tanzania National Institute for the Blind, TNIB Training in Batic, Dye & Tie Making and Hand LoomingTanzaniaDar es Salaam8 189
06AM022006Concejo General de Organizaciones de Ciegos de Nicaragua Central Council of Organizations of the Blind in NicaraguaApoyo al funcionamiento del Centro Nacional de Rehabilitación para Personas Ciegas y con Baja Vision de Nicaragua. Tukea näkövammaisten kuntoutuskeskuksen toiminnalleNicaraguaEstelí8 203
06AM012006Región Latinoamericana de la Organización Mundial de Personas con Discapacidad OMPD - DPI Proyecto de Capacitación en Derechos Humanos, Gestión de Proyectos y Gestón Institucional, Capacity Building in Human Rights, Project Management and Organizational Management in the countries of Bolivia, Peru and NicaraguaPeruLima25 000
06AF382006National Union of Disabled Persons of Uganda, NUDIPU Television Advocacy and Lobbying Campaign ProgramUgandaKampala10 000
06AF352006Volunteers of Medical Services VMSExtra Rooms and Toilets for Disabled Pregnant WomenSomaliaAfgoie10 012
06AF182006The Handicapped and youth's struggle against Poverty in Tanzania HAYOSAPPublic Education Campaign by Television (Disability& Human Rights HAYOSAPTanzaniaDar Es Salaam10 750
06AF172006Hope for Orphans and Mentally Retarded Children, HOMERCRestoring hope for Disaabled youth and ChildrenTanzaniaMwanza9 200
06AF162006Kigoma Women Development AssociationJitegemee Vocational Training Centre for Disabled People in KigomaTanzaniaKigoma9 100
06AF112006Associacao dos Jovens Deficientes de Mocambicanos AJODEMO- Nampula Association of youg disabled peopleOKHUMANA WA´JODEMOMozambiqueNampula6 530
06AF012006Associacao para o Desenvolvimento da Mulher Portadora de Deficiencia ADEMUDE Association for the Development of Disabled WomenPRO-OVO: Producao e venda de ovos Production and Sale of EggsMozambiqueXai-Xai9 196
06AA392006Foundation to Encourage the Potential of Disabled PeopleHome visit Mobility Follow Up Project for Poor and Needy Disabled Families in 5 Provinces of North ThailandThailandChiang Mai10 000
06AA322006National Association for the Rights of Disabled People in Lebanon (NARD) NARDThe Handgel,soap,shampoo and detergent factory for people with disability in North LebanonLebanonBeirut15 000
06AA272006Sportivnyi Centr aktivnoi Reabilitatsii Invalidov ZHANAT Sport and active Rehabilitation Center Disabled PersonsSportivno-reabilitatsionnyj centr dla ljudei s ogranychennymi vozmozhnostjami Sport and Rehabilitation Cent for Disabled PersonsKazakstanAstana10 000
06AA182006Natsionalnoe objedinenie Invalidov Tajik NOITKonferens zal dlja seminarov Conference hall for NOITTajikistanDushanbe9 800
06AA112006"OO Dvizhenie invalidov Idea"""" Movement of disabled people Idea"Invalidnyj service Service for the disabled Service for the disabledKyrgyz RepublicBishkek6 282
06AA092006Cambodian Disabled Organisation CDPO Support to DPO`s -SDPO Programme Area 7 (2006)Phnom PenhCambodia9 522
05EU052006Albanian Para & Tetraplegic AssociationPhysical training center accessible to disabled persons in TiranaAlbaniaTirana9 980
05AF1022006Soroti Agricultural and Craft Association of the Blind Sacab Commercial House SorotiUganda11 322
05AF822006Activists Network for Disabled Persons, ANDPTailoring Skill Training for People with Disabilities SomaliaHargeisa8 077
05AF792006Save Disabled Society OrganisationCreation of Jobs for Disabled PeopleSomaliaKismayo10 000
05AF662006Action pour le benevolat des jeunes A.B.J. Action for the benefit of young people)Insertion socio-économique des personnes handicapées en fabrication des matériels d'animation sportive à Kinshasa - Mombele Socio-economic Inclusion of disabled people through making of sports equipment in Kinshasa - MombeleKinshasaCongo9055
05AF402006Forum for Universal MercyFarm Input for vegetable growersSomaliaMogadishu7 395
05AA502006Zonalnoe Obshestvo gluhih, clepyh i sirot raiona Hamadoni ZOGCS Regional Association of the deaf, blind and orphans in the Hamadony region Rasvitie sela - razvitie obshestva - Inkubatsionnyj tseh (Hatchery)TajikistanHatlosnskaya Oblast9 000
05AA072006Phong Dien Blind AssociationSupport to blind association in Phong Dien to carry out massage training and practising Viet NamPhong Dien13 098
06AM082006CANALES Asociación CivilRed de capacitadores sordos: el derecho de enseñar su propia lengua Network of deaf trainers: right to teach in your own languageArgentinaCapital Federal9 200
06AM062006Disabled Peoples´ International North America and the Caribbean Region DPI North America and the Caribbean RegHealth Education and Poverty in the North America and the Caribbean RegionAntigua and BarbudaSt. John´s20 000
06AM032006Centro Alternativo Experimental del Sordo CAES Alternative Experimental Centre of the DeafSeguridad Alimentaria en Silencio Food Security in SilenceDominican RepublicSan Pedro de Macorís9 846
06AF912006Chooma KelvinKelvin Choma's studiesZambiaLusaka1 000
06AF812006Awareness Raising Radio ProgramInformation and Awareness of People withEthiopiaAddis Ababa8 410
06AF792006Kenya National Association of Deaf KNADDeaf Women HIV/AIDS Training & Reproductive Health Kenya(Nairobi) Kisumu, Nyeri, Mombasa12 090
06AF782006Kitgum Buspark Disabled Persons GroupLeather Works and Small Scale Business UgandaKitgum9 900
06AF772006Rwera Mixed Primary SchoolRwera Unit Vocational Training ProjectUgandaNtungamo8 652
06AF602006Musoma Engineering Training Programme for DisabledCommunity Based Apprenticeship Training Programme TanzaniaMusoma10 306
06AF452006Handeni Disabled Youth Self Employment Handeni Folk Development CollageVocational Skills Training for Disabled YouthTanzaniaHandeni11 566
06AF342006Handicap Youths Development Association HYDAPoverty alleviation for disabled girls and single mothers projectSierra LeoneFreetown10 000
06AF222006Somaliland Women and Children with Disabilities, HANInstitutional & Capacity Building for Mobility Impaired School ChildrenSomaliaHargeisa8 400
06AA712006Obshestvennyi blagotvoritelnyj fond Luch Lotoca Charity Fond Ray of the lotusGrazhdanskaja samorealizatsija Nauchi menja - ja smogu 'Citizen´s selfdetermination - Teach me I can do itKyrgyz RepublicOsh8 060
06AA592006Disability Development Services Pursat DDSPCBR with disabled people through capacity-building of village disabled people´s committees and local government in Pursat procvinceCambodiaPursat10 021
06AA532006Fond podderzhki detei i molodozhi - invalidov po zreniju ANASHYM Support fund for blind children and youthLichnyj juridicheskyj konsultant Personal juridical assistantKazakstanAlmaty9 810
06AA522006Obshestvo Invalidov gorod Tursunzade OI TursPodsobnoe hozjaistvo Svinoferma Piggery ProjectTajikistanTursunzoda5 650
06AA502006Obshestvo invalidov Faizabadskogo raiona OI FaizPodsobnoe hozjaistvo po rybovodstvu Fish pond for providing food for the DP´sTajikistanFaizabadskij raion6 900
06AA452006Rural Rehabilitation & Upgrading Centre for Disabled & Demoralized WomenSkill Development Training cum Legal Rights Education to Disabled, Depressed and alone Women of Kavrepalanchowk District of NepalNepalTinkune-Kathmandu10 000
06AA312006"OON Dobrovolnoe obshesctvo invalidov voiny v Afganistane""""Razrabotka Web-portal Invalidy Kazakstana"" - Work out of the web-portal"""KazakstanAlmaty9 839
