Фонд Абилис финансирует проекты, которые планируются, реализуются и отслеживаются людьми с ограниченными возможностями с помощью их организаций. Главные принципы: руководство в реализации и менеджмент в жизни проекта.

Реализуемые проекты:

Toteuttajärjestö / Implementing agency
Projektin nimi / Project name in English
13AF119-FTMulungi Omu Balema GroupLivestock farmingUganda2 459
13AF129-FTBisrat Disabled Handicraft Cooperative SocietyA small scale Woodwork Project run by persons with disabilitiesEthiopia2 391
14AA110Mongolian National Association for Wheelchair users (MNAWU)Wheelchair users empowerment, improvement of their emoployment possibilities and their family incomeMongolia10 048
14AF004Kibarwa Disabled Womens GroupFish farmingKenya9 433
14AF069-FTThis Ability ConsultingIWG Women and Sports ConferenceKenya2 500
14AF097Wells Community Growth InitiativeImproving the livelihoods of women parents who have children with disabilities through goat rearingKenya9 040
14AF102Zimbabwe National League of the BlindPoultry enterprise for the blindZimbabwe8 333
14AF198-FTAwet Gebremariam and Michael Gebreselas Lt Co-operativeEnjera and Processed Dry Food Preparation to Be Run by Persons with Hearing ImpairmentEthiopia2 500
14AF221-FTStrengthening Women in Peri Urban & Rural areas Club (SWIPURA)Village chicken rearingZambia2 259
14AF244Disabled Women in Africa DIWABaseline survey on access to sexual and reproductive health by disabled women and girlsZimbabwe11 229
14AF280Kirima Disability Self help GroupKirima Disability Group Capacity Building for Dairy FarmingKenya9 215
15AA054Human Rights Disability and Development Foundation HDDFCreating employment for people with Disabilities through televisions assembling and servicing centerBangladesh9 806
15AA076-FTSaysettha District Disabled Peoples Association (SDDPA)Disability Survey and Technical Capacity BuildingLaos2 163
15AF026-FTMiracle Disabled AssociationKnittingZambia2 499
15AF103-FTFanta and Alemayehu Block Production Shareholder AssociationBlock Production to Be Run by PWDsEthiopia2 497
15AF131Nkhotankhota Association of Visually ImpairedSustainable rice farming and animal husbandryMalawi8 322
15AF135Selam Leandenet General Sanitation Team EnterpriseEstablishing Small Scale Recreational Centre for IGA for 18 Persons Affected by LeprosyEthiopia9 870
15AF140Support and Care for People with Disabilities AssociationEmpowering 2 Groups of PWDs through IGAEthiopia9 442
15AF141Kenubish Birke & Friends Handicraft Cooperative Shareholder AssociationExpansion of Handicraft Works and Create Skillful and Abled GroupEthiopia8 964
15AF160Hulegeb Blind & Disabled People Training and Rehabilitation AssociationMushroom Production Centre to be Run by PWDsEthiopia9 483
15EU005Charitable organization Charity Foundation INVA SOS EASTCentre for social, psykological rehabilitation and employment support for PWDs PerspektivaUkraine10 868
16AA002-FTNational Disabled Youth Network-NepalEmpower youth with disabilities through information access from youth disability information center establishment in KathmanduNepal2 493
16AA007-FTAbir FoundationMicro Enterprise Development for Self Employment of PWDs of Rudrapur VDCNepal2 495
16AA034Blind Women Association NepalImproving Gender Equality of BVI WomenNepal9 072
16AA051The network of persons with disability living along Thailand-Cambodian borderCapacity Building to persons with disabilities on national disability policy to form a clubThailand9 995
16AA063-FTTogether for Real ChangeSunrise weekend school for children with disabilitiesGeorgia2 493
16AA065Down Syndrome Society NepalEconomic upliftment of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities and their parents through production and selling of spicesNepal8 195
