What Abilis funds

Abilis Foundation provides funding based on applications. New applications are accepted only from the Abilis focus countries and fragile states named below. Priority is given to those activities and groups that are described in the strategy. Grassroots level groups, as well as those organizations that have never received funding from Abilis are encouraged to submit their applications.

What Abilis funds?

Abilis Foundation can fund projects that are in line with the strategy of Abilis. Both content and target group (participants ) must follow the Abilis funding principles.

Abilis Foundation can fund

  • Training, material production and dissemination on Human Rights of persons with disabilities
  • Translation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities into local languages, material production and dissemination and training on the Convention and related issues
  • Basic education and vocational training
  • Employment and income generation activities
  • Independent living and participation
  • Organizational work, capacity building of organizations
  • Projects supporting children, girls and women with disabilities

Abilis does not fund

  • Organizations that are not DPOs
  • Building and heavy construction work
  • Big procurements, such as vehicles
  • Medical treatment and rehabilitation
  • Segregated education
  • Activities not focusing on and benefitting persons with disabilities

Who can apply?

Abilis Foundation can only fund Disabled People’s Organizations from developing countries (Focus countries and fragile states), that work and make decisions in democratic way. A grantee organization must have relevant administrative and financial management skills.

The Abilis definition of a Disabled People’s Organization is:
At least 51 % of the board members of the organization are persons with disabilities or parents of children with disabilities.

The Abilis Foundation focuses on the following countries:


  • Myanmar
  • Nepal
  • Vietnam

Central Asia

  • Tajikistan


  • Ethiopia
  • Tanzania
  • Uganda

In addition, the Abilis Foundation finances the activities of disability organizations in fragile states and communities and in post-conflict and crisis situations.


  • Somalia
  • Somaliland
  • Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Sierra Leone
  • Mozambique

Eastern Europe

  • Ukraine
  • Kosovo

Middle East

  • Palestine
  • Syrian refugees

How to apply?

An Abilis grant is always based on an application. The application must include a narrative project plan and a budget. The plan must be realistic and reasonable. The duration of a project should not be more than one year.

Those disability organizations that have not received a grant from Abilis before are encouraged to apply.
The Abilis application form can be obtained from the Abilis Headquarters in Finland or from the Abilis representative in the focus countries. Representatives of Abilis provide more advice on how to prepare and submit an application.