Abilis Foundation funds projects that are planned, implemented, reported and monitored by Persons with Disabilities through their Organizations. Main principles guide the project implementation and management work throughout the project life.

On-going projects

Toteuttajärjestö / Implementing agency
Projektin nimi / Project name in English
Maa / Country
Myöntö / Grant
14AF004Kibarwa Disabled Womens GroupFish farmingKenya9 433
15AF160Hulegeb Blind & Disabled People Training and Rehabilitation AssociationMushroom Production Centre to be Run by PWDsEthiopia9 483
16AA063-FTTogether for Real ChangeSunrise weekend school for children with disabilitiesGeorgia2 493
16AF030Centre Bartimee Bethel pour AveuglesSupport to income generating activities for visually impaired peopleCongo, Dem. Rep.6 353
16AF196-FTKassu Telasiyon and Yegle Manufacturing of Leather Products PartnershipEstablishment of Leather Manufacturing Partnership run by PWDsEthiopia3 844
16AF197-FTDessie Town Area Mobility Challenged Persons AssociationBread Bakery Project Run by PWDsEthiopia3 919
17AA003Nepal Association for Blind UpliftmentEconomic Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities in rural area of RupandehiNepal7 802
17AA004Creative Hands of Deaf WomenSkill development for women with hearing disabilitiesNepal6 603
17AA021Disability Empowerment and Rehabilitation CenterLivelihood promotion of Persons with Disabilities establishing spices industry in TerhathumNepal7 360
17AA022Muscular Dystrophy Foundation - NepalEmpowerment and connection: Approach to fight against muscular dystrophyNepal7 185
17AA035Educational Centre of Deaf Persons number 2Baking place for hearing impaired peopleTajikistan9 955
17AA040Rural Disabled Society-NepalRights Empowerment and Social Inclusion of Persons with DisabilitiesNepal10 196
17AA041Gulmi Association of the BlindVocational development and promoting inclusive WASH system for Persons With Disabilities in Gulmi DistrictNepal10 000
17AA069Nepal Disabled Protection ForumImproving livelihood of persons with disabilities thorugh vocational training in Rukum District NepalNepal8 043
17AA070Samabeshi Apang SangLegal Empowerment and Leadership Development of persons with disabilities in Madhesee community in NepalNepal9 714
17AA071Nepal Disabled Women SocietyEconomic empowerment of persons with disabilities through fashion designing skillsNepal8 055
17AA072Nepal Blind Support AssociationCampaign for promoting accessible tourism in NepalNepal9 920
17AA098-FTSelf-Help Disable Women Empowerment CentreCapacity building of women with disabilities in rural communities of BardiyaNepal2 371
17AA099-FTHelping Society NepalVocational training (Doll making training)Nepal2 420
17AA100-FTCricket Association of the Blind KaskiConfidence building of visually impaired people through sportsNepal2 487
17AF006Hanna, Getahin and Friends Dairy Production PartnershipIGA for Mobility Challenged Persons by Dairy ProductionEthiopia9 767
17AF087-FTG/Wahed, Teklegewergs & Tadesse Kidanemariam Tailoring Partnership Service H/SMTailoring project for 8 PWDs at Axum cityEthiopia2 365
17AF088-FTEskndir, Bezaye & Friends Leather Products Manufacturing Partnership Shareholders AssociationLeather manaufacturing partnership association for persons with hearing impairments.Ethiopia2 473
17AF099Embeba Beles Haseka Hari CooperativeExpansion of Dairy Farm project by PWDsEthiopia4 587
17AF102Atsebiha Beyene and Gebreyohannes Halefom Dairy Farming Shareholder AssociationExpansion of Dairy Farming run by PWDsEthiopia9 746
17AF107Tesfamariam Gebreselassie & Mamit Gebregeorgis Dairy Farming Shareholder AssociationExpansion of Dairy Farming run by PWDsEthiopia9 994
17AF112-FTHamza&Merkuriya Tailoring Work Parthnership Shareholder AssociationEstablishment of Tailoring Work Run by Persons with Physical ImpairmentEthiopia2 306
17AF132-FTUGANDA MENTAL HEALTH FELLOWSHIP- ATANEKONTOLASelf-Help and human rights awareness raising through music, dance and dramaUganda2 252
17AM002Parasoll Association BoliviaGrowing equality opportunitiesBolivia9 723
17AM003New sunrise association of people with physical disabilitiesRestaurant project "chickens on the wheel"Bolivia9 882
17EU008Dzherelo Children's Rehabilitation CentreSchool of lifeUkraine11 948