16AA066Damak Disable Helping CommitteeCapacity building of persons with disabilityNepal9 032
16AA073Turning Point FoundationEstablishment of a capacity building and ICT centre for the people with disabilitiesBangladesh22 891
16AA080Morang Association of the BlindEmpowering Blind Persons in Morang DistrictNepal8 750
16AA081Society of Deafblind ParentsInclusion and independence of persons with congenital deafblindness in NepalNepal8 216
16AA082-FTGorkha Association of the BlindLivelihood support and advocacy program for visually impairedNepal2 498
16AA085-FTSharirik Apang Sewa Sangh SurkhetIncome generation program for persons with disabilitiesNepal2 500
16AA088Hoa Vang Association of People with DisabilitiesDevelop a model combining livestock and crop production for PWDs at Hoa Vang district, Da Nang city.Vietnam7 681
16AA089The Association to Empowerment the Potential of Women with DisabilitiesWorkshop on Women with Disabilities access to justiceThailand9 959
16AA104National Council fo Disabled Women-NCDWEnhancement of livelihood through livestock and small business by women with disabilitiesBangladesh8 000
16AA106-FTHlaing Thar Yar Township Disabled AssociationPienyrittäjyystaitoja vammaisille ja vammaisten lasten vanhemmilleMyanmar2 461
16AA107Hanoi Disabled People AssociationEstablishment of communication strategy and its initial implementation for a better visibility of DP HanoiVietnam18 946
16AA108Thungphee Disability ClubWorkshop on Making Thai Snacks by Thungphee Disability ClubThailand9 139
16AA109Naubasta Disable AssociationEconomic Empowerment of PWDs and Local Resource MobilizationNepal9 970
16AA110The Deaf Association RaptiEnterpreneurship development of Deaf Women and promotion of sign languageNepal7 751
16AA111Training and Rehabilitation Center for the BlindApplying information and communications technoogy (ICT) on smartphone for the blindVietnam9 881
16AA113Disable Advocacy and Empowerment CenterFostering constitutional rights and livelihood of PWDs in rural communities in DailekhNepal9 058
16AA122Public Association of WWDs Safoi KonibodomSchool for Independent Living for WWDs of Sogd RegionTajikistan10 146
16AF001-FTYenenesh and Friends Public Printing Service Shareholder AssociationExpansion of Printing and Sewing Cloths Business to be Run by PWDsEthiopia2 500
16AF030Centre Bartimee Bethel pour AveuglesSupport to income generating activities for visually impaired peopleCongo, Dem. Rep.6 353
16AF060-FTMuluemebet and Alemnesh Sweet Food Work PartnershipCafe & Restaurant at Dire Dawa University Run by PWDsEthiopia2 431
16AF062-FTElshaday Construction Materials Manufacturing Co-operative EnterpriseConstruction Materials Manufacturing Works by PWDs - IGAEthiopia2 461
16AF068OUR RIGHTSTraining and coaching in shoemaking to the socio-economic integration of people with disabilities in UviraCongo, Dem. Rep.7 773
16AF069Association of friends of Sister DeborahPetty trading and pig husbandry for physically disabled personsCongo, Dem. Rep.8 960
16AF084-FTAssociation of Youth with Disabilities of Mozambique-PandaCommerce of AJODEMO-PandaMozambique2 400
16AF085-FTAssociation of the Blind, Wolaita Branch Production Center Soddo, OttonaExpansion of Bricks and Blocks Production run by PWDsEthiopia2 434
16AF092Masaka Association of PWDs living with HIV/AIDSIncreased household incomes, food production and nutrition among PWDs living with HIV/AIDS in greater MasakaUganda8 006
16AF103-FTYichalal Blocks Manufacturing AssociationEstablishment of Blocks Production Center to Be Run by PWDsEthiopia2 485
16AF113Hope for the Blind and Handicapped Rehabilitation AssociationImprove the Income of 45 PWDs through the Expansion of Handicraft WorksEthiopia9 743
