A Fundação Abilis financia projetos que são planejados, implementados, relatados e monitoreados por Pessoas com deficiencia através das suas Organizações. Os princípios gerais adotados pela fundação governam todas as atividades de assistência e realização de projetos.

Projetos em curso

Toteuttajärjestö / Implementing agency
Projektin nimi / Project name in English
Maa / Country
Myöntö / Sum
17EU004Vinnytsia city organization for social development of specific categories of low-protected youth "Parostok"Steps towards an independent life in societyUkraine10 498
17EU001Association of Parents of Children with Physical and Mental DisabilitiesEmpowerment of children with disabilities and their parentsBosnia-Herzegovina6 902
17AM001-FTAsociation of Persons with Disabilities DignityGood treatment for women with disabilities living in rural areasPeru2 462
17AF040Heart to HeartMaking the bi-lingual dictionary on disability accessible for visually impaired personsTanzania10 179
17AF039Disability Action Network, DANTraining PWDs access to Food and Water in 7 villages and Hunger Camps in Togdheer and SahilSomaliland15 532
17AF038-FTSUB Somali Union for the Blind PeopleFOOD Programs for Nasiib Camp for the BlindSomalia2 500
17AF037Deficiency Movement of MozambiqueMODEMO CommercialMozambique4 015
17AF036SACATUA Beira DelegationFurniture production for saleMozambique8 723
17AF035Association of Youth with Disabilities of Mozambique - ManicaAJODEMO HardwareMozambique7 856
17AF034Zanzibar Association of the DisabledCommunity Based Rehabilitation ProjectTanzania20 475
17AF021Tanzania People With Disabilities OrganizationShining star mushroomTanzania10 266
17AF017-FTChawata Tanga BranchEquipping the tailoring workshopTanzania2 497
17AF016Association Fight for DisabilityBreeding laying hensMozambique9 987
17AF009Tanzania Teachers Union, Pwani BranchTraining on labour laws, policies and disability acts to teachers with disabilitiesTanzania8 606
17AF008Wakiso District Disabled Women Association, WADDWAPopularisation of the UNCRPD among leaders and women with disabilities in WakisoUganda4 072
17AF006Hanna, Getahin and Friends Dairy Production PartnershipIGA for Mobility Challenged Persons by Dairy ProductionEthiopia9 767
17AF005Association of people with albinism in ZanzibarTraining on leadership, advocacy, outreach and care of people with albinismTanzania9 400
17AF004Shivyawata PwaniFinancial management and internal control trainingTanzania9 281
17AF003Tanzania Association of the Deaf-ArushaICT training for deaf pupils and studentsTanzania10 617
17AF002Galmudug Disability Women Organization, GAWDOSewing, Hairdressing and Henna Saloon Skills Training for 20 Disabled Women&GirlsSomalia8 434
17AA027Public Foundaton Providing Social Services to PWDsCattle rearingKyrgyz Republic4 878
17AA026Association of Parents of Disabled Children FarogamTraining in sewing girls with disabilitiesTajikistan6 164
17AA025MENational Association for the Rights of Disabled People in LebanonThe promotion of employment rights of PWDS in LebanonLebanon12 051
17AA024Rendering of legal aid to the invalids FoundationCreating conditions for PWDs to realize their Voting RightsKyrgyz Republic6 407
17AA022Muscular Dystrophy Foundation - NepalEmpowerment and connection: Approach to fight against muscular dystrophyNepal7 185
17AA021Disability Empowerment and Rehabilitation CenterLivelihood promotion of Persons with Disabilities establishing spices industry in TerhathumNepal7 360
17AA020National Association of Deaf People in TajikistanCapasity building of specialists and Sign language interpretersTajikistan8 302
17AA019Public Organization Parents of CWDS LailoPromoting Human Rights of Chilidren with Disabilities of Rasht RegionTajikistan3 622
