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Working to support persons with disabilities in the Global South


Abilis Foundation is a non-governmental organisation founded by persons with disabilities that works in fragile contexts of developing countries. We fund projects planned and implemented by persons with disabilities. The projects aim to contribute to improvement in the status of women and girls with disabilities, strengthening human rights, inclusive participation and independent living. Learn more about our work and get inspired by the success stories!

Watercolor style art of the worldmap.
A disabled girl in a wheelchair.
Two women are having a discussion.
A disability group waving and smiling.
Two persons are painting a wooden chair.


projects start every year

25 000

persons with disabilities participate in projects every year


of ​the participants in the projects are girls and women with disabilities

8000 €

is the average grant amount awarded to a disability organisation

A long row of books.

"The literacy course changed the lives of the participants because many of them, for the very first time, met other women with disabilities."

A man is smiling at the camera and showing a thumb up.

Activities of Organisations of Persons with Disabilities


Working together increases the knowledge and skills of persons with disabilities and builds faith in their own abilities.

A group of albino children giving thumbs up to the camera.

Human Rights


At the heart of our work is respect for and promotion of human rights.

Two women with crutches smiling to the camera.

Women and Girls


​ The projects we fund promote equal opportunities for women and girls with disabilities to participate in society.

A woman and a girl doing crafts.

Livelihoods and Environment


Many persons with disabilities derive their livelihoods from agriculture, animal husbandry and plantations. Caring for the environment is taken into account in project activities.

A group of maasai people.

Abilis work can be supported through donations


People with disabilities in developing countries need your support to be able to change the direction of their own lives and enjoy human rights to the full with other citizens. With your support, we can raise awareness of the human rights of people with disabilities, promote the status of people with disabilities and girls, and support sustainable and environmentally friendly livelihoods. Donate and support our work in the program country of your choice!

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