05AM062006La Usina – El cambio en Discapacidad - Factory, Change in DisabilityCampaña de Incidencia Pública Que se cumplan, vos podes construir el cambio! Advocacy Campaign - you can change things!ArgentinaCiudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires10 992
05AF282006Union Nationale des aveugles du Niger NIger Union of the Blind UNANProject of creation of a workshop for mopping rags by the blind persons of Maradi (Niger)NigerNiamey5 840
05AA702006Timbaktu CollectiveMILITA II IndiaAnantapur District10 517
06EU022006Gori Disables ClubIndependent livingGeorgiaGori9 847
06AM102006Asociacion de Personas con Discapacidad Fisico-motora, Inc. ASODIFIMO Capacitacion de personas con discapacidad fisico-motora de Republica Dominicana en el area de microempresas y desarrollo local Capacity Building of Physically Dominican Republic8 815
06AF862006Salu Self Help Blind and Handicapped Association SSHBHA Rehabilitation and reintegration program for the blind and persons with other disabilities Tailoring and mop making projectEthiopiaAddis Ababa10 000
06AF402006Disabilities Dream Pilot ProjectTailoring and Garment Project TanzaniaMwanza4 366
06AF302006Shirika la Maendeleo ya Walemavu Ukerewe Development Association for the Disabled CBRP-UkereweTailoring Training to Disabled Women TanzaniaUkerewe8 034
06AF202006Zambia National Association of Disabled Women, ZNADWOMicrocredit for Rural Women with Disabilities ZambiaLusaka10 000
06AF192006Mental Health Users Network on Zambia MHUNZASocial Cash Transfer Project - Reaching People with Mental DisabilitiesZambiaLusaka11 762
06AF1402006Self Reliance Disabled GroupRevolving FundUgandaNebbi8 880
06AF1142006Zambia National Association of the Hearing Impaired ZNAHIHearing Screening and SensitisationZambiaLusaka11 000
06AF1052006Can-Para Disabled GroupCattle Rearing UgandaPackwach, Nebbi8 714
06AF1032006Bureau Régional de Développement de la PAFOD PANAPH - DPI Reinforcement of capacity of the regional development office of DPI in IT and advocacyMauritaniaNouakchott7 650
06AA842006Voluntary organisation of DP in Medeu region of Almaty CityBasics training in Independent Living of DPKazakstanAlmaty5 010
06AA792006Angkor Association for the disabled A.A.D.Wood Carving trainingCambodiaPhnom Penh7 024
06AA772006National Association for the Rights of Disabled People in Lebanon NARDThe emergency support program for people with disability affected by the last events in LebanonLebanonBeirut20 000
06AA682006OO Tsentr reabilitatsii invalidov Lajykty OO TSRIPravovaja gramotnost cheloveka c ogr-ymi vozmozhnostyami Advocacy program of the disabled personsKazakstanKaraganda9 998
06AA642006Tsentr Nezavisimoi zhisni (Astana) DOC Independent Living CentreTsentr Nezavisimoi Zhizni (Astana) Independent living centreKazakstanAstana10 000
06AA382006Sasana Integrasi dan Advokasi Diffable SIGABJournalistic Training for Diffable PeopleIndonesiaYogyakarta10 386
06AA292006Vidya SagarDisablility Legislation Unit, South IndiaChennai 859 887
05AA652006Obshestvo invalidov Dangarinskogo raionaSozdanie pchelovodcheskogo hozaistva dlja razvitija Obshestva Invalidov Bee-project for development of the DPO in Dangarinsky raionTajikistanuchastok Buljeni Bolo9 661
04AF322006Kenya Association for Empowerment of Disabled People KADEPMicro-Finance Project, Mweiga and NanyukKenyaNairobi9 900
04AA932006Obshestvo Invalidov TchernobylaProtjanem ruku semjam invalidov Tchernobyla Let us reach us our hand for the families of disabled people!TajikistanKuljab9 940
05AM012005Región Latinoamericana de la Organización Mundial de Personas con Discapacidad OMPD - DPIProyecto de Capacitación en Derechos Humanos, Gestión de Proyectos y Gestión Institucional (Capacity Building Project in Human Rights, Project Management and Organizational Management)PeruLima30000
05AF102005Skilled Disabled ClubHope of Disabled Project ZambiaKasama9781
04AF1132005Cosmopolitan Association for the Physically HandicappedMetal Work Project ZambiaKasama4827
04AF1042005CHAWATA Foundation Mwanza Region TanzaniEmpowering the CHAWATA District Leader ship in Mwanza Region TanzaniaMwanza1267
04AF992005Tanzania Association of the Deaf CHAVITA/NATIONALDeaf people in the Electoral Process in Tanzania TanzaniaDar es Salaam10001
04AF962005Kibingo Association of Women with Disabilities KAWIDSavings and Credit Scheme UgandaMbarara10000
04AF952005Arlada Disabled Community AssociationIncome Generation Scheme for Disabled CommunitySomaliaBakol10410
04AF712005Matany Be Able AssociationFood BankingUgandaKampala5000
04AF272005General Association of Disabled People of RwandaSecuring Mobility and Professional LifeRwandaKigali9200
04AA912005Liga zhenshin s ogranychennymi vozmozhno stjami League of disabled womenLiga zhenshiny Women leagueTajikistanDushanbe8010
04AA902005Obshestvennoe Organiszatsija invalidov ARMAN Volontary organisation of the disabledOkno v mir Sotsialnaja reabilitatsija invalidov s ispolzovaniem Social rehabilitation of disabled people with help of IT. Window to the world.KazakstanKaraganda9967
04AA142005Association of Women with Disabilities AKASAEmpowerment of women with disabilities trough economic development to win their rightsSri LankaTalawa9132
05AF092005ADEMO, Associacao dos Deficientes ADEMO-MaputoCatembe Community Based RehabilitationMozambiqueMaputo10000
05AA202005Southern Socio-economic Development Program SSDPInitiative for Self-Reliant and Self-Sustain to the Persons having Disabilities in term of both Socially and economicallyBangladeshBarguna9028
05AA152005Obshestvennoe Objedineneie Cpeshial Olimpiks Kazahstan SOK Association of the intellectualy handicapObuchenie lits s ogr.intelelektualnymi vosmozhnostjami i chlenov ih semeij, rabota s pr - Awareness raising program for persons with learning disabilities and their familiesKazakstanAlmaty10
05AA132005Brethren institute for rural development BIRDCHETHANA Community Based Rehabilitation for the Persons with Disabilities in Bestavarapet and Cumbum Mandals in Prakasam district A.P. StateIndiaPrakasam District8884
05AA082005Save the Planet and Disability, SPDEnabling Persons with Disabilities Socially and EconomicallyBangladeshDhaka7219
04AF1112005Ghana Society of the Physically Disabled GSPDEnhancing social participation of disabled women in mainstream societyGhanaAccra10000
04AF1092005Direccao Provincial da Mulher e Coordena da Accao Social de InhambanePhysical and psychosocial rehabilitation of disabled persons in the context of CBR ProgramMozambiqueInhambane10000
04AA922005Filial NOIT Tajikistana v Kuljabskom regione Branch of the Tajikistan National Assosiation of DisaObyedinim usilija dlja podderzhanija zhiznesposobnosti 25 invalidov-zhenshin g. Kuljab - Lets together support the disabled women in KuljabTajikistanKuljab8281
04AA702005Mongolian Association for Disabled Women MADWProtecting disabled women and girls from sexual abuseMongoliaUlaanbaatar7738
04AA682005Afghan Disabled Union ADULeadership Development Training for Disabled AfgansAfghanistanKabul9960
03AF762005Uganda National Association of the DeafProduction of Sign Language DictionariesUgandaKampala8911