16AF196-FTKassu Telasiyon and Yegle Manufacturing of Leather Products PartnershipEstablishment of Leather Manufacturing Partnership run by PWDsEthiopia3 844
16AF197-FTDessie Town Area Mobility Challenged Persons AssociationBread Bakery Project Run by PWDsEthiopia3 919
17AA002-FTLivelihood club of Persons with DisabilitiesFrog and Fish FarmThailand1 666
17AA003Nepal Association for Blind UpliftmentEconomic Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities in rural area of RupandehiNepal7 802
17AA004Creative Hands of Deaf WomenSkill development for women with hearing disabilitiesNepal6 603
17AA006-FTChanyai Sub-district Club of Persons with DisabilitiesChicken egg farmThailand2 499
17AA008Myanmar Deaf Community Development AssociationAccessing Disability Rights Law in Myanmar Sign LanguageMyanmar19 966
17AA009Union of Disabled People of Issykkul Region RAVENSTVOFast Food Kiosk in the city of KarakolKyrgyz Republic12 995
17AA017-FTShwe Yaung Hlaing Thit Disabled GroupComputer and Photocopy Printing Service ShopMyanmar2 291
17AA018Kanibadam Branch of National Association of the Blind in TajikistanPromoting a modern understanding of disability among people with visual impairment in the city of KanibadamTajikistan4 912
17AA019Public Organization Parents of CWDS LailoPromoting Human Rights of Chilidren with Disabilities of Rasht RegionTajikistan3 622
17AA020National Association of Deaf People in TajikistanCapasity building of specialists and Sign language interpretersTajikistan8 302
17AA021Disability Empowerment and Rehabilitation CenterLivelihood promotion of Persons with Disabilities establishing spices industry in TerhathumNepal7 360
17AA022Muscular Dystrophy Foundation - NepalEmpowerment and connection: Approach to fight against muscular dystrophyNepal7 185
17AA025MENational Association for the Rights of Disabled People in LebanonThe promotion of employment rights of PWDS in LebanonLebanon12 051
17AA026Association of Parents of Disabled Children FarogamTraining in sewing girls with disabilitiesTajikistan6 164
17AA027Public Foundaton Providing Social Services to PWDsCattle rearingKyrgyz Republic4 878
17AA028-FTDisabled People NetworkDisability Awareness Movie FilmMyanmar2 356
17AA035Educational Centre of Deaf Persons number 2Baking place for hearing impaired peopleTajikistan9 955
17AA037-FTCam Le Association of People with DisabilitiesCapacity building on organizational development for Cam Le Association of People with DisabilitiesVietnam2 297
17AA038Public Foundation EpicenterExpansion of economic opportunities for people with disabilities in BishkekKyrgyz Republic7 922
17AA040Rural Disabled Society-NepalRights Empowerment and Social Inclusion of Persons with DisabilitiesNepal10 196
17AA041Gulmi Association of the BlindVocational development and promoting inclusive WASH system for Persons With Disabilities in Gulmi DistrictNepal10 000
17AA042-FTTrai Tim Hong Handicraft CooperativeTraining and supporting on growing bonsais named ?Phat Loc? for persons with disabilities in Soc Son district, Hanoi.Vietnam2 401
17AA045-FTPublic Foundation AzijneOrganizing summer holiday and creation of an indicative accessible environment for PWDs in KyrgyzstanKyrgyz Republic2 459
17AA047-FTMILI Taungoo Branch officeComputer printing shopMyanmar2 408
17AA050-FTPublic Foundation FenomenWe are for the ratification of UN Convention of Rights of Persons with DisabilitiesKyrgyz Republic2 500
17AA051-FTBawa Pan Taing Disabled GroupChicken farm business projectMyanmar2 420
17AA052-FTNawayuba Apang Samaj NamsalingEnterpreneurship training on Bee KeepingNepal2 241
17AA053-FTThe Future Network of Shwe PatheinProducing pillow case projectMyanmar2 192