17AA018Kanibadam Branch of National Association of the Blind in TajikistanPromoting a modern understanding of disability among people with visual impairment in the city of KanibadamTajikistan4 912
17AA017-FTShwe Yaung Hlaing Thit Disabled GroupName of Project: Computer and Photocopy Printing Service ShopMyanmar2 291
17AA016-FTFondation TalanttuuBreeding cows for milkKyrgyz Republic2 500
17AA015ME-FTJordanian Deaf Community - Najah Taffel and Arwa17th session of CRPD committee in GenevaJordan2 500
17AA014-FTInitiative group for creation an organization of young PWDs "NOIL"Creating an Organization "NOIL"Tajikistan2 497
17AA013-FTInitiative group of PWDS of Shartuz region of Khatlon oblastCreating a DPO in Shartuz area of Khatlon OblastTajikistan2 499
17AA009Union of Disabled People of Issykkul Region RAVENSTVOFast Food Kiosk in the city of KarakolKyrgyz Republic12 995
17AA008Myanmar Deaf Community Development AssociationAccessing Disability Rights Law in Myanmar Sign LanguageBurma (Myanmar)19 966
17AA007-FTFuture Society for Deaf AdultsTranslation of the Abilis Spinal Cord Injury ManualWest Bank & Gaza Strip2 500
17AA006-FTChanyai Sub-district Club of Persons with DisabilitiesChicken egg farmThailand2 499
17AA004Creative Hands of Deaf WomenSkill development for women with hearing disabilitiesNepal6 603
17AA003Nepal Association for Blind UpliftmentEconomic Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities in rural area of RupandehiNepal7 802
17AA002-FTLivelihood club of Persons with DisabilitiesFrog and Fish FarmThailand1 666
16EU002Sokal Rayon Association of People with DisabilitiesCreating new possibilities for youth with DisabilitiesUkraine5 508
16EU001Foundation ParamirSupport for Persons with Disabilities in the conflict zone of Eastern Ukraine (ATO-zone)Ukraine8 729
16AM014-FTAssociation of PWDs from the Province of CayllomaStrengthening capacities in the management of businesses and productive activities (crafts and other) for PWDsPeru2 500
16AF202-FTAssociation of the Deaf in MauritaniaTraining on UNCRPD and the national disability actMauritania2 446
16AF201-FTSeed for Economic Empowerment of the VulnerableStrengthening the capacity of Women With Disabilities, through entrepreneurship training and innovative basket weaving skillsGhana2 481
16AF198-FTLakeside Disability Rights Advocacy initiativePromote Inclusion of Persons with Intellectual Disability in decision makingGhana2 270
16AF197-FTDessie Town Area Mobility Challenged Persons AssociationBread Bakery Project Run by PWDsEthiopia3 919
16AF196-FTKassu Telasiyon and Yegle Manufacturing of Leather Products PartnershipEstablishment of Leather Manufacturing Partnership run by PWDsEthiopia3 844
16AF116Association of people with sickle cellEmbroidering and bed sheet tailoringTanzania9 211
16AF115Bukomansimbi Development Association of the DisabledLivelihood improvement through income generating activities among PWDsUganda2 772
16AF114Mpigi District Women with Disabilities AssociationSelf help projectUganda7 361
16AF113Hope for the Blind and Handicapped Rehabilitation AssociationImprove the Income of 45 PWDs through the Expansion of Handicraft WorksEthiopia9 743
16AF110-FTCommunity Development Mission FoundationCapacity building to PWDs on how to innovate, plan and implement economical projectsTanzania2 314
16AF109-FTChangaa Albino Development GroupCapacity building training on leadership, records management and entrepreneurshipTanzania2 284
16AF107The Center for Differently Able WomenEngaging women with disabilities on their civil and political rights for the 2018 general elections in Sierra LeoneSierra Leone9 862
16AF104Association of Military and Paramilitary Disabled of Mozambique - Maputo delegationADEMIMO in progressMozambique9 205