03AF522005Uganda National Association of the Blind UNABUNAB-Nabumali Poultry Project UgandaMbale7000
03AF172005Pallisa Parents of Deaf ChildrenClassroom Completion for Kawule ParentsUgandaMbale6000
05AM052005Federación Nacional de Ecuatorianos con Discapacidad Fisica FENEDIF National Federation of Equatoria"Campana de fortalecimiento de las Comisiones de la Mujer con Discapacidad Fisica de las Asociaciones de la ""(FENEDIF) Capacity building for groups of women with physical disabilities"EcuadorQuito10000
05EU022005Medjuopcinsko udruzenje slipejih i slabovidnih Gradjana BugojnoBolji Dani (Better Days)Bosnia-HerzegovinaBugojno9800
05AF502005World Blind UnionSecretariat for WBU PresidencySouth AfricaPretoria17560
05AF172005GargaarSmall Business Promotion for DisabledSomaliaMogadishu9300
05AF152005Organization for Women Salvation HOOYOComputer Literacy and Internet Service in MogadishuSomaliaMogadishu10000
05AA112005Azerbaijan Society for Blind and and Impartially Sighted PeopleEstablishment of Education and Information Braille Printing Center in Baku capital of Azerbaijan RepublicAzerbaijanBaku8583
05AA102005The blinds Association of Ho Chi Minh CityTraining human resources of Local blind womenViet NamHo Chi Minh9214
05AA092005Tsentralnoe pravlenie Kyrgyzskogo obshestvo slepyh i gluhih The Central administratoion of the AssoSotsialno ekonomicheskaja stabilnost v mire gluhonemyh Social-ecomony stability in the world of the deafKyrgyzstanBishkek9940
05AA062005Centre for Services and Information on Disability CSIDnclusion of Persons with Disabilities in to mainstream economical activitiesBangladeshDhaka10000
04AF222005Disability Awareness Action Group DAAGIncome Enhancement for the Economic Independence of Disabled Girl MothersSierra LeoneFreetown10000
04AA982005Uchebno-proizvoditelnyj kombinat obshestva invalidov g. AktobeBurevestnik Bird of stormKazakstanAktobe9645
04AA962005Grameens Abhudaya Seva SAmsthe GASSJEEVAN ASHA Jeevan Asha Grameena Abhudaya Seva SamstheIndiaBangalore Rural District9457
04AA892005Leninskoe raionnoe dobrovolnoe obshestvo invalidov LRDOI Volontary Organisation in Lenin distrikt iProfessia - kljutch k nezavisimoi zhizni Ammatti - avain itsenäiseen elämäänKazakstanKaraganda9990
04AA582005Molodozhnoe obshestvo invalidovCentr kulturno-massovyh i sportivnyhKazashtanTaraz8400
04AA452005Angelique Vizoro Deaf Ministry Foundation Inc. Angelique Vizoro Deaf Ministry Foundation Inc.Sign language training and workshop Sign language training and workshopPhilippinesQuezon City6545
05AF912005Ethiopian National Association of the Physically Handicapped ENAPHWheelchair Maintenance ProjectEthiopiaAddis Ababa9000
05AF802005National Deaf Association of Eritrea EriNADEritrean Deaf Education Development Pilot 2007 EritreaAsmara10000
05AF712005Associacao de jovens deficientes mocambicanos AJODEMO-BeiraPai paxa todos - PropapatoMozambiqueBeira5000
05AF682005Information and Development for Persons with Disabilities-AssociationPersons with Disabilities living with HIV/AIDS campaigning to prevent HIVEthiopiaAddis Abeba9996
05AF532005ACAMO-GazaPromocao de Iqualidade de Oportunidades (Promotion of Equal Opportunities)MozambiqueXai-Xai9000
05AF442005Mubende Women with Disabilities Association MUDIWAIncome Generating Project for Women with Disabilities IUgandaMubende9905
05AF432005National Union of Women with Disabilitie of UgandaEmpowering Grassroot Women with Disabilities for Sustainable Livelihood in Uganda UgandaKampala11279
05AF122005Mwanza Regional Office, Tanzania League of the Blind TLBTraining and Networking of the Blind In Mwanza region TanzaniaMwanza10137
05AF082005Lundazi Disabled Production Training CenMobility ProjectZambiaLundazi9811
05AA642005Makhla Muktadhara Centre for the DisabledIncome Generating Programme for the Village Disabled YouthIndiaWest Bengal9991
05AA632005AGNI RAKSHAPromoting Thrift and Self-employment Opportunities amongst Low-income Burnt Women in BangaloreIndiaBangalore8199
05AA552005Partner HooghlyEmpowerment of persons with mental retardation and their familiesIndiaHooghly, West Bengal10000
05AA452005Sojuz invalidov Issykkulskoi oblasti RAVENSTVOShag k integratsii A step towards IntegrationKyrgyzstanIssyk-Kulin alue, Kar-Oi kylä8636
05AA292005Cooperative Fond of Persons, disabled in the military serviceThe JoineryKazakstanAlmaty9950
04AF1122005Mapalo ClubSupport and Care for the Physically and Mentaly Challenged and Celebral Palsy Children ZambiaKasama9376
04AF1002005Tanzania Association of the Deaf CHAVITA/Morogoro BranchCounselling Education on HIV/AIDS Teenager Deaf Age at Risk TanzaniaMorogoro6000
04AF522005Associacao dos Deficientes Militares e Paramilitares de Mocambique ADEMIMO, MaputoKarjankasvatusprojektiMozambiqueMaputo5895
04AF492005Blind and Low Vision Network - KenyaHIV/AIDS Awareness project among the blind KenyaNairobi10252
04AA652005The Public association single disabled mothers Beitap Public association single motehers invalidsIncrease in opportunities on rendering material aid to invalids Uvelichenie vozmozhnostei po okazaniju materialnoi pomoshi invalidamKyrgyzstanBishkek3300
03AF832005Bwambara Disabled People's AssociationGoat rearing projectUgandaRukungiri4435
03AF822005Buyanja Development Association of People with DisabilitiesGoat rearing projectUgandaRukungiri4475
03AF812005Kagunga Disabled PersonsGoat rearing projectUgandaRukungiri4460
03AF802005Ruhinda Disabled Person's AssociationGoat rearing projectUgandaRukungiri4462
03AF792005Nyakishenyi Disabled Persons AssociationSheep Rearing ProjectUgandaRukungiri4530
03AF412004Kasese District Union of Persons with DisabilitiesKADUPEDIKasese District Programme to Fight Infringement of Disability RightsUgandaKasese8161
04AF142004Humanitarian Organization for Disabled People, HOPEMaizemill for disabled womenSomaliaMogadishu8343
04AF012004Centre of the blind and partially sightedOur shop in the Central Market of DschangKamerunDschang6296
03AF962004Rose Achayo ObolFurther StudiesUgandaKampala2841
03AF882004Associacao dos Jovens Deficientes de Mocambique, AJODEMOCapacitacao - FortalecimentoMosambikMaputo6994
03AF602004Rupiny Association of the Disabled, RADRupiny Savings and Credit SchemeUgandaKampala10000
03AA772004NAMYS, VAMMAISTEN KORKEAKOULU- OPISKELIJOIDEN YHDISTYSVammaisille opiskelijoiden ja korkeakoulututkinnon suorittaneiden vammaisten tukiprojektiKazahstanAlmaty10000
03AA752004UMIT, Kuurojen tukikeskusKansalaistaitojen ja -oikeuksin opetusta kuuroille kansalaisilleKazakhstanAlataun alue Almatyssä10000
03AA742004Mongolian Association of Disabled Business PersonHidden resource - To establish sample figure of Private Business System of Mongolian disabled citizensMongoliaUlaanbaatar9000
03AA512004"Federation of Georgian Disabled People ""AGORDZINEBA 2002"""Mehiläishoitoa vammaisilleGeorgiaKutaisi6684
03AA412004NERGEBI, Vammaisten lasten ja nuorten kuntoutusjärjestöVammaisten lasten koulutus ZabotaGeorgiaZugdidi3973
04EU022004HandikosParticipation in the Social Inclusion Conference organised by the International Federation of Settlements and Neighbourhoods IFSSerbia and MontenegroKosovo2500
