Abilis Consulting Limited

Abilis Consulting Limited was established in 2016 by the board members of Abilis Foundation and belongs to the Foundation. Its aim is to promote disability inclusion through its business in which experts with disabilities play a big role.

Abilis Consulting Limited

Expert in area of disability and development

Upon request, the company offers services of experts in the field of disability, development and human rights. Such services include, among others, the following:

  • consultancy services
  • tailor-made training based on customer’s needs
  • project appraisal, project monitoring and evaluation
  • relevant advice to domestic and international actors.

Broad know-how

Disability, development and human rights

The area of expertise is on disability and development. More precisely, the main expertise are on:

  • Promotion of human rights of persons with disabilities,
  • Strengthening ownership and participation of persons with disabilities,
  • Promotion of disability inclusion and mainstreaming,
  • Capacity building of organisations of persons with disabilities (DPO),
  • Grant-making for DPOs.

Diverse professional experience

From the Global South to any assignment team

The staff of Abilis Foundation and affiliated experts have diverse professional experiences, experiential knowledge, and/or vast international network that they can share with customers. The company could offer the opportunities to include experts with disabilities from the Global South to any assignment team.

The targeted customers are those in the field of development cooperation, international cooperation and humanitarian aid.

For further information please, contact CEO Marjo Heinonen, marjo.heinonen(at)abilis.fi

Abilis Consulting brochure

Support for grassroots disability organizations

Abilis supports people with disabilities to implement their own projects in developing countries.
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