16AF103-FTYichalal Blocks Manufacturing AssociationEstablishment of Blocks Production Center to Be Run by PWDsEthiopia2 485
16AF092Masaka Association of PWDs living with HIV/AIDSIncreased household incomes, food production and nutrition among PWDs living with HIV/AIDS in greater MasakaUganda8 006
16AF091Association Of Disabled Mozambicans of Higher EducationADESU PiggeryMozambique10 027
16AF090-FTGlobal Disability CentreOrganizational Capacity BuildingTanzania2 177
16AF089National Union of Disabled Persons of UgandaNUDIPU Annual General MeetingUganda13 000
16AF087Hiran Disability Empowerment OrganizationImprove the Welfare of PWDs by IGASomalia5 488
16AF085-FTAssociation of the Blind, Wolaita Branch Production Center Soddo, OttonaExpansion of Bricks and Blocks Production run by PWDsEthiopia2 434
16AF084-FTAssociation of Youth with Disabilities of Mozambique-PandaCommerce of AJODEMO-PandaMozambique2 400
16AF083Association of Parents and Friends of Children with Intellectual Disability-MaputoPre-Vocational TrainingMozambique4 938
16AF080-FTAman Fitsame and Friends Woodwork Partnership Shareholder AssociationExpansion of Manufacturing Woodwork Products Run by Persons with Hearing ImpairmentEthiopia2 424
16AF078Somali Disability Support, SODISComputer Training - Women and Girls with Disabilities EmpowermentSomalia9 007
16AF076-FTGroup of parents of children with disabilitiesEntrepreneurship and business skillsTanzania2 497
16AF072Wiltom Zvirema AssociationEconomic empowerment of people with disabilitiesMozambique4 160
16AF071Mozambican Association of Women with DisabilitiesPurchase and sale of used clothingMozambique4 691
16AF070Disability Welfare Organization, DIWOIGA - training for Disabled Girls, IT-financial Literacy and EntrepreneurshipSomaliland5 450
16AF067Disability Aid AssociationVocational Training and Employment of PWDsSomalia10 226
16AF062-FTElshaday Construction Materials Manufacturing Co-operative EnterpriseConstruction Materials Manufacturing Works by PWDs - IGAEthiopia2 461
16AF060-FTMuluemebet and Alemnesh Sweet Food Work PartnershipCafe & Restaurant at Dire Dawa University Run by PWDsEthiopia2 431
16AF046-FTSomaliland National Disability ForumPromoting Voter Registration for PWDs through Accessible and Inclusive LanguagesSomaliland2 500
16AF038Somali Organization Disabled Women EmpowermentPoultry project by Disabled Women in AfgoiSomalia9 630
16AF034Association of blind and visually impaired youth for the productionLivestock project of laying hens in the village of Rabega in the town of Saaba for the benefit of members of AMAP in Burkina FasoBurkina Faso9 254
16AF032Advocacy groups for the protection of the couple mother-childSocio-economic support to disabled women's groups from MUNDAKA, MITI and Bushumba / KABARE territory, South Kivu Province in CongoCongo, Dem. Rep.9 020
16AF031Garden of youth with disabilitiesTechnical training and production of wild rice (lowland rice) in the town of Ntombo Yanga.Congo, Dem. Rep.9 983
16AF030Centre Bartimee Bethel pour AveuglesSupport to income generating activities for visually impaired peopleCongo, Dem. Rep.6 353
16AF029Association for the Promotion of Community InitiativesProfessional Learning for deaf girls and disabled young mothers living with HIV / AIDS on computer skills and associated literacyCongo, Dem. Rep.7 707
16AF018-FTKasanje Disabled Persons and their families AssociationApiary productuctionUganda2 280
16AF016Zanzibar National Association of the Blind - HEADQUARTERSAdvocacy and awareness rising on Human Rights to blind peopleTanzania8 931
16AF014Forum of Mozambique Disability AssociationsSign Language TrainingMozambique10 490