18AA011NOIT Branch in Lash RegionPromoting UN Convention on the Human Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Lahsh RegionTajikistan4 101
18AA014Creative Disabled Help Self CenterCapacity Building Program of Persons With Disabilities in Western Hills of NepalNepal7 904
18AA015Samadrishti Saving and Credit Cooperative LimitedInstitutional Capacity Building of Samadrishti cooperative through policy formation and enhancing economic activities of general members.Nepal8 474
18AA017Branch of Disabled Womens Leaque Ishtirok in Dangarinskij RegionPromoting the activity of women with disabilities through training on enterpreunership of WWDS in Dangarinskij regionTajikistan9 998
18AA018Hanoi Independent Living Center (Hanoi ILC)Mobility scooters and power wheelchairs - products of starting upVietnam9 999
18AA021Phu Xuyen Association of people with disabilitiesLivelihood for people with disabilities through vocational training on making stringing wood beadVietnam9 925
18AA022Hold The Future CenterVocational training and creating employment for 25 youth with disabilities by using friendly environment materials at Hold the Future CenterVietnam9 992
18AA023Inclusive Development Action (IDEA)Gender, disabled and problems of violenceVietnam9 982
18AA026-FTPublic Association of Parents of Children with Autism Hand in HandPsychological suppport and mobilization of mothers of Children with autismKyrgyz Republic3 500
18AA030-FTKanlat Metta OrganizationLivelihood project for disabled personsMyanmar3 283
18AA032Akshar Arambha NepalEmpowering Women With Disability Through the Entrepreneur SkillsNepal9 000
18AA033-FTCreative Disabled Concerns CenterInstitutional Capacity Building of Organisations of Persons with Disabilities in Rural community of ArghakhanchiNepal3 432
18AA034Blind Rocks!Empowering Blind And Partially Sighted Women In Nepal: A Novel Approach Of Overcoming Social Barriers By Building Self-ConfidenceNepal7 820
18AA035Swathi Self-Help Group of Women with DisabilitiesEmpowerment of Women with Disabilities through vocational education, skills training, Income Generation and capacity building training.Nepal9 431
18AA037Thanh Oai Blind AssociationAdvanced traiing to improve professional skills of blind persons on broom making and marketing in Thanh Oai DisctrictVietnam8 063
18AA038Bright Future Group of People with Disabilities in HanoiPromote the rights of PWDs in accessible tourism in VietnamVietnam9 996
18AA041Turning Point FoundationWebsite development for the grassroots DPOS in BangladeshBangladesh27 050
18AA042-FTWansein Bawa Thit Arman Education centre for the blind SHGProject on Running massage centreMyanmar3 496
18AA047-FTThe Club of Women with disabilities at Thanh Tri DistrictTraining on tailoring for women with disabilities at Thanh Tri district.Vietnam3 440
18AA048Ung Hoa District Blind AssociationRehabilitation and teaching basic office informatics for the blindVietnam9 887
18AA049Hanoi Association of People with DisabilitiesStrengthening capacity for DP Hanoi's female leadersVietnam9 911
18AA050Organization DurnamoPromoting the modern understanding of disability among the rural areasTajikistan6 994
18AA051-FTAssociation of Parents of Children with disabilities in VakhdatCapacity building of the Association of parents of children with disabilites of the city of VakhdatTajikistan2 942
18AA054-FTOffice of Abilis Local Expert in NepalDocumenting the best practices of projects in Nepal and commemoration of 20th anniversary of Abilis FoundationNepal3 495
18AA055-FTGolden Future PWDs Development OrganizationCapacity Building training for group members and Fund raising activity for the groupMyanmar3 499
18AA056-FTBranch of National Association of the Blind in the city of GissarTraining on Gender Equality and rights of women with visual disabilities and providing the equipmentTajikistan3 431
18AA058-FTLiving Dignity Capacity building and Job employment for the blindCapacity building training on Job readiness programMyanmar3 461
18AA060-FTKyauk Kyee MILI branchRice selling projectMyanmar3 413
18AA062Disabled People's Development OrganizationPromoting organisational functioning and advocacy skills of SHGsMyanmar9 996
18AA063MILI Taungoo Branch officeProject on selling various electronic materialsMyanmar9 979
18AA064PURPLE LotusPromoting livelihood and Income Generating Opportunities for Persons with DisabilitiesMyanmar10 000