04EU012004World Blind UnionSupport to Delegates from developing countries with preference to those with lowest HDI to the World Blind Union Women´s Forum and General AssemblyEtelä-AfrikkaCape Town20000
04AM 082004DPI HeadquartersDPI World SummitCanadaWinnipeg20000
04AM072004Inclusion InternationalThe International Confe- rence on Disability and Poverty: Achieving the Millennium Development GoalsBurkina FasoOuagadougou20000
03EU092004Union Association of Blind Citizens of Tuzla CantonInforming blind people in Tuzla canton,Bosnia-HerzegovinaTuzla10000
04AM062004Asociación Cooperativa del Grupo Independiente ProRehabilitación Integral ACOGIPRI de R.L. (CooperPropuesta de Modificación a la Ley de Equiparación de Oportunidades para Personas con Discapacidad (Proposal on Modification of the Law on Equal Opportunities for Disabled People)El SalvadorSan Salvador7639
04AF422004Apoio aos deficientes de acabar com a miseria que enfrentam ADAME (Vammaisten omillaan toimeentulo)Vammaisten omillaan toimeentuloMosambikNampula7575
04AF212004United Young Deaf women GroupUnited Young Deaf Women Revolving FundUgandaKampala10000
04AF192004God´s Will Disabled Women GroupDevelopment Loan for Disabled Women GroupUgandaPakwach Town8866
04AF182004Arua District Asso- ciation of women with DisabilitiesInvolvement and Parti- cipation of Women and Girls with Disabili- lities in Socio-Econo- mic Activities of the Day TodayUgandaArua8856
04AF132004Somali Disabled Wel- fare OrganizationIncome Generating for Disabled PeopleSomaliaMarka, Lower Shabelle9888
04AF122004Protect Disabled OrganizationSkill Training Center for DisabledSomaliaDafeed, Lower Shabelle9900
04AF112004Muscular Dystrophy Association of ZimbabweMDAZ- Garment- Making ProjectZimbabweBulawayo10000
04AA342004Dushanbinskoe Obshestvo InvalidovEhson (MiloserdiyaTadzhikistanDushanbe7554
04AA322004Obshestvo Invalidov Javanskogo raionaDisabled People - Special CareTadzhikistanDushanbe7530
04AA302004MLG Institute of LearningFree Technical/Vocatio- nal education to poor and disabled people of MLG Institute of LearningFilippiinitLeyte5800
04AA262004Obshestvo InvalidovSozdanye fermerskogo hozjaistva dlja podderzhki LCOFVUzbekistanGagarin9900
04AA212004ShaplafulDevelopment Initiative for Disabled PeopleBangladeshBagerhat9989
04AA202004Tsentr Duhovnosti i prosveshenijaOpppisopimuskoulutus- keskus puusepäntyö- taidoissa vammaisilleUzbekistanTashkent9580
04AA132004Karagadinskoje oblast- noje dobrovolnojeSeminaari aiheena itsenäisen elämän liikkeen mukainen elämisen malli ja omien oikeuksien toteuttaminenKazakstanKaraganda9980
04AA102004Lebanese Physical Handicapped UnionImproving employability of people with dis- abilities through vocatio- nal training and social follow-up: Towards inclusive societyLebanonBeirut10000
04AA082004Sojuz Dobrovolnoe obshestvo invalidovTraining seminar about the principles of the independent living in the regions of Kazakstan KazakstanAlmaty9950
04AA052004Chinmaya Rural Primary Health CareChinmaya Umang, and intergrated programme for the disabledIntiaHimachal Pradesh9986
03AM112004Asociación Nicaraguense de No Videntes (Näkövammaisten yhdistys)Proyecto de Integracion Laboral y EducativoNicaraguaEsteli4910
03AM042004Organizacion Discapa- citados de Siuna, O.D.S (Siunan vammaisten yhdistys)Lampaita maaseudulleNicaraguaSiuna5536
03AM022004Fundación Nicaragüense de Mujeres con Discapacidad FUNIMD (Nicaraguan vammaisten naisten säätiöCapacitación en Liderazgo Johtamiskoulutusta vammaisten nais- ryhmien vetäjilleNicaraguaManagua10000
03AF922004The Handicapped and Youth´s Struggle Against Poverty in Tanzania, HAYOSAPEmpowerment of Dis- abled Persons in Rural Tanzania, Kilosa District as a Pilot CaseTansaniaDar Es Salaam10000
03AF892004Gazan naisten läänin- jaosto ja sosiaalikeskusVammaisten palvelujen parantaminen ja integ- rointi yhteiskuntaanMosambikXai-Xai, Gaza8280
03AF612004Wilobo Disabled GroupWilobo DisableUgandapacwach, Nebbi3486
03AA832004Negosurastvennya nekommercheskayaSozdanie kluba junyh sotsialnyh zhurnalistov jka vlijania na obshet- vennoe mnenie i reshe- nia sotsialnyh problemUzbekistanTashkent9970
03AA802004Dighirpar Bastu Hara Samaj KallyanRehabilitation program for the disabled,RPDCBangladeshJessore9997
03AA722004CafordEconomic Rehabilitation of Persons With DisabilitiesIntiaAndra Pradesh10000
03AA662004Central Council of Disabled PersonsUpgrade Quality of CCODP Wheelchairs and to obtain ISO certificate for the sameSri LankaBandarawela8300
03AA422004Rural Development Society NepalIncome Generating Program for Physically Handicapped Disabled Farmers of Bhaktapur District of NepalNepalKatmandu7013
02AF752004Soroti District Disabled Persons Union, SODIPUSODIPU Sustainable Income Generating ProjectUgandaSoroti10000
04AF942004Africa-DPICapacity BuildingZnzibarTanzania25000
04AA782004Asia Pacific -DPICapacity BuildingNonthapuriThaimaa20000
04AA122004Rights and empowerment for disabledDevelopment program for People withs disabilitiesDhakaBangladesh10000
04AF732004Oraganization For People of Disability, OPPORTUNITYPoultry Farming for Disabled Women in BaydhabaBaydhaboSomalia6700
04AF812004Associacao dos Deficientes Militares e Para Militares de MocambiqueCentro de Educacao do Deficiente e FormaBeiraMosambik8205
04AF802004ACRIDEME - Cabo del Gabo - Pemba Kehitysvammaisten lasten vanhempien jaPACDM, JauhatusPembaMosambik4801
04AF602004National Union of Disabled Persons of UgandaInternational Day of the Disabled Celebrations, 3.12. West UgandaWestern UgandaUganda9182
04AF562004Zambia National Federation of the BlindHIV/AIDS Sensitisation Work Shop for the BlindKabweSambia6289
04AF532004Disability Initiatives Foundation, DIFImproved Standard of Living of Persons with DisabilitiesLusakaSambia10000
04AF472004Volta Physically Challenged IndependentVOLPHIG Vocational Skill's Training ProjectHo, VoltaGhana10000
04AF302004Hamaria Rehabilitation and Development AOil Milling ProjectMogadishuSomalia8750
02AF852004Kamuli District Association of Women with DisabilitiesPoultry Farming for Economic and NutritionKamuliUganda4455
04AA732004SARITSA CHARITY TRUSTSave lives of disabled in disasters byDadar, MumbaiIndia8302
04AA722004Namgyal Institute for People with DisabilityDisability leadership campaignNew DelhiIndia10000
04AA662004Nav Prerna Vikas SamitiEconomic empowermen of Persons with Disability through open and Self- EmploymentGhazibadIndia10010
04AA542004Karbala Gram Uannyan KendroCommunity based rehabilitation programBaraigram UpazilaBangladesh9836
04AA512004Institute of Rural Development and Management Studies IRDMSDLivelihood support and Social DevelopmenBhubaseswarIndia10000
04AA182004Spinal cord Injury Association-Nepal SCITechnical Skill Development Project for Persons with Moility ProblemPokharaNepal10000
04AF1022004Bureau Régional de Développement de la PAFOD/PANAPHProjet d'Équipement et de fonctionnement (Toimiston varustaminen ja toimintakulut 1 vuodeksi)MauritaniaNouakchott9251
04AF352004Centre D'Education et Formation Integrée CEFI (Integroidun koulutuksen keskus)Projet d'élévage des lapins en faveur des Handicapées Aveugles et Sourds (Kanien kasvatusta sokeiden ja kuurojen hyväksi)BurundiBujumbura9344
04EU072004World Federation of the DeafblindThe 8th Helen Keller World ConferenceSwedenEnskede11093