16AF013Association of Youth with Disabilities of Mozambique - MaputoInstitutional Capacity BuildingMozambique14 095
16AF010CHAWATA KorogweBricks Making ProjectTanzania9 167
16AF009Group of women with Albinism KondoaGrinding and milling machinesTanzania9 812
16AF001-FTYenenesh and Friends Public Printing Service Shareholder AssociationExpansion of Printing and Sewing Cloths Business to be Run by PWDsEthiopia2 500
16AA126-FTInitiative group for creation of Federation of Chess Organization of PWDsCreating a Chess FederationTajikistan2 481
16AA125-FTInitiative goup of persons with Hard of Hearing of BadahshanCreating an organization for persons with Hard of Hearing in GBAOTajikistan2 492
16AA123-FTPublic Organization Childrens Center DevelopmentIncreasing the knowledge of Parents of CWDs on development of CWDsKyrgyz Republic2 233
16AA122Public Association of WWDs Safoi KonibodomSchool for Independent Living for WWDs of Sogd RegionTajikistan10 146
16AA121-FTPublic Association of Parents of Children with Autism Hand in HandTraining of 6 Parents of CWDS and 2young PWDs on making items from leatherKyrgyz Republic2 500
16AA120-FTPublic Foundation ZandanuuIncreasing the financial knowledge of PWDs in KyrgyzstanKyrgyz Republic1 738
16AA119-FTGroup of women with disabilities at sub-District AreaReproductive Health TrainingThailand2 500
16AA113Disable Advocacy and Empowerment CenterFostering constitutional rights and livelihood of PWDs in rural communities in DailekhNepal9 058
16AA111Training and Rehabilitation Center for the BlindApplying information and communications technoogy (ICT) on smartphone for the blindVietnam9 881
16AA110The Deaf Association RaptiEnterpreneurship development of Deaf Women and promotion of sign languageNepal7 751
16AA109Naubasta Disable AssociationEconomic Empowerment of PWDs and Local Resource MobilizationNepal9 970
16AA108Thungphee Disability ClubWorkshop on Making Thai Snacks by Thungphee Disability ClubThailand9 139
16AA107Hanoi Disabled People AssociationEstablishment of communication strategy and its initial implementation for a better visibility of DP HanoiVietnam18 946
16AA106-FTHlaing Thar Yar Township Disabled AssociationPienyrittäjyystaitoja vammaisille ja vammaisten lasten vanhemmilleMyanmar2 461
16AA104National Council fo Disabled Women-NCDWEnhancement of livelihood through livestock and small business by women with disabilitiesBangladesh8 000
16AA103-FTFar-West Community Blind AssociationBasic Computer Training to Blind Persons in Far-West RegionNepal2 474
16AA102-FTOffice of Abilis Local Expert in NepalDialogues for ensuring CPRD principles in the forthcoming Disability Bill in NepalNepal2 500
16AA099Development and Ability OrganizationCapacity building project of DPOs in Kunar and NuristanAfghanistan10 000
16AA098-FTWay to Dream - Rehabilitation Centre for CWDs in the Issykul RegionAnimal Husbandry project in Issykkul RegionKyrgyz Republic2 500
16AA093Disabled Child Foundation (DCF)Employment of persons with disabilities through marketing product of Maitri ShilpaBangladesh9 988
16AA092Da Nang Association of People with DisabilitiesAwareness raising on the Convention on the Rights of PWDs (CRPD) and promoting accessible public buildings for PWDs in Da NangVietnam7 410
16AA090Bright Future Group of People with Disabilities in HanoiDevelopment of an accessible tourism website and social network to promote accessible tourism for persons with disabilitiesVietnam9 702
16AA089The Association to Empowerment the Potential of Women with DisabilitiesWorkshop on Women with Disabilities access to justiceThailand9 959
16AA088Hoa Vang Association of People with DisabilitiesDevelop a model combining livestock and crop production for PWDs at Hoa Vang district, Da Nang city.Vietnam7 681