18AA066-FTBhamo MILI BranchComputer Printing and Copying ShopMyanmar3 491
18AA067Disabled Awakening Campaign, ChitwanEconomic Empowerment of Women with Disabilities through production of environmental friendly bagsNepal8 812
18AA068Nepal Society of the DisabledEconomic Empowerment of Women with Disabilities through Garment production.Nepal9 716
18AA069-FTPilot Self Help Group3 Wheel Taxi transportation services for income generationMyanmar3 493
18AA071Da Nang Association of People with DisabilitiesCapacity building and organizational network development for Da Nang DPOVietnam9 995
18AA072Nepal National Disabled AssociationInstitutional Development and Capacity Building of OrganisationNepal8 699
18AA073Disability Empowerment Society NepalEmpowerment of women with disabilities through skill trainings towards economic support and self reliance.Nepal7 883
18AA074Union of Disabled People of Issykkul Region RAVENSTVOTraining centre for women with disabilities exposed to violenceKyrgyz Republic20 000
18AA075Mothers Society of Intellectual DisabilitiesPromoting livelihood of girls with intellectual disabilities and their mothers through paper craft in Lalitpur.Nepal9 065
18AA076Morang Association of the BlindInterpersonal Capacity Enhancement of Women With Disabilities in One Number Province in NepalNepal9 968
18AA077Public Foundatioin Love-LifeOpening of the inklusive danceclubKyrgyz Republic10 000
18AA078Hmawbi Township Disabled People OrganizationQuail breeding project for the group incomeMyanmar9 960
18AA079Public Organization of Women with disabilities Durakhshon Khatlon regionPromoting rights and possibilities on women with disabilities in Khatlon regionTajikistan16 133
18AA080-FTInitiative group of women with disabilities DilkushoCreating an organization of women with disabilities in Shaartuz district of Khatlon RegionTajikistan2 935
18AA081-FTOkkan MILI branchProject on selling bio Organic fertilizerMyanmar3 446
18AF003Inclusive Development Promoters & ConsDisability mainstreaming handbookTanzania20 816
18AF005-FTEast Africa Center for Disability Law and PolicyAll laws should be CRPD compliant: The Uganda Mental Health bill is No Exception.Uganda3 448
18AF016-FTFantahun and Nigussie Vegetable and Fruits Farming Partnership Shareholder AssociationExpansion of Vegetable and Fruit Farming Project Run by Persons with DisabilitiesEthiopia2 893
18AF021-FTAssociation of Women witeh Disabilities in MaputoStrengthening member capacity in human rightsMozambique3 266
18AF031-FTDry Food Items Preparation and Provision of Small Scale Restaurant Service Enterprise for PublicExpansion of Preparation and Provision of Small Scale Restaurant Service for PublicEthiopia2 778
18AF041-FTPlay together TanzaniaIGA for youth and young adults with disabilitiesTanzania3 413
18AF042-FTBethel Special Education SupportersEstablishing a poultry project for students with intellectual impairment at Kitopeni unitTanzania3 500
18AF049-FTNadupoiLove each otherTanzania3 459
18AF050-FTGroup of parents of children with disabilitiesBuying maize grains and sunflower seeds for re-saleTanzania3 498
18AF060-FTIrente Rainbow School - Autism and Mental disabilitiesEstablishing vocational activities for students with intellectual disabilitiesTanzania3 500
18AF062Group of parents of children with disabilities at Themi secondary schoolMinimizing barriers to children facing difficulties in learning at Themi secondary schoolTanzania7 093
18AF063-FTChama cha viziwi - Tawi la mkoa wa TangaManufacture of soap productsTanzania3 427
18AF072Forum of Mozambique Disability AssociationsExtension of training in sign languagesMozambique9 952
18AF073SACATUCUA Beira DelegationFurniture workshopMozambique9 982
18AF074AJODEMO NhamatandaCare and sale of chickensMozambique9 875
18AF076ASUMO MaputoSign language training for families of deaf childrenMozambique8 799
18AF078Meskerem, Etagegn and Friends Leather WorksIncome generation through leather material productionEthiopia9 997
18AF079Solomon, Mohammed & Friends Electric Material and Mobile MaintenanceElectronics material sales and servicesEthiopia9 994
18AF080Habtamu and Friends Person with Disabilities Public Sanitation Service Provider, HSMExpansion and Provision of Sanitation Services for Public.Ethiopia9 998
