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Abilis is a Programme Support Organisation that channels official development aid funding, granted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland, to persons with disabilities living in the Global South. We fund projects that are planned and implemented by persons with disabilities and aim to advance their human rights, participation, and independent living, with a special focus on improving the status of women and girls with disabilities in Africa and Asia.

A fruit seller woman is smiling at the camera.
A disability group is smiling and waving their hands to the camera.

Abilis works in ten Programme Countries


Abilis Foundation works to eradicate poverty and to reduce inequality experienced by persons with disabilities living in developing countries. We work in low-income countries, countries with weak service provision, or contexts in which the status of persons with disabilities is particularly vulnerable. Five of our Programme Countries are in Africa and four in Asia. In Africa, these countries include Ethiopia, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania and Uganda. The Asian Programme Countries include Myanmar, Nepal, Tajikistan and Vietnam. Ukraine is our newest program country.

Abilis Projects


Abilis Foundation grants project funding to approximately 200 organisations or small businesses of persons with disabilities every year. Funding is granted only to countries in which we have local representation. On average, the project activities are implemented within 1–2 years and the grant sizes vary between 3 500 – 15 000 euros, while the average grant size is 10 000 euros. In addition to small projects, we have long-term projects that can take up to 2–3 years and have a budget of tens of thousands of euros.

Two blind men are spinning thread.
A blind boy is looking up to the sky with his mother and they both are smiling.

Abilis work can be supported through donations


Persons with disabilities in developing countries need your support to change the course of their lives and to enjoy human rights fully and equitably with other citizens. With your support, we can raise awareness on the rights of persons with disabilities, improve the status of women and girls with disabilities, and support sustainable and climate resilient livelihoods. Donate and support our work in a Programme Country of your choosing!

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