04AA532004Bangladesh Organization for Disabled Advancement (BODA)Advancement of Men and Women with DisabiBangladeshDhaka8283
04AF1032004Professional Disabled WomenExtension of Work PlaceSambiaKasama7700
04AF892004Associacao dos Deficientes Militares e Para Militares de MocambiqueAvicovoMozambikXai-Xai8159
04AA882004MEJIRIMInformatsionno-obrazovatelnyj treningKazahstanAstana9970
04AA502004Society for Research Disability & DevelopmentSocioeconomic Empowerment programBangladeshDhaka9875
04AA472004SANGJOG/ CONNECTIONEconomic Empowement of Disable PersonBangladeshDhaka10000
04AA09b2004Action in Development AidSkill training for the disab. youngstersBangladeshJhenaidah9818
04AA252004Darvazskoe Obshestvo InvalidovShag VperedTajikistanDushanbe8780
04AA222004Natsionalnoe objenenie Invalidov Tajikistana po Kurgan-TubeWe all are equalTajikistanKurgan-Tjube2482
04AA192004Disability Organisations Joint FrontStrengthening the Administration and ManSri LankaMount Lavinia9886
04AA152004Palli Punargathon Club PPCInitiative Towards Development of the PeBahgladeshPirojpur9930
03AA672004Atma Nirbhar - Ek ChallengeNavjeevan A new Life through EconomicIndiaAssamin osavaltio8338
02AM062003Fundacion Para el Desarrollo Integral Petronmacorisano, INC., FUNDEIPE (San Pedro de Macorisin kaupuProyecto Socio-laboral con Discapacitados (Vammaisten työllistämisprojekti)Dominican republicSan Pedro de Macoris0
03AF152003Abataganda Persons with Disabilities AssociationGoat RearingUgandaRukungiri2659
03AF142003Bugangari Group of Women with DisabilitiesGoat KeepingUgandaRukungiri2670
03AF132003Buhunga Disabled Peoples GroupPiggery ProjectUgandaRukungiri2660
03AF122003Nyakagyeme Association of Persons with DisabilitiesBee Keeping ProjectUgandaRukungiri2682
03AF112003Kebisoni Persons with Disabilities GroupPiggery ProjectUgandaRukungiri2675
03AF102003Nyarushanje Disabled Persons GroupBee Keeping ProjectUgandaRukungiri2740
03AF092003Luwero Disability Community Integrated EffortProvision of Mobility Devices Braille Equipment and Sensitization to Enable CWDs attend Universal Primary EducationUgandaKampala9962
03EU012003Disability Awareness in Action, DAADisability TribuneIso-BritanniaLontoo10000
03AA012003Progoti KendroAssistance to Disabled Women and Men for Family Integrated Income Generation ActivityBangladeshSavar, Dhaka8796
02AM102003Nicaraguan Sign Language Projects, Inc.Nicaraguan Sign Language/Spanish Literacy Curriculum for Deaf Teachers of Deaf Children - Phase FourNicaraguaBluefields ja Condega10000
02AM092003Gilda Guimeras ParejaLos Discapacitados Somos AsiKuubaLa Habana (Havanna)1100
02AM082003APMADEN, Asosyssyon Paran Moun Andikape Defisyan EntelektyelAPMA Couture APC (Ompeluprojekti)HaitiPort-au-Prince10000
02AF892003Disability Action Network, DANComputer Literacy Training & Internet Café for People with Disabilities in Hargeisa townSomalimaaHargeisa10000
02AF692003CHAVITA Tanzania Association of the Deaf TADProposal to conduct a National Forum (workshop) for deaf people to discuss the government poverty reductions strategy paperTansaniaDar es Salaam7765
02AA332003Phong Dien Blind AssociationSupport to District Blind Association in Phong Dien to carry out Vocational Training and IGAVietnamPhong Dien10000
02AA232003"Association of the teenagers ""Aurora """Society for allTadjikistanDushanbe9150
03AF262003Chipata Community Based Rehabilitation Association - Chipata CBRHammermill Project + Purchase and Modification of WheelchairsZambiaChipata10000
03AM032003Confederación Nacional de Discapactados del Perú CONFENADIPCapacity Building: Strengthening and Empowering the Latin American RegionPerúLima20000
03AF042003Women with Disabilities Association in UgandaDevelopment & Empowerment of Women and girls DisabilitiesUgandaKampala9877
03AF022003Kongo Union of Disabled SocietiesAgriculture ProjectGhanaKongo, Bolgatanga8815
03AA122003Almatyn City Disability Organization AGOI, KazakstanScientific and Practical Seminar about Establishing Independent Living Centres in Central AsiaKazakstanAlmaty14758
03AA042003Bangladesh Poor Women Development Association BPWDAProgram for Efforts towards Empowerment and Prevention of Discrimination against Disabled WomenBangladeshDhaka20000
03AF232003Blind But Able OrganisationEmpowerment of blind women in HIV/Aids and Reproductive Health IssuesUgandaKampala20000
03AA032003Foundation to Encourage the potential of Disabled PersonsWheelchair workshop Equipment for workshop Wheelchair TrainingThailandChiang Mai20000
03AA252003"Association of Disabled Women in Kazakhstan ""SHYRAK"""Seminar for the Capacity-Building of Women Leaders among Disabled WomenKazahkstanAlmaty8590
03AA192003Al-Hussein Society for the Habilitation/Rehabilitation of the Physically Challenged AHSKenz Gift Shop Promotional CampaignJordanAmman8514
02AF452003Mentally Handcapped Youths Trust Fund, MEHAYOTimber Tree Planting ProjectTansaniaMorogoro8020
02AM012003Organizacion de discapacitados El Rama, ORD (Organisation of Disabled People in El Rama)Fondo rotativo (Revolving Fund)NicaraguaEl Rama10747
03EU062003LuminaAssistance and Development for the Education of Handicap Children of MoldovaMoldovaBalti10000
03AF332003Elohim Film ProductionsRejection of Reality Video FilmSambiaLusaka20000
03AF312003National Union of Women with Disabilities of Uganda, NUWODUGeneral Assembly of Women with Disabilities of Uganda, September 2003UgandaKampala10000
03AF062003Somali Association of Health Care Development and Fight Against IlliteracySupport Project for the DisabledSomaliaGalgagud Region10000
02AF172003Kenya Sign Language Recearch Project/ Kenya National Association of Deaf, KNADKSL Training of TrainersKenyaKisumu, Nyeri, Mombasa10000
03AA502003National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled PeopleIncluding Disability in the World Social Forum 2004, Mumbai, IndiaIndiaMumbai, New Delhi8280
03AM092003Antigua & Barbuda Association of Persons with Disabilities, ABAPDNetworking & Communications: Increasing the Konowledge Base of the North America/Caribbean RegionAntiguaAntigua20000
03AF622003Soshanguve Self Help Assocition of People with DisabilitiesAdvocacy - Addressing barries that exclude disabled people from society and from opportunitiesSouth AfricaSoshanguve10000
03AF592003Disabled Girls & Women Foundation of UgandaSelf-Reliance and DevelopmentUgandaKampala9983
03AF482003HITS Uganda Society of Hidden TalentsDisabled in income generation (DIG) projectUgandaNamubiru village8782
03AF352003Mukono Mukononi - la main dans la main (Hand in Hand)Micro-credit Pour Femmes Handicapees (Microcredit for Disabled Women)Congo Dem. Rep.Uvira9600
03AF272003Save Disabled PeopleAssisting Disabled People, IGASomaliaAfgoi6000
03AF252003COBAD Theatre GroupKujikomboa - Means Make IndependentTanzaniaTabora6300
03AF212003Zambia National Association of the Hearing ImpairedEducation for Deaf Children in Schools - Research ProposalZambiaLusaka6067
03AA472003Village Initiative For Empowerment of WomenSelf-Initiative ro Development for the People with Disabilities SIDPDBangladeshKurigram8631
03AA432003EKTHACOPCAMM - Consortium of people with cerebral palsy, autism, mental retardation and multiple disabilityIntiaChennai10000
