About Abilis

Our principles

Support for grassroots disability organizations

Abilis Foundation is a unique actor, channeling funding to projects that are planned, implemented and monitored by people with disabilities in developing countries. Abilis´s emphasis is on grassroots organizations.


Vision and mission
The strategy guides all work of Abilis Foundation. According to the strategy, the vision of Abilis is a world where people with disabilities

  • Are aware of their human rights and act for the realization of those rights.
  • Are in every way equal to their fellow human beings.

The mission of Abilis Foundation is to promote the human rights, equal opportunities, independent living, and activities planned by persons with disabilities in developing countries and in Eastern Europe:

  • Granting financial support
  • Offering informative, educational and advisory activities.

Key elements
Key elements in this work are:

  • Commitment to the promotion and realization of the rights of persons with disabilities
  • Supporting the activities of people with disabilities at the grassroots level
  • Respecting the diversity of the disability field
  • Supporting particularly vulnerable groups, such as girls and women with disabilities.

Abilis Foundation emphasizes the real inclusion and participation of persons with disabilities in all actions and importance of cooperating with other actors of the disability sector.

Guiding principles
In all its proceedings, the Foundation is guided by the principles of participation and mutual solidarity of persons with disabilities, transparency, equality and reliability. Abilis Foundation promotes the global implementation of these values in society and abides by them in all its actions.

Abilis Strategy (PDF)


The work of Abilis Foundation is based on the constitution that has been approved by the Finnish Patent and Registration Office.

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities is the basis of the Abilis work. Ratification and implementation of the Convention ensures that the dignity and human rights of people with disabilities can be recognized.


Abilis Foundation By-Law (PDF)


The Board of Abilis consists of 7 full members and 1 deputy member. The Board meets 6 times a year and has 2-year terms.

The Board 2022–2023:

Full members:
Amu Urhonen, Chairperson
Esa-Pekka Mattila, Vice-chair
Anca Enache
Jan-Mikael Fredriksson
Henrik Gustafsson
Maija Koivisto
Tytti Matsinen

Deputy member:
Nikolai Klix