16AA087Light of HopeTaxi-service of PWDs in the city of TokmakKyrgyz Republic8 497
16AA085-FTSharirik Apang Sewa Sangh SurkhetIncome generation program for persons with disabilitiesNepal2 500
16AA082-FTGorkha Association of the BlindLivelihood support and advocacy program for visually impairedNepal2 498
16AA081Society of Deafblind ParentsInclusion and independence of persons with congenital deafblindness in NepalNepal8 216
16AA080Morang Association of the BlindEmpowering Blind Persons in Morang DistrictNepal8 750
16AA073Turning Point FoundationEstablishment of a capacity building and ICT centre for the people with disabilitiesBangladesh22 891
16AA072KymViet Social EnterpriseVocational training on handicraft and setting up a home-based production group for people with disabilitiesVietnam8 960
16AA071-FTVocational Orientate Persons (VOP) CentreVocational Centre for People with Disabiliy projectMyanmar2 479
16AA070-FTHtan Sin Hla Disabled Group (MILI branch office)Boat transportation service for income generationMyanmar2 368
16AA066Damak Disable Helping CommitteeCapacity building of persons with disabilityNepal9 032
16AA065Down Syndrome Society NepalEconomic upliftment of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities and their parents through production and selling of spicesNepal8 195
16AA064-FTLa Mine Disabled GroupGoat livestock breeding for persons with disabilitiesMyanmar2 408
16AA063-FTTogether for Real ChangeSunrise weekend school for children with disabilitiesGeorgia2 493
16AA062-FTUnion of disabled persons of KaspiEmployment of persons with disabilities in KaspiGeorgia2 499
16AA061-FTNaryn Public Assosiation of Parents on Protecting Human Rights of ChildrenVocational Training and Employment of 6 young WWDs and 4 Parents of CWDSs into the Handicraft workshop Step to the FutureKyrgyz Republic2 496
16AA054-FTSpecial Olympics KyrgyzstanSpecial Olympics: Sustainable Development and united footballKyrgyz Republic2 500
16AA051The network of persons with disability living along Thailand-Cambodian borderCapacity Building to persons with disabilities on national disability policy to form a clubThailand9 995
16AA046Spinal Spinal Cord Injury Association of CambodiaTo improve livelihood of income generation of small business establishing, livestock raising and Tuktuk social enterprise.Cambodia9 996
16AA044Public Association of PWDS Jany-Turmush umutEmployment of PWDs into the production of Soft DrinksKyrgyz Republic9 600
16AA043Accosiation of PWDs in Baldzuvanskij districtImprovement of socioeconomic situation of PWDs through animal husbandryTajikistan9 134
16AA042Public Organisation Disabled Womens League ISHTIROKStarting a Catering ServiceTajikistan13 165
16AA037Cambodian Disabled Peoples OrganisationYour Concerns, Our SolutionsCambodia8 628
16AA036-FTParents Association for Intellectual DisabilityDeveloping the access of persons with intellectual disability in education and enhancing the rights of learning and entertainmentNepal2 500
16AA035-FTAstabakra saving and credit cooperative limitedDigitalizing accounting system for economic transparency by developing management skill for PWDsNepal2 500
16AA034Blind Women Association NepalImproving Gender Equality of BVI WomenNepal9 072
16AA030-FTPublic Association Zany BashatCreating professional possibilities for young PWDSKyrgyz Republic2 500
16AA024Women of Central Asia for Peace and StabilityEstablishment of the sewing workshop for young WWDS and selling products onlineKyrgyz Republic7 719
16AA022Public association of girls with disabilities Nazik-KyzTraining and employment for young women with Disabilities in sewing workshop Eko Bashtyk from BishkekKyrgyz Republic6 000
