Käynnissä olevat projektit

Abiliksen käynnissä olevat projektit

17AA035Educational Centre of Deaf Persons number 2Baking place for hearing impaired peopleTajikistan9 955
17AA036Branch of the Blind Association in TajikistanTraining in Mobility, Orientation and Communication, people with visual impairmentTajikistan4 997
17AA038Public Foundation EpicenterExpansion of economic opportunities for people with disabilities in BishkekKyrgyz Republic7 922
17AA039Public Organization Orzui JavonFishing FarmTajikistan9 928
17AA040Rural Disabled Society-NepalRights Empowerment and Social Inclusion of Persons with DisabilitiesNepal10 196
17AA041Gulmi Association of the BlindVocational development and promoting inclusive WASH system for Persons With Disabilities in Gulmi DistrictNepal10 000
17AF007Kawule Disabled Persons and their FamiliImproving Household Incomes of PWDs through agriculture and IGAUganda8 783
17AF063Inclusive Development Promoters & ConsTanzania disability convention monitoring initiative (TADICOMI)Tanzania20 227
17AF064Association of the blind and visually impaired of MozambiqueACAMO Internet CafeMozambique7 836
17AF065FAMOD SofalaFortalecendo o movimento associativo da pessoa com deficiencia em sofalaMozambique9 768
17AF076Juhudi na MaarifaGrinding and millingTanzania10 813
16AF068OUR RIGHTSTraining and coaching in shoemaking to the socio-economic integration of people with disabilities in UviraCongo, Dem. Rep.7 773
16AF069Association of friends of Sister DeborahPetty trading and pig husbandry for physically disabled personsCongo, Dem. Rep.8 960
17AF045Network Action for Empowerment of Disabled WomenLivelihood support for Women and Girls with Disabilities through skills trainingSierra Leone8 620
17AF054Somaliland National Disability ForumLifesaving Project of the Drought Affected PWDs through Emergency FoodSomaliland14 812
17AM002Parasoll Association BoliviaGrowing equality opportunitiesBolivia9 723
17AM003New sunrise association of people with physical disabilitiesRestaurant project "chickens on the wheel"Bolivia9 882
17EU005Kosovo Disability ForumEmpowering DPOs in Kosovo for better representation of the rights of persons with disabilitiesKosovo10 398
17AA032-FTPublic Organization TaqdirCapacity Building At TakdirTajikistan2 428
17AA042-FTTrai Tim Hong Handicraft CooperativeTraining and supporting on growing bonsais named ?Phat Loc? for persons with disabilities in Soc Son district, Hanoi.Vietnam2 401
17AF047-FTJumuiya ya wanawake wenye ulemavu Zanzibar (JUWAUZA)Capacity building of girls and women with disabilities on HRTanzania2 500
17AF048-FTZanzibar National Association of the Blind, WeteTraining on agriculture and marketingTanzania2 500
17AF052-FTSomali Body Disable OrganizationDisabled People Together Against the DroughtSomalia2 500
17AF055-FTInstitute of Education for Disabled PeopleBuilding Resilience of PWD Communities in Drought affected Banadir regionSomalia2 500
17AF057-FTSisay, Michael and Friends Woodwork&Metalwork PartnershipExpansion of Woodwork and Metalwork Manufacturing Project by PWDsEthiopia2 467
17AF062-FTGalmudug Community ConcernEmergency Aid and Voice for the Disabled People hit by the DroughtSomalia2 500
17AF056-FTTeshome, Solomon and Friends Public Sanitation&Shower Service Provider Shareholder AssociationExpansion and Provision of Sanitation Services for PublicEthiopia3 990
17AF058-FTAyalew, Mosie&Friends Woodwork and Metalwork Shareholder AssociationEstablishment of Woodwork&Metalwork project by PWDsEthiopia3 978