17AA054-FTFellowship Society NepalBanking Training for the Women with DisabilitiesNepal2 348
17AA055-FTClub of Parent of Autistic childrenSkills Training for Autistic childrenThailand2 500
17AA056-FTMagway Disabled GroupProducing Soap Oil Business for creating job opportunities for disabled peopleMyanmar2 293
17AA057-FTLandmines Survivors NepalPig farming for livelihood and leadership development training for the war survivors with disabilityNepal2 500
17AA058-FTAccess Planet OrganizationEmpowering blind and visually impaired through Android orientation training and career counselingNepal2 500
17AA059-FTNew Light Disabled Self Help GroupProject on Motorbike repairing and wiring Training for PWDsMyanmar2 332
17AF003Tanzania Association of the Deaf-ArushaICT training for deaf pupils and studentsTanzania10 617
17AF006Hanna, Getahin and Friends Dairy Production PartnershipIGA for Mobility Challenged Persons by Dairy ProductionEthiopia9 767
17AF007Kawule Disabled Persons and their FamiliImproving Household Incomes of PWDs through agriculture and IGAUganda8 783
17AF034Zanzibar Association of the DisabledCommunity Based Rehabilitation ProjectTanzania20 475
17AF036SACATUA Beira DelegationFurniture production for saleMozambique8 723
17AF039Disability Action Network, DANTraining PWDs access to Food and Water in 7 villages and Hunger Camps in Togdheer and SahilSomaliland15 532
17AF045Network Action for Empowerment of Disabled WomenLivelihood support for Women and Girls with Disabilities through skills trainingSierra Leone8 620
17AF046-FTClean yourselfHorticulture projectTanzania2 491
17AF056-FTTeshome, Solomon and Friends Public Sanitation&Shower Service Provider Shareholder AssociationExpansion and Provision of Sanitation Services for PublicEthiopia3 990
17AF057-FTSisay, Michael and Friends Woodwork&Metalwork PartnershipExpansion of Woodwork and Metalwork Manufacturing Project by PWDsEthiopia2 467
17AF058-FTAyalew, Mosie&Friends Woodwork and Metalwork Shareholder AssociationEstablishment of Woodwork&Metalwork project by PWDsEthiopia3 978
17AF063Inclusive Development Promoters & ConsTanzania disability convention monitoring initiative (TADICOMI)Tanzania20 227
17AF064Association of the blind and visually impaired of MozambiqueACAMO Internet CafeMozambique7 836
17AF065FAMOD SofalaFortalecendo o movimento associativo da pessoa com deficiencia em sofalaMozambique9 768
17AF076Efforts and knowledgeGrinding and millingTanzania10 813
17AF087-FTG/Wahed, Teklegewergs & Tadesse Kidanemariam Tailoring Partnership Service H/SMTailoring project for 8 PWDs at Axum cityEthiopia2 365
17AM002Parasoll Association BoliviaGrowing equality opportunitiesBolivia9 723
17AM003New sunrise association of people with physical disabilitiesRestaurant project "chickens on the wheel"Bolivia9 882
17EU001Association of Parents of Children with Physical and Mental DisabilitiesEmpowerment of children with disabilities and their parentsBosnia-Herzegovina6 902
17EU005Kosovo Disability ForumEmpowering DPOs in Kosovo for better representation of the rights of persons with disabilitiesKosovo10 398
17AA064Association of Disabled People Keletchek-Sary-KolProviding employment for Persons with Disabilities through beekeepingKyrgyz Republic9 364
17AA065Public Association of parents of Children with Down Syndrome Luch DobraSpecial theaterKyrgyz Republic7 560
17AA068The Federation of Chess and Drafts of Disabled Persons of the Republic of TajikistanReconstruction of the checher-chess centerTajikistan4 813
17AA069Nepal Disabled Protection ForumImproving livelihood of persons with disabilities thorugh vocational training in Rukum District NepalNepal8 043
17AA070Samabeshi Apang SangLegal Empowerment and Leadership Development of persons with disabilities in Madhesee community in NepalNepal9 714