18AF084Northern Shoa Zone blind teachers profesional development and cooperativeEstablishing computer center and internet services accessible for the blindEthiopia9 991
18AF088Concern for the development of disabled women and childrenLivelihood Support for Young Women and Girls woith Disabilities through Vocational TrainingSierra Leone9 550
18AF108-FTLingerew, Tigist, Dessie and Friends Public Sanitation Service Provider Partner Shareholder AssociationExpansion of Sanitation Services and Provision for PublicEthiopia3 472
18AF109-FTYonas, Abraham & Friends Electric Mitad Manufacturing and Provision for Sale Partner Shareholder AssociationExpansion of Electric Mitad and Cooking Stoves Manufacturing and Maintenance Services ProvisionEthiopia3 415
18AF115Centre for disabled MUZUSACapacity building project in cutting and sewing of 20 people living with disabilitiesCongo, Dem. Rep.8 013
18AF120-FTAbilis Uganda officeHigh level national dialogue on disability in UgandaUganda1 784
18AF122Epilepsy Association of Sierra Leone, EASLEmpowering Epileptic Patients for Socio-economic independence through Vocational Training in Tailoring and Embroidery in RokupaSierra Leone9 720
18AF136Josephat Torner FoundationAutobiography Josephat TornerTanzania9 998
18AF137Sanca CenterInclusion of PWDs in Vocational Training and EmploymentSomalia9 955
18AF138African Federation of the DeafBlindMaking electoral process fairly accessible to all eligible stakeholders in MalawiMalawi9 998
18AF141Disability Aid Foundation, DAFAwareness Raising on PWDs RightsSomalia9 995
18AF142Horn of Africa disability Organisation HADOPeople with Disabilities& non disabilitiesSomaliland10 000
18AF146Namukozi Disabled Integrated GroupRetail shop,fresh foods, maize & vegetable farming, goat, piggery, cattle, poultry, chair and generator enterprises projectUganda9 904
18AF164-FTBuloba Disabled AssociationPiggery, Tailoring and KnittingUganda3 468
18AF165-FTBuliisa District Union of Persons with DisabilitiesSupport PWDs in Livelihood and Care Systems (Goat rearing)-Buliisa DistrictUganda3 473
18AF171-FTHoima Blind Women AssociationImproved livelihood of women and girls with visual impairments in Hoima districtUganda3 479
18AF173-FTRugazi Association of the BlindIncome generating activities for rural PWDsUganda2 761
18AF175-FTKaliiti Disabled Women's NetworkCommunity service sustainable delivery projectUganda3 498
18AF176-FTMagambo Tweyombekye Barema GroupMagambo Barema livelihood improvement projectUganda2 049
18AF183-FTKyenzaza Tweyombekye Barema GroupKyenzaza Barema Livelihood ImprovementUganda1 902
18AF184-FTKiboga Disabled Persons UnionSkills Development and Training in Sweater Knitting and TailoringUganda3 037
18AF187Kiboga Disability Rights InitiativeRealising Dignity Through Livelihood DevelopmentUganda9 413
18AF190Twimukye Kinyogoga PWDs, GroupGoat rearing for Twimukye Kinyogoga PWDs' GroupUganda5 053
18AF194Masindi District Association of the BlindAnimal husbandry for persons with visual impairment in Masindi districtUganda9 982
18AF203Mpigi District Women with Disabilities AssociationScaling up SHP project for improved livelihoods of women with disabilitiesUganda9 993
18AF204Hiran Disability Empowerment Organization, HIDEOLivelihood Support and Skills Training for People with Disability in Beledweyne DistrictSomalia8 839
18AF206United Polio Brothers and Sisters Association, UPBSAEmpowerment for Socio-Economic Independence of Polio Women and Men through Vocational Skill Training in Metal Work and TailoringSierra Leone10 000
18AF209-FTBlack Born ArtistsTailoring projectUganda3 497
18AF210Makindye Association of People with Physical DisabilitiesGraphic Design for Learning to EarnUganda5 940
18AF211-FTSt. Joseph Foundation Persons with Disabilities AssociationHeifer project for PWDsUganda3 500
18AF212-FTMbarara Parents with DeafBlind Children AssociationAnimal rearing and poultry keepingUganda3 002
18AF214-FTVisually impaired Youth Development GroupCar washing projectUganda3 500
18AF216Bushenyi Union of Women with DisabilitiesSupport the ultra poor to earn a livingUganda9 933
18AF217Action for Children Associated with DisabilitiesGara tie dye and batik production business for parents with disabilitiesSierra Leone9 852
18AF219Albino Savers Association - Sierra LeoneCapacity Building of Albinos in Freetown through Vocational Training skills in Tailoring and DressmakingSierra Leone7 079