16AA019DPO of Ravonbahsh district Mir Sajda Ali HamadoniImprovement of socio-economic situation of PWDs through establishment of GreenhouseTajikistan9 808
16AA018OO Maiouboni Tavono (Skilled Persons)Vocational Training for Persons with Disabilities in Faisabadskij District of TajikistanTajikistan6 724
16AA017Branch of Disabled Womens Leaque Ishtirok in Dangarinskij RegionImproving the standards of living of WWDs in Dangara area through animal husbandryTajikistan9 891
16AA013Organisation of the parents of Disabled MajruhonPromoting Capacity and Human Rights of PWDs in Rushanskij District of GBAOTajikistan7 958
16AA008-FTDeafblind Association NepalComputer course for board members of DAN who use sign language and have low visionNepal2 500
16AA007-FTAbir FoundationMicro Enterprise Development for Self Employment of PWDs of Rudrapur VDCNepal2 495
16AA005-FTRural Disabled Service AssociationComputer Training for Employment to the DisabilitiesNepal2 000
16AA004Association of Parents with Children with DisabilityCooking classes for Children with DisabilitiesTajikistan8 153
16AA002-FTNational Disabled Youth Network-NepalEmpower youth with disabilities through information access from youth disability information center establishment in KathmanduNepal2 493
15EU018-FTKosovo Association of the Blind KABBalkan meeting on disabilityKosovo1 088
15EU016-FTCroatian Union of Persons with Disabilities (DPI Croatia Office) SOIHFrom past to present - transition from centralized disability service provision to current mechanisms for implementing disability servicesAlbania860
15EU005Charitable organization Charity Foundation INVA SOS EASTCentre for social, psykological rehabilitation and employment support for PWDs PerspektivaUkraine10 868
15AM020Civil non profit Association Education, Dignity, and ProgressDisabled woman from rural areas, get to know your rightsPeru6 379
15AF176-FTMijwala Sub-county PWDsIncome generating projectUganda2 021
15AF165-FTSomali Union of and for the Blind, Al-Bashir School for the Blind and Deaf-Blind6th Africa Forum and the 8th AFUB General AssemblySomalia2 500
15AF163Association of Youth with Disabilities of Mozambique - DondoBreeding and selling of chickenMozambique9 404
15AF161Network for assitance to mine victimsRAVIM with pigsMozambique8 635
15AF160Hulegeb Blind & Disabled People Training and Rehabilitation AssociationMushroom Production Centre to be Run by PWDsEthiopia9 483
15AF141Kenubish Birke & Friends Handicraft Cooperative Shareholder AssociationExpansion of Handicraft Works and Create Skillful and Abled GroupEthiopia8 964
15AF140Support and Care for People with Disabilities AssociationEmpowering 2 Groups of PWDs through IGAEthiopia9 442
15AF139Action for Children Associated with Disabilities, ACADCampaign for inclusive social services for children with disabilities in Bombali district, northern Sierra LeoneSierra Leone8 257
15AF135Selam Leandenet General Sanitation Team EnterpriseEstablishing Small Scale Recreational Centre for IGA for 18 Persons Affected by LeprosyEthiopia9 870
15AF131Nkhotankhota Association of Visually ImpairedSustainable rice farming and animal husbandryMalawi8 322
15AF113Lofa County Associatioin of the Disabled LOCADSkills development and income generating for the disabled through training on animal husbandry and farmingLiberia9 198
15AF103-FTFanta and Alemayehu Block Production Shareholder AssociationBlock Production to Be Run by PWDsEthiopia2 497
15AF096SHIVYAWATA NationalEmpower projectTanzania10 063
15AF087Youth Physical Disability Development Forum YPDDFMainstreaming youth Disabilities in Local Government ProgramsUganda10 188
15AF084Uganda National Association of Cerebral Palsy UNACHuman Rights Promotion for People with Cerebral Palsy in UgandaUganda9 988