17AA071Nepal Disabled Women SocietyEconomic empowerment of persons with disabilities through fashion designing skillsNepal8 055
17AA072Nepal Blind Support AssociationCampaign for promoting accessible tourism in NepalNepal9 920
17AA073Thanh Oai Blind AssociationRehabilitation and vocational training on broom making for visual impairment people in Thanh Oai districtVietnam9 132
17AA074Nontaburi Independent Living CenterImprove life quality of persons with severe disabilities in Si Sa Ket ProvinceThailand9 941
17AA075Group of women with disabilities at sub-District AreaStrengthen the network of Women with Disability in Si Sa Ket ProvinceThailand9 955
17AA076Bac Tu Liem Association of People with DisabilitiesEmpowering and Rehabilitation for People with Disabilities at Bac Tu Liem district based on sports.Viet Nam9 992
17AA078Society for the welfare of Autistic childrenChhadak (Light) - Developing special needs education for the underpriviledged children with autism and other disabilitiesBangladesh9 924
17AA079Public Association Kol SunamImproving the conditions for social adaptation of children with severe forms of mental and physical developmental disordersKyrgyz Republic9 928
17AA080Nongbualamphu Club of Women with DisabilityLearning Centre for Livelihood skills: Turkey farmThailand9 951
17AF092Moyo District Disabled Persons's UnionIncreasing the enrolment and completion rates in primary education for Children with Disabilities.Uganda3 577
17AF099Embeba Beles Haseka Hari CooperativeExpansion of diary farm project by PWDsEthiopia4 587
17AF102Atsebiha Beyene and Gebreyohannes Halefom Dairy Farming Shareholder AssociationExpansion of Dairy Farming run by PWDsEthiopia9 746
17AF103Aliba sub county PWD groupAliba Sub county PWDs' improved cattle rearing projectUganda2 913
17AA077Culture Centre for the DeafThe Intellectual investment into Deaf Children's Education by Empowering Deaf Teachers, Parents and members of other StakeholdersMongolia9 439
17AF093Disability Solidarity BurkinaSupport for the improvement of access to basic social needs by children with disabilities in the Bambino areaBurkina Faso6 921
17AF098WFD Western and Central Africa Regional SecretariatParticipation of WCARS Delegates at WFD International Conference in Budapest HungaryGambia10 000
17AF104Circle of the rights of the infirmConstruction of a soap factory for the handicapped association of Zoundja DahoBenin9 425
17AM005National Commission of Young Blind People of the Bolivian National Federation of the BlindDevelopment of technical skills in young blind peopleBolivia10 019
17EU007Ukrainian Public Organization of Invalids of Users of Psychiatric Help USERHuman Rights School for Users of Psychiatric Help and Medical PersonnelUkraine9 187
17EU008Dzherelo Children's Rehabilitation CentreSchool of lifeUkraine11 948
17EU010Foundation ParamirCafe ParamirUkraine15 300
17AA028-FTDisabled People NetworkDisability Awareness Movie FilmMyanmar2 356
17AA037-FTCam Le Association of People with DisabilitiesCapacity building on organizational development for Cam Le Association of People with DisabilitiesVietnam2 297
17AA047-FTMILI Taungoo Branch officeComputer printing shopMyanmar2 408
17AA049-FTAssosiation Baldar Omyr BulagySummer Camp for Children and Youth with DisabilitiesKyrgyz Republic2 499
17AA051-FTBawa Pan Taing Disabled GroupChicken farm business projectMyanmar2 420
17AA052-FTNawayuba Apang Samaj NamsalingEnterpreneurship training on Bee KeepingNepal2 241
17AA053-FTThe Future Network of Shwe PatheinProducing pillow case projectMyanmar2 192
17AA054-FTFellowship Society NepalBanking Training for the Women with DisabilitiesNepal2 348