03AA392003Organisation of Disabled People in the region of TadjikabadskReduction of Poverty for Disabled WomenTajikistanDushanbe5513
03AA322003Bihar Viklang Kalyan Parishad BVKPSensition of the disabled about law on disabilityIntiaBihar8805
03AA302003"Disability Organisation in Tadjikistanin ""DILSUZ"""Integration of Disabled ChildrenTajikistanDushanbe9750
03AA242003Uzbekistan Disability Organisation (non-governmental, non-commercial )Establishment of a Computer Centre for Computer Teaching For Free to Disabled ChildrenUzbekistanTashkent10933
03AA212003Community Development Association, CDADisable's Effort for Self Help, DESH ProjectBangladeshDinajpur8717
02AF562003Mental Health Users Network on Zambia MHUNZACapacity BuildingZambiaLusaka7131
02AF382003Namulesa Persons with Disabilities NAPEDAZero Grazing Goats Scheme for Income Generation by Persons wit DisabilitiesUgandaJinja9686
02AF362003Buginyanya Disabled Persons' Association BUDIPAGibuzale Maize Mill ProjectUgandaMbale3993
02AA292003Forum of People with Disabilities, FoPweDSpecial Need Assistance ProgramNepal, BhutanJhapa9626
01AA302003Bangladesh Protibandhi Kallyan Somity, BPKSEconomic Self-Reliance and Independent Living of the Persons with DisabilitiesBangladeshDhaka8947
03EU052003Finnish Association of the DeafWorld Federation of the Deaf's Congress in Montreal, CanadaSuomiHelsinki20000
03AM082003MIUSA, Mobility International USAInternational Women´s Institute on Leadership and Disability (WILD)USAEugene, Oregon16860
03AA312003SIS Sindhu Improvment SocietyContinuation of Community based Agroforestry and Local Craft Skill to the Existing BVI people of Dolkha District of NepalNepalKathmandu20000
03AF852003Nyakibale Lower Primary SchoolConstruction of the Dormitory for Deaf ChildrenUgandaRukungiri8190
03AF842003Rukungiri Association of Persons with DisabilitiesDistrict Motor-cycle Suppor ProjectUgandaRukungiri3560
03AF742003Diabled Organiszation for legal Affair and social Economic Development, DOLASEDDisabled Single Mothers EmpowermentTansaniaDar es Salaam10000
03AF442003Mobility Appliances by Disabled Women Entrepreneur, MADEWheelchair Subsidy 50 Women with DisabilityUgandaKampala7500
03AF392003Central African Federation of the Organisations of the Disabled Persons CAFODConstitution of Loan and Encouragement Fund to Petty Disabled Crafts People and TradersCamerounYaounde9999
03AF242003Epilepsy Support AssociationIncome Generating Activities for Persons with EpilepsyUgandaWandegeya10000
03AF052003Association des Sourds de la province orientale A.S.B.I.Dictionnaire de la langue des signes des sourds (Viittomakielen sanakirja)Republique du CongoKisangani9950
03AF012003Tanzania Solidarity and Development Forum of the Disabled, FUMAWATASeminar on HIV/AIDS, STIS and Reproductive Health Education TansaniaDar es Salaam8172
03AA682003Millennium UzbekistanNuorten vammaisten johtajakoulutus, johon kuuluu itsenäisen elämän periaatteiden tiedottaminen ja tietoisuus omista, lainsuomista oikeuksistaUzbekistanTashkent7300
03AA552003Subhi Association for Women with Disbilities SAWWDOrganizing and Empowering Girls &Women with DisabilitiesIntiaSubhi, ,West Bengal9660
03AA542003Timbaktu CollectiveMILITAIntiaChennekothapalli8322
03AA532003Changancherry Social Service Society,CHASS"Economic sef-reliance of persons with disability - ""Vammaisten taloudellinen omavariauus"""IntiaChangancherry, Kerala7245
03AA522003Society for Edcation & Rehabilitation of the Visually Handcapped SERVHVocational training and Income generation for Disabled womenIntiaHyderabad4421
03AA492003Organisation for the Protection of Social Environment OPSEProtecting Rights of DisabledSri LankaColombo3111
03AA402003Progotir PathCooperative Actions for the Disabled CADBangladeshPabna13525
03AA052003Nepal Awakening Society for Development, NASDAppropriate Skill Development Training Programme for the Physically Disabled PeopleNepalKathmandu8954
02AF722003Action pour le Developpement Social en Mauritanie (ADSM)Projet d`autonomie fonctionelle et de reinsértion socio-économique de personnes handicapées motrices à Noukchoutt/ Mauritanie - Itsenäinen toimintakyky ja sosiaalis-taloudellinen integraatio liikuntavammaisille ihmisille Nouakchouttin kaupungissaMauritaniaNouakchoutt8130
01EU032002The Association of the Blind Citizens of the Region of TuzlaHelp to Blind and Partially Sighted Women of the Region of TuzlaBosniaTuzla11517
01AF632002Associacao dos Cegos e Ambliopes de Mocambique, ACAMO - ChimoioCooperativa de TapetesMosambikChimoio10365
01AF442002Msamvu Livestock Production GroupMsamvu Livestock Production for Disabled Youth (MLPDY)TansaniaMorogoro5221
01AF312002Kenya National Association of the DeafDeaf Women's EmpowermentKeniaNairobi9213
01AF132002University of Nairobi Disabled Students Educational Needs ProjectDisabled Students Educational Needs ProjectKeniaNairobi9213
01AA282002Welfare Association for Rehabilitation of Disabled and Society W.A.R.D.S.Educational and vocational training for disabled children and adultsIndiaBangalore11517
00AA242002SARPV Social Assistance and Rehabilitation for the Physically VulnerableEmpowerment of Women with DisabilityBangladeshDhaka9413
02AM042002IPLESA (Instituto Platense de lengua de Señas argentina)IPLESA (Instituto Platense de lengua de Señas argentina)ArgentinaBuenos Aires10493
02AA112002Jesh FoundationBuilding Awareness on Human Rights of the Disabled in Rural Bangladesh and to incorporate them in socio-economic lifeBangladeshSathkire6000
02AA092002Save the Planet and Disability, SDPEmpowering the People with DisabilitiesBangladeshDhaka8635
02AA082002Independent Association for Disabled People of KyrgyzstanThe First Central Asian Center of Independent Life for Disabled People at Participation of Fund Abilis, FinlandKyrgyzstanBishkek City3180
02AA042002DPI - India, Women's CommitteeNational Level Workshop on Empowerment and Mainstreaming of Women with DisabilitiesIndiaJaipur10000
02AF112002King George VI CentreIndependence & Integration ForumZimbabweBulawayo3052
02AF082002Agyapomaa Societal Needs International, ASONEEDAsoneed Village - NkoranzaGhanaAccra-North3710
02AF062002John Slaven Special SchoolRenovating John Slaven HostelsZimbabweBulawayo3210
02AF022002Disabled Aids and General Engineerings, DAGEEstablishment of Company Office and WorkshopTanzaniaDar es Salaam10541
01AF672002Disacare Data ClubDisacare Data BaseSambiaKasama10541
01AF642002Iganga Disabled Women Association, IDIWARevolving Loan Scheme for Economic Empowerment of Women with Disabilities in Iganga DistrictUgandaIganga10069
01AF502002Green Development GroupProduct Development Project KeniaKisumu10551
01AF342002Mbarara Municipality Association of Persons with Disabilities (MBAMAD)Mbamad Revolving Loan SchemeUgandaMbara7173
02AF512002ZAMDIHPPersons with Disabilities from Exclusion to InclusionSambiaLusaka10000
02AF442002Rose NalukengeBachelor of Library and Information Science, Makerere UniversityUgandaKampala800
02AF402002Kilimanjaro Association of the Spinally Injured, KASIPiggery FarmingTansaniaMoshi9250
02AF342002Lufwanyama ZNAPHFarming ProjectSambiaLufwanyama10000
02AF312002Deaf Development Organisation DEDOCarpentry, Tailoring and Poultry Rearing OrganizationUgandaMalaba9646