15AF061Vipya Disability Association VDASustainable livelihood interventions for PWDs affected by HIV & natural disastersMalawi8 913
15AF059Malawi Union of the Blind MUBCapacity building for Malawi Union of the Blind local branchesMalawi10 733
15AF047ADEMO -Association of People with Disabilities of mozambiqueSkills and professionsMozambique9 993
15AF038Ugunja Community Resource CentreCarpentry ProjectKenya4 772
15AF026-FTMiracle Disabled AssociationKnittingZambia2 499
15AF024-FTDisacare Wheelchair Centre TrustWorkshop tools and equipment replacementZambia2 491
15AF002Arua District Blind Women Association, ADBWASelf-Help ProjectUganda3 141
15AA149-FTPublic Association Moving ForwardCreating conditions for aktive and independent style of life for 12 under 8 years old CWDs of the city of BishkekKyrgyz Republic2 421
15AA139-FTMakers of hope women with disabilities AssociationEmpowerment of women with disabilities on handicraft and life skillsWest Bank & Gaza Strip2 488
15AA136-FTNepal Five Disabled Self-Employment GroupSelf-employment for Persons with Disabilities victimized by earthquakeNepal1 204
15AA135-FTNational Alliance of Disabled Peoples OrganizationsStrengthening Disabled Peoples OrganizationsBangladesh2 499
15AA133-FTVoice & ViewsPromoting Inclusive Education for the children and adult women with disabilities at the community of Baghata union of Narsingdi DistrictBangladesh2 500
15AA122Public Foundation of PWDs IntegratsiyaLeadership Training for Young Persons with Disabilities of Osh regionKyrgyz Republic9 989
15AA121NGO DaanakerEmployment of Young Women with Disabilities to Hairdressing salonKyrgyz Republic9 874
15AA112Women with Disabilities Development Foundation (WDDF)Protecting the rights of women with disabilities in justice through advocacyBangladesh10 000
15AA111-FTYae Kyi Disabled GroupPigs live stocking breading for People with DisabilitiesMyanmar2 048
15AA101Public Foundation UlybkaTraining of Young PWDs for creating their own small businessKyrgyz Republic7 640
15AA097MESafety Charitable AssociationVocational training project for the wounded of GazaWest Bank & Gaza Strip9 890
15AA089Entire Power in Social Action NepalEmpowering women with disability through skill development training and employment opportunityNepal9 058
15AA080-FTCommunity Service Association of the Disabled and Blind CSADBSupport of temporary sheds to victims Persons with Disabilities of Gorkha Earthquake in Dolakha DistrictNepal2 500
15AA076-FTSaysettha District Disabled Peoples Association (SDDPA)Disability Survey and Technical Capacity BuildingLaos2 163
15AA064Organisation of Disabled People in Gafyrovsky raion Sogdisky Oblast NOITAktivization and Awareness Raising for PWDS and and the whole societyTajikistan9 309
15AA056-FTRasuwa Disabled Rehabilitation Center RDRC-NepalDevelopment Aid to Victims of Gorkha Earthquake among Persons with Disabilities in RasuwaNepal2 500
15AA054Human Rights Disability and Development Foundation HDDFCreating employment for people with Disabilities through televisions assembling and servicing centerBangladesh9 806
15AA052-FTSpinal Cord Injuries Development Association Bangladesh (SCIDABProduce of Bangla version of Active and Independent Living manualBangladesh2 500
15AA041Cricket Association of the Blind, NepalEnsuring safety and gender equality of blind and disabled women from cricket ground to the work placesNepal7 453
15AA040National Disabled Child Relief Association (NDCRA)Empowerment programme for persons with disabilities (EPPD)Nepal6 204
15AA025Surkhet Disable Association SDAPoultry Livelihood Project for Young PWDsNepal8 257
14AF280Kirima Disability Self help GroupKirima Disability Group Capacity Building for Dairy FarmingKenya9 215