18AF220Organization for the Development of Disabled Youth (ODDY)Hairdressing salon as IGA for young women with disabilitiesSierra Leone9 747
18AF223-FTAbebech, Yilma and Friends Partnership Shareholder AssociationExpansion of Tailoring Activities for Sustainable DevelopmentEthiopia3 500
18AF224Ennat Design Handicraft PLCEnnat Design Empowering People with DisabilitiesEthiopia9 968
18AF225National Union of Disabled Persons of UgandaNUDIPU General Assembly 2019Uganda9 991
18AF226UN-ABPAM (National Union of Bunkinian Associations for the Promotion of the Blind and Visually Impaired)Improvement of the schooling of the visually handicapped children of the School of Young Blind of the UN-ABPAMBurkina Faso9 999
18AM004Asociation of people with different abilities "Holly Trinity" from San Martin-TarapotoFactory of jams and handmade beverages "yanapaway" implemented by people with disabilities in the department of San Martin-PeruPeru6 039
18AM005Collective of deaf people and families with members of deaf peopleLabor inclusion of young deaf people in the San Martin regionPeru9 926
18AM006Protection and integration and organization of people with disabilities APROIPDIMTraining, production and marketing of handicrafts for youngsters with disabilitiesPeru5 715
18AM007Asociation of Persons with Disabilities Dignitycomputer and information training for the employability of people with disabilitiesPeru8 946
18EU004Kosovo Association of the BlindSupporting blind community to recognize, defend and promote their human rightsKosovo9 980
18EU005Ukrainian Public Organization of Invalids of Users of Psychiatric Help USERImproving the quality of services in the sphere of psychiatric health, human rights and resocializationUkraine10 139
19AA001Association of Parents with Children with DisabilityProviding information on the UN Convention of the Rights of Persons with disabilities to the societyTajikistan7 757
19AA002Public Association PeshraviPromoting the ratification of UNCRPD in TajikistanTajikistan8 870
19AA003National Paralympic Committee of TajikistanInforming the society about the UN Convention on the Rights of persons with disabilitiesTajikistan6 651
19AA004PO Disabled Womens League ISHTIROKPromoting the Rights and possibilities of PWDs by Capacity Building of DPOsTajikistan17 556
19AA006-FTBranch of NOIT in BohtarPromoting the Ratification of UNCRPD in TajikistanTajikistan3 203
19AA007-FTNational Association of Deaf People in TajikistanAwareness Raising on Human Rights and UN Convention for Khatlon Branch of National Union of the DeafTajikistan3 314
19AA008Association of Persons with Disabilities ALOVBaby Box- for women with disabilities and for women who have children with disabilitiesKyrgyz Republic10 000
19AA009-FTBranch of NOIT in Vahdat- Association of Persons with Disabiliities of the city of VahdatCapacity building of the DPO in VahdatTajikistan3 484
19AA010Public Foundation of PWDs IntegratsiyaPeer support for women with disabilities who have given birthKyrgyz Republic9 999
19AF006Kyphoscoliosis Initiative for Therapy and EmpowermentIGA - Tailoring Training of 15 Kypho Patients for Socio-Economic Empowerment and IndepencenceSierra Leone10 000
19AF007Foundation for Advocacy and Literacy Development, FFALDEnchancing Education for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Youths through Human Rights Sensitization in Rural CommunitiesSierra Leone9 579
19AF008-FTInitiatives for Disabled Women, IDWAdvocacy for People with Disabilities in Political Participation in HargeisaSomaliland2 618
19AF009Tozeshai group IrentePiggery for PWDsTanzania8 941
19AF017Parents of children with disabilities at Kitopeni Primary SchoolFish and rabbit keeping projectTanzania7 881
19AF018-FTVisual Hearing Impairment Membership AssociationCreating awareness on the importance of enabling deafblind and deaf people access to diverse informatiom through ICTMalawi3 496
19AF021Namibian National Association of the DeafPromoting and increasing awareness on human rights of the Deaf (Attendance at World Federation of the Deaf Congress in Paris, France)Namibia8 935
19AF023-FTConnect Autism TanzaniaWorld Autism Day celebrationTanzania1 670
19AF024-FTUpendo Group MkingaPoultry projectTanzania3 496