17AA055-FTClub of Parent of Autistic childrenSkills Training for Autistic childrenThailand2 500
17AA056-FTMagway Disabled GroupProducing Soap Oil Business for creating job opportunities for disabled peopleMyanmar2 293
17AA057-FTLandmines Survivors NepalPig farming for livelihood and leadership development training for the war survivors with disabilityNepal2 500
17AA058-FTAccess Planet OrganizationEmpowering blind and visually impaired through Android orientation training and career counselingNepal2 500
17AA059-FTNew Light Disabled Self Help GroupProject on Motorbike repairing and wiring Training for PWDsMyanmar2 332
17AA060-FTKyaukpadaung Disabled Group, MILI BranchProject on Trading of Seasonal product by PWDsMyanmar2 314
17AA062-FTPhan Khar Myay Disabled GroupSmall Grocery shop ProjectMyanmar2 327
17AA066-FTPeer counselling club at Hoang Mai districtPeer counselling for people with disabilities at Hoang Mai districtVietnam2 500
17AF061-FTAlla-Magan Relief&Rehabilitation Disability People OrganizationSupport of Disabled People during DroughtSomalia2 500
17AF077-FTRwanda National Union of the DeafImprove livelihoods of deaf/hard of hearing women through knitting activitiesRwanda2 500
17AF078-FTA & ASustainability for ECD ChildrenGambia2 500
17AF079-FTTanzania Albino Society - Pwani BranchAttending national celebration of Albino day in DodomaTanzania2 290
17AF081-FTHorn of Africa disability Organisation HADOFood supporting Drought Affected Disable People in BuuhoodleSomaliland2 500
17AF082-FTDisability Aid AssociationFood Distribution to Drought Displaced Disability People n IDP's campSomalia2 500
17AF083-FTSomali Organization Disabled Women EmpowermentEmergency Food Aid for People with Disabilities living in Afgoye Area DisplacementsSomalia2 497
17AF085-FTDepartement Braille Alphabetisation Alliance Biblique du Burkina FasoAssessment of the implementation of the law on the protection and Promotion of the rights of PWDsBurkina Faso1 852
17AF086-FTAssociation of the Military Disabled of Mozambique - Manica DistrictFixed storeMozambique2 481
17AF087-FTG/Wahed, Teklegewergs & Tadesse Kidanemariam Tailoring Partnership Service H/SMTailoring project for 8 PWDs at Axum cityEthiopia2 365
17AF088-FTEskndir, Bezaye & Friends Leather Products Manufacturing Partnership Shareholders AssociationLeather manaufacturing partnership association for persons with hearing impairments.Ethiopia2 473
17AF091-FTAssociation for the Fulfillment of Women And Children with DisabilitiesSocial Entrepreneurship for Empowerment of Women and Children with disabilitiesBurkina Faso2 226
17AM004-FTAssociation a new sunrise for children of Caballo Cocha with disabilityGenerating Independent Employment for People with Disabilities in Rural AreaPeru2 495
17AA085-FTBa Dinh Association of People with DisabilitiesConduct a survey and make a membership database of Ba Dinh DPOVietnam2 500
17AA087-FTClub of Parents of intellectual disabilitiesSpa and Massage TrainingThailand2 338
17AA088-FTGroup of income generation development for persons with disabilitiesChicken eggs farmThailand1 325
17AA090-FTClub of women with disabilities in Da NangRaising awareness for women with disabilities in Da Nang about the status of women and advocating for prevention of violence.Vietnam2 233
17AF105-FTLusa ProgramHome Garden Project (HGP)Rwanda2 428
17AF109-FTAssociation of Youth with Disabilities of Mozambique - MaputoNeeds assessment of rehabilitation services in MozambiqueMozambique2 255
17AF111-FTTanzania League of the Blind, KondoaIncreasing understanding on White Cane international dayTanzania2 254
17AF112-FTHamza&Merkuriya Tailoring Work Parthnership Shareholder AssociationEstablishment of Tailoring Work Run by Persons with Physical ImpairmentEthiopia2 306