14AF258Tilahun, Ybaba and Guadegnochachew Sheep Fattening and Poltry Farming Stakeholder AssociatonExpansion of Sheep Fattening, Breeding and Animal Feed Manufactuing projectEthiopia10 212
14AF257Murida, Teshome and Friends Poultry Farm Shareholder AssociationChicken Feed Processing Project Run by Mobility Challenged PersonsEthiopia11 255
14AF244Disabled Women in Africa DIWABaseline survey on access to sexual and reproductive health by disabled women and girlsZimbabwe11 229
14AF236Amatshe Aligugu-Precipus Stones Women with Disabilities TrustPoultry projectZimbabwe9 752
14AF221-FTStrengthening Women in Peri Urban & Rural areas Club (SWIPURA)Village chicken rearingZambia2 259
14AF198-FTAwet Gebremariam and Michael Gebreselas Lt Co-operativeEnjera and Processed Dry Food Preparation to Be Run by Persons with Hearing ImpairmentEthiopia2 500
14AF180Hab-wanaag Relief & Development Organization, HARDO LNGOIGA Skills for 20 Mental Recovered PatientsSomaliland11 063
14AF174The Gambia National Paralympic CommitteeWheelchair Production/ Repaire WorkshopGambia5 709
14AF129-FTTehuldere Woreda Bright Hope Persons with Disabilities AssociationSheep breeding, fattening and animal feed preparation to be run by persons with disabilitiesEthiopia2 460
14AF122GRAIFA Group dappui aux initiatives feminines dautopromotionBreeding cattle and handcraft soap for women with disabilitiesCongo, Dem. Rep.9 966
14AF102Zimbabwe National League of the BlindPoultry enterprise for the blindZimbabwe8 333
14AF097Wells Community Growth InitiativeImproving the livelihoods of women parents who have children with disabilities through goat rearingKenya9 040
14AF069-FTThis Ability ConsultingIWG Women and Sports ConferenceKenya2 500
14AF068Women with Disabilities for Change, WWDCSolar Stoves for Women with Disabilities as part of IGAEthiopia9 686
14AF067-FTWomen with disabilities development Association of TigrayWomen with disabilities economic empowerment through formation of
business cooperatives
Ethiopia2 472
14AF064Isiolo welfare group of the disabled IWGDCapacity building and awareness creation on the rights of PWDsKenya9 844
14AF048-FTNyenga subcounty disabled farmersPiggery, goat and poultryUganda2 189
14AF004Kibarwa Disabled Womens GroupFish farmingKenya9 433
14AA128Tangail Disabled Peoples Organization to Development (Tangail- DPOD)Income generating through production of Tangail ShariBangladesh6 941
14AA110Mongolian National Association for Wheelchair users (MNAWU)Wheelchair users empowerment, improvement of their emoployment possibilities and their family incomeMongolia10 048
14AA072-FTPublic Foundation of Single Moms of CWDS Ene Emgegi)Employment of PWDs through Fast Food eateryKyrgyz Republic2 500
14AA041-FTNagarpur Disabled Peoples Organization to Development (Nagarpur DPOD)Income generating Activities for the persons with disabilitiesBangladesh2 500
13AF209Deaf Peoples Association in Ainabo DistrictEmpowerment Rights of People with Disabilities in Saraar RegionSomaliland8 517
13AF167Borena Woreda Crossed Disabled AssociationElectrical grain grinding mill run by PWDsEthiopia8 920
13AF129-FTBisrat Disabled Handicraft Cooperative SocietyA small scale Woodwork Project run by persons with disabilitiesEthiopia2 391
13AF120-FTTukwatisye PWDs GroupAwareness Raising Human RightsUganda2 365
13AF119-FTMulungi Omu Balema GroupLivestock farmingUganda2 459
13AF092Buhunga Disabled Persons GroupCattle rearingUganda4 309
13AF056Network of Organizations of/for Visually Impaired and BlindOrganizational Capacity Enhancement for the Efficient Management of IGA Programs to Economically Empower PWDsEthiopia9 878
13AF055Ethiopian National Association of Person Affected by Leprosy, North Gonder BranchExpansion of Sheep Breeding and Fattening Project by PWDsEthiopia7 236