19AF025-FTAynetu, Zewde and Friends Leather Production PartnershipExpansion of Leather Work Activities Project Run by Persons with DisabilitiesEthiopia3 482
19AF026-FTUmoja groupGrinding and milling machineTanzania3 500
19AF027-FTMuungano group HorohoroLocal cattle keepingTanzania3 499
19AF028-FTMshikamano group MaforoniDairy cattle keepingTanzania3 500
19AF029-FTCooperate group MkingaPoultry keepingTanzania3 500
19AF030-FTLighting groupGrinding and milling machineTanzania3 500
19AF031-FTTupendane group MkingaLocal cattle keepingTanzania3 500
19AF032-FTMaendeleo group MkingaPoultry projectTanzania3 500
19AM002Opening paths of inclusionSpreading capabilitiesBolivia9 732
19EU003Kosovo Disability ForumSupport employment service for Persons with Disabilities in KosovoKosovo9 910
19AA010Public Foundation of PWDs IntegratsiyaPeer support for women with disabilities who have given birthKyrgyz Republic9 999
19AA014Disability Development Initiative (DDI)Promoting the rights of persons with disabilities in Southern Chin StateMyanmar10 000
19AA021Self-Help Disabled Women Empowerment CenterInstitutional Capacity Building and Economic Empowerment of women with disabilities in Baitadi DistrictNepal9 973
19AA026NEPAL TABLE TENNIS ASSOCIATION OF THE BLINDInstitutional capacity building of Sound Table Tennis Association enhancing social inclusion of persons with visual disabilities.Nepal9 985
19AF037Vision volunteers organisation of PWDsModel heifer projectUganda7 163
19AF040Jinja District Association of Persons with Disabilities Living PositivelyStrengthening Economic Interventions Amongst JIDAP+ MembersUganda9 476
19AF045Able women groupEnterpreneurshipTanzania6 127
19AF055Arua District Blind Women Association, ADBWASelf-Help Project for Economic EmpowermentUganda9 191
19AF061Twekembe Disabled Development Foundation BudondoTransitional change of Twekembe Foundation to developmentUganda9 441
19AF063Ethiopian Women with Disabilities National AssociationEconomic empowerment and independence through income generation activities focused on carpet business at Mehal MedaEthiopia9 995
19AF066Elgon Foundation for Persons with AlbinismLocal Goat Rearing ProjectUganda7 761
19AF067National Association of the Deaf LesothoParticipation in WFD Congress 2019 in Paris and leadership training in LesothoLesotho8 945
19AM004Disabled Peoples International North America and the Caribbean RegionBuild and strengthen the functional capacity of the organizationAntigua & Barbuda9 940
19EU004Vinnytsia city organization for social development of specific categories of low-protected youth "Parostok"New social services -new quality of lifeUkraine9 980
19EU005Down Syndrome KosovaProviding professional training for Persons with Down SyndromeKosovo10 000
19AA015-FTOktwin MILI BranchRice Trading Project for Group’s IncomeMyanmar3 499
19AF023-FTConnect Autism TanzaniaWorld Autism Day celebrationTanzania1 670
19AF024-FTUpendo Group MkingaPoultry projectTanzania3 496
19AF025-FTAynetu, Zewde and Friends Leather Production PartnershipExpansion of Leather Work Activities Project Run by Persons with DisabilitiesEthiopia3 482
19AF026-FTUmoja groupGrinding and milling machineTanzania3 500
19AF027-FTMuungano group HorohoroLocal cattle keepingTanzania3 499
19AF028-FTMshikamano group MaforoniDairy cattle keepingTanzania3 500
19AF029-FTCooperate group MkingaPoultry keepingTanzania3 500
19AF030-FTLighting groupGrinding and milling machineTanzania3 500
19AF031-FTTupendane group MkingaLocal cattle keepingTanzania3 500
19AF032-FTMaendeleo group MkingaPoultry projectTanzania3 500
19AF021Namibian National Association of the DeafPromoting and increasing awareness on human rights of the Deaf (Attendance at World Federation of the Deaf Congress in Paris, France)Namibia8 935
19AF049National Association of the Deaf EswatiniWorld Federation of the Deaf Congress and Deaf Leadership DevelopmentSwaziland8 031
19AF050National association of the deaf of Burundi (ANSB)Integration and reinforcement of the capacity of the deaf of Burundi through their participation in the congrés of the WDF in Paris 2019Burundi8 235
19AF051Zambia National Association of the DeafHuman Rights AdvocacyZambia9 812
19AM003Deaf Association of El Salvador (ASS)WFD World Congress and seminar of the ASS about the Congress and the General AssemblyEl Salvador9 963