02AF262002The Sierra Leone Union of Polio Persons (SLUPP)Sierra Leone - Polio Youth Reintegration Training and Education for PeaceSierra LeoneFreetown10000
02AF242002Nucleo Provincial de Famod de GazaCentro Social e Servicos PublicosMosambikXai-Xai9996
01AF532002The Disabled Group of NjomboReed Basket MakingTansaniaNjombe6100
02AA122002Gaza Home Care ProgramVocational Training for Physically Handicapped WomenPalestiinaGaza10000
02AF812002Nangabo Disabled & Elderly Association, NADEANangabo Disabled & Elderly Association Secretarial Bureau UgandaKampala8719
02EU042002Moldavian Myopathy Association, MMAIndependent Living, Management school for persons with locomotory handicap MoldovaChisinau7950
02EU012002Association for Social Inclusion of Persons with Mental Retardation - TuzlaDeinstitutionalisation and social inclusion of four female persons with mental retardation BosniaTuzla10000
02AM072002Société Haïtienne d`Aide aux Aveugles SHAA (Haitian Society for Help to the Blind)Projet d'appui à la scolarisation des élèves non voyants (Support for the Education of Visually Impaired Students) HaitiPort- au- Prince10000
02AM052002Huerta 'Crecer' (Garden 'Growth')A Dar Dicha (Happiness) ArgentinaParaná10000
02AF822002Direccao da Mulher e Coordenacao de Accao Social da Citade de Maputo (Ministry of Social Affairs andCapacitacao dos activistas do programa do ABC (Training of CBR Activists) MosambikMaputo5125
02AF762002Education of Disabled Children Organisation, EDCOConducting a Needs Assessment Study on Children with Disabilities in Uganda UgandaKampala9741
02AF712002Youth and Persons with Disability Integrated Development Association (YOPDIDA)Vocational and Primary Intergrated Centre for the Deaf UgandaKayunga7501
02AF642002Parent Partnership Assosiation For Children with Special NeedsSurvey on Persons with Disabilities and Mental Challenges SambiaLusaka10000
02AF2720024 Pessoas Portadora de Deficiencia (4 persons with mobility impairment)Projecto de Serralharia (Tin Smith Project) MosambikChimoio2575
02AA172002Srizony BangladeshSkill-Based Training and Economic Empowerment of Disabled People BangladeshJhennaidah9342
01AA172002Fellowship for the Advancement of Visually Handicapped, FAVHBraille Transcription and Library Services Project BangladeshDhaka8624
01EU012001Humanitarian Organisation LOTOS TuzlaDOM - Domaca radinost (Handicraft Project)Bosnia5000
01AF032001Chipata Community Based Rehabilitation AssociationPurchase of Hearing AidsZambia5100
00EU042001Association for Psychosocial Help and Development of Voluntary Work - OSMIJEHDay Centre for Children with Special NeedsBosnia8500
00AM142001Organización de Desarollo Integral para la Mujer ODIM (Women's Development Organisation)HandicraftGuatemala6000
00af1222001Associacao dos deficientes mocambicanas ADEMO (Association of Disabled People)Administracao (Administration)Mozambique9000
00af1182001Blind But Able OrganisationCBR of Adult Blind Women and Capacity Building ProjectUganda5000
00af1152001Bwafwano Project of the DisabledCarpentry and tailoringZambia3100
00af1132001ACAMO Associacao dos Cegos e Ambliopes de Mocambique (Association of Visually Impaired People)Tizacao da mulher defiliciente visval (Rehabilitation of Visually Impaired Women)Mozambique5000
00AF912001Maguru Women Poultry AssociationMaguru Disabled Income Generating ProjectUganda5000
00AF752001Associacao dos jovens deficientes Mocambicanos AJODEMO Maputo (Association of young people)Renascer (Rebirth)Mozambique3500
00AF722001Gulu Deaf AssociationFarmingUganda2000
00AF382001Quartet General Enterprises for the DisabledQuartet Income Generation ProjectZambia7000
00AF032001Professional Disabled WomenKnitting and WeavingZambia2000
01AA012001Foundation to Encourage the Potential of Disabled PersonsChiang Mai Disabled Community Center - Look What We Can doThailand4000
00AF922001Tanzania Association of the Deaf (CHAVITA) Morogoro BranchTailoring and Carpentry WorkshopTanzania8000
01AF222001Organization Development and Community Management Trust ODCMTComputer Training Programme for Disabled Person's OrganisationsZambia8010
00AM152001"Asociación de Mujeres Discapacitadas ""Las Golondrinas"" (Association of Disabled Women ""Swallows"")"Desarrollo integral a victimas del huracán Mitch (Development for the victims of Mitch)Nicaragua5000
00AM122001Fundación para la rehabilitación del Discapatacitado FUNPRID Chontales (Foundation for RehabilitatAlfabetización a personas con discapacidad (Literacy Training for People with Disabilities)Nicaragua5000
00AA282001The National Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (NADH)Nepali Sign Language development projectNepal10000
01AF082001ADPP - Escola do professores do futuro Cabo Delgado (DAPP Teacher Training College in Cabo Delgado)Formar professores com nível medio para escolas primarias (To train teachers for primary schools)Mozambique4000
01AA092001Kurdilais-suomalaiset Auttavat Kädet ry (Helping Hands between Kurdistan and Finland)ChamchamalNorthern Iraq7100
01AF062001Sekyere District Association of the DisabledSekyere Rehabilitation CentreGhana5000
01AF292001Disabled Ladies ProjectChicken ProjectZimbabwe600
01AF052001Muscular Dystrophy Association of ZimbabweDaily Phone ShopZimbabwe8000
01AF322001Uganda National Association of the BlindUNAB 2001 General AssemblyUganda5000
01AF242001Friends of Disabled Crafts & Arts Foundation FDCAAbalema Tuberere Fricra Foundation Drama GroupUganda9500
00AF1142001University of Dar es Salaam/Department of Computer SciencePilot Project for Special Computer Education and Technical Assistance for Students at Risk in TanzaniaTanzania1500
01AF352001Touch for ProgressEquipment for the Zambian Computer Centre for the VISambia5320
01AF262001Zambia National Association of the Physically HandicappedRevolving Loan ProgrammeSambia8000
01AF102001Child Assistance Development and Support Organisation CADSOCADSO Deaf Inclusive Education Housing Income Generation ProjectSambia9900
01AA142001Sindhu Improvement SocietyHome and Community Based Agroforestry and Skill Training Programme for the Blind and Visually Impaired (BVI) PeopleNepal6000
01AA082001Bangladesh Poor Women Development Association BPWDASelf-reliance of Disabled Women along with Poor WomenBangladesh9000
01AM042001Asociación de Padres con Hijos Discapacitados - Los Pipitos (Association of Parents of Children witAbriendo Oportunidades de Integración Laboral (Employment Project) Juigalpa, ChontalesNicaragua7086
01AM022001Asociación Nicaraguense de No Videntes Estelí (Association of Blind People in Estelí)Integración Socio Laboral a No Videntes (Economical Integration of Blind People)EstelíNicaragua9984
00AM012000ORD – O. Revolucionaria de DiscapacitadosDesarrollo lecheroNicaragua5000
00AF042000Disability Initiatives FoundationAwareness Campaign ProgrammeSambia3000
99AF332000Mentally Handicapped Youth Trust Fund MEHAYOMehayo CarpenteryWorkshopTansania7000
99AF322000Association de Recherche pour le Developpement des Sourds ARDSHProjetPilote d'Operation Taxi - TaksipalveluBurkina Faso3300
99AF292000Cameroon Association of Motor Disabled and AmputeesSchoolingof children with disabilities & Telecommunications shopKamerun8475