17AF114-FTGhana National Association of the DeafAttending the WFD International Conference in HungaryGhana2 500
17AF108-FTFikadu, Gashaw and Friends Provision of Public Sanitation Services Partnership Shareholder AssociationEstablishment of Sanitation Service Provision for the Public by PWDsEthiopia3 960
17AA046-FTPublic Association of Parents of CWDs NurzamanSewing training for Parents of CWDs and their employmentKyrgyz Republic2 500
17AA094-FTChuong My Blind AssociationProvide blankets for people with disabilities who have been affected from the floods in Chuong My district, HanoiVietnam2 345
17AA097-FTOffice of Abilis Local Expert in NepalDialogues for enactment of Regulation concerning "Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act"Nepal2 500
17AA098-FTSelf-Help Disable Women Empowerment CentreCapacity building of women with disabilities in rural communities of BardiyaNepal2 371
17AA099-FTHelping Society NepalVocational training (Doll making training)Nepal2 420
17AA100-FTCricket Association of the Blind KaskiConfidence building of visually impaired people through sportsNepal2 487
17AF115-FTWomen Initiative The GambiaSelf Help project- Integrated Vocational Training for Disabilities Women in Local Communities in the GambiaGambia2 325
17AF116-FTHiran Disability Empowerment OrganizationPromoting the Active Participation of Women with Disability in Handcrafts in Beledweyne DistrictSomalia2 500
17AF126-FTShivyawata RukwaInternational Disability Day 2017Tanzania2 483
17AF127-FTSomalia National Disability CouncilDisabled People Advancy SomaliaSomalia2 500
17AF128-FTFacilitation Team TanzaniaParticipation in the International Disability Day in Simiyu RegionTanzania1 297
17AF131-FTMoonlight Association of Disabilities, ButagayaGoat rearingUganda2 272
17AF132-FTUGANDA MENTAL HEALTH FELLOWSHIP- ATANEKONTOLASelf-Help and human rights awareness raising through music, dance and dramaUganda2 252
17AF133-FTKabukye Tugezeku disabled peoples associationCattle keepingUganda2 339
17AF135-FTMobility Sierra LeoneThe MSL acquired land clearing and building of the Security postSierra Leone2 137
17AF138-FTUganda Parents of Persons with Intellectual DisabilitiesSustainable livelihood initiative project (SLIP)Uganda2 225
17AM008-FTDisability Group BoliviaLegal RegistrationBolivia2 499
17AF107Tesfamariam Gebreselassie & Mamit Gebregeorgis Dairy Farming Shareholder AssociationExpansion of Dairy Farming run by PWDsEthiopia9 994
18AA003Public Association PeshraviAwareness raising on UNCRPD and human rights of PWDS and steps towards the ratification of UNCRPD in TajikistanTajikistan5 692
18AA004Association of Persons with Disabilities ALOVFair of Abilis Projects and gala concentKyrgyz Republic10 000
18AA005Union of Disabled People of Issykkul Region RAVENSTVOEnding the violence against women with disabilitiesKyrgyz Republic10 000
18AA006Association of Parents with Children with DisabilityAwareness Raising of the society on UNCRPDTajikistan8 154
18AA007National Union of Disabled People in TajikistanMotor rally Steps towards ratification of UN Convention on the Rights of PWDsTajikistan7 459
18AA002-FTInitiative group of women with disabilities of Khatlon oblast DurahshonCreating an organization of Women with disabiliities DurahshonTajikistan3 492
18AF004-FTTanzania League of the Blind (HQ)Inclusive Library Services - Pre-planning phaseTanzania2 813
18AF005-FTEast Africa Center for Disability Law and PolicyAll laws should be CRPD compliant: The Uganda Mental Health bill is No Exception.Uganda3 448
18AF006-FTBunutsya PWDs GroupBunutsya PWDs GroupUganda3 266
18AF008-FTKatikamu Association of People with Mental DisabilitiesGoat rearingUganda3 494