99AF282000Kenya Disabled Development SocietyTailoring ShopKenia4000
99AF262000Sierra Leone Association of the Deaf, Deaf Adult Education GroupAdulteducationsocial & economic development in actionSierra Leone630
99AF232000Amani Centre for Mentally Handicapped PersonsWorkshop for AmaniRehabilitation Village - MikeseTansania7500
99AF212000PAMO VolunteersHeifer Project for Deaf Women in MukongoroUganda4500
99AA122000AASHA An Alliance for the Mentally IllGainful employment forpeople with a psychiatric disabilityIntia5000
00AM072000Asociación de Discapacitados Resistencia Nicaragüense (Ass. of Disabled Nicaraguan Resistance)Ampliación del Fondo de Credito (Micro-credit Programme)Nicaragua10000
00AM062000Organizacion Revolucionaria de Discapacitados - Oswaldo Torrez Herrera (Revolutionary Org. of the DiRehabilitacion Taller de Ebanisteria (Reconstruction of Carpentery Workshop)Nicaragua6000
00AM032000Centro Alternativo Experimental del Sordo (Alternative Centre of the Deaf)Compu CAESDominican Republic6000
00AF622000Inocencio ZandamelaStudies on Social Work and ITMozambique0
00AF57Â 2000Pan African Federation of the DisabledAfrica Decade of Disabled People NewsletterZimbabwe5000
00AF232000World Federation of the Deaf Regional Secretariat for Eastern and Southern AfricaLeadership Training and UN Standard Rules Kenya8000
00AF772000Somaliland Handicap AssociationPoultry Farm for Hargiesa DisabledSomaliland5000
00AF702000Disacare Wheelchair CentreMobility and Economic Empowerment for People with DisabilitiesZambia8000
00AF542000Soroti Disabled Bicycle Repairers AssociationSODIBRA Commercial HouseUganda5000
00AF32000Lusaka Province Zacald, Provincial CommitteeBlook Making ProjectZambia3500
00AF222000Ugunja Community Resource CentreDisability Internet CafeKenya5000
00AA212000National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled PeopleDisability Information and News ServiceIndia7000
00AA082000Resource Institute of Social EducationVocational Education for Disabled Children in Computer ApplicationsIndia7660
00AA182000Katipunan ng Maykapansanan sa Pilipinas, Inc. (KAMPI)Empowering of Filipino Women With Disabilities Through the Differently-Abled Women's NetworkFilippines5000
00AM082000Sociéte Haïtienne d'Aide aux Aveugles SHAAFonds de prêt rotatif aux aveugles pour des microentreprises génératrices de revenu (Revolving loan fund for income-generating activties of the blind)Haiti8000
00AF732000FAMOD Sofala (Disability Forum in Sofala)Pesca (Fishing)Mozambique7315
00AF562000King George VI CentreIndependenceZimbabwe1300
00AF492000Tanzania Community Development ServiceRehabilitation ProjectTanzania6500
00AA202000Institute for Research, Empowerment and DevelopmentWorkshop giving input to the National Education Minister about changes in the education system for Diffable ChildrenIndonesia9815
99AM041999Organizacion de Personas con Discapacitad de la R.A.A.S. (Bluefields)Infraestructure de sillas de ruedas y acondacimiento de oficinasNicaragua5341
99AM021999Caminando - Asociación para mejorar las condiciones de vida de las personas con lesiones medularesApoyo a la Fase Constitutiva y de Divulgación de CaminandoNicaragua9738
99AF091999Turun YK-yhdistysTransporting Assistive Devices to EritreaFinland – Eritrea800
99AF081999Somba Disabled Persons Support GroupProject Restore HopeMalawi8585
99AF071999Tanzania association of the deaf (Chavita)Seminar for sign language interpretersTanzania8284
99AF041999Zambia National Association for the Physically HandicappedWomen’s Tailoring ProjectZambia2000
99AF021999Zambia Disability Issues and Human Rights Programme ZAMDIPHDisability Issues and Human RightsZambia10000
99AA011999Youth Association of the BlindThe National Talking Library for blind visually impaired - South Lebanon Branch Lebanon10000
99AM031999Organizacion revolucionaria de discapacitados ORDProduccion y reproduccion de ganado bovino de lecheNicaragua9445
99AM011999Fundacion solidaridad internacional con los disacapacitadosde guerra SOLIDEZFortalecimiento de la fabrica de bicicletas de cargay ensamblaje de bicicletas sencillasNicaragua10000
99AF101999Action to Positive Change on People with DisabilitiesVocational Training CentreUganda6960
99AF061999The Technofs Zambia LtdFinancial consultancy and computer training for persons with disabilitiesZambia10000
99AA061999Malaysian Federation of the DeafMalaysian Sign Language ProjectMalaysia7800
99AA021999Social Assistance and rehabilitation for the Physically VulnerableIntegrated school of Children with and without disability and to empower women with disabilityBangladesh10000
99AM081999Organización Discapacitados de SiunaLeche al CampoNicaragua10000
99AM071999Centro de Estudiantes SordosStorysigning for deaf childrenArgentina8000
99AM061999ORPEC O. de Pacientes con enfermedades cronicasImplementacionde Granja PorcinaNicaragua10000
99AF201999Christian Community ServicesIringa Tailoring and Shoemakingfor Handicapped PersonsTanzania9750
99AF181999Baba’s Day School / Task Force CommitteeEducation for mentallyretarded childrenZambia10000
99AF161999Direcçao da loorde naçao de Acçao SocialCapacitaçaodos activistas de programa A.B.C. - Vocational TrainingMocambique5760
99AF151999EPF Escola de Professores do futuroPROMECE Teachers, even with a visually impairementMocambique7850
98AF061999Child Assistance, Development and Support Organisation CadsoDeafenedChildren's Special Education and Income Generative CentreZambia7837
99AA111999Foundation to Encourage the Potential of Disabled PersonsChiangMai Disabled Community Center - Look What We Can doThailand10000
99AA101999Redemptorist Vocational School for the disabledPromotion ofNon-Handicapping environments in Pattaya CityThailand9500
99AA091999National Rehabilitation Centre of the Disabled NRSDA Skill-developmentVocational Hosiery TrainingNepal10000
99AA081999Nepal Interegrated Blind Development Association NIBDAChalkMaking ProjectNepal4716
99AA071999Nepal Disabled Women SocietySocio-economic Empowerment of Womenwith DisabilitiesNepal10000
99AA051999Hanoi Self Help AssociationForeign language & computer trainingand promotion centreVietnam8000
98AF081998Deaf Women AssociationDeaf Women Handicraft Embroidery ProjectMadagascar10000
98AF041998Zambia Association for BlindKnitting / Sewing / WeavingZambia7000
98AF021998Catherine M. KaseketiFilm StudyZambia8950
98AA081998Vinayaka Vikalunga SanghamCapacity Building and SustainableLivelihood for Rural DisabledIndia10000
98AA071998Chaitanaya Vikalunga SanghamCapacity Building and SustainableLivelihood for Rural DisabledIndia10000
98AA061998Save the Planet and DisabilityDevelopment Initiative for Peoplewith DisabilitiesBangladesh8450
98AA051998Ruud Sri Vocational TrainingGiving Vocational Training to theDisabled ChildrenSri Lanka2925
98AA041998Sustainable Independent Living AccessTraining and Capacitybuilding of Persons with Disabilities for the Promotion of Non-HandicappingEnvironments in Georgetown PenangMalaysia9960
98AA031998Foundation to Encourage the Potential of Disabled PersonsYardfonComputer Training Program for Physically DisabledThailand5500
98AA011998Mobility IndiaAccessibilityIndia6402
   1881 grants, 14260826.